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  1. If Lee and Graham come to Italy together, I cannot promise a tour around Venice, but I can surely confirm a tour of Prosecco Winyeards. ...Italy vs UK: Prosecco contest. =)))
  2. VLM kit will be a Keyless kit and will be available in the following months. in the meantime, regarding Volvo, we took this video today in Japan, if it helps. S60 model, 2006 model. Carlito
  3. Anyway, for whoever is interested of Keyline users, here a video of a ID48 Cloning done in March with a VW Golf 5 2006 model. Few seconds to copy the chip. and here is a video of a VW LAVIDA 2016 model, ID48, copied the chip in 3 minutes exactly. Done yesterday in Shanghai. all the best Carlo
  4. Carlito

    Silca ID48

    Excellent to know. It was not myself who hijacked each threads. As there is somebody viciously hijacking every thread I decided to write in all, where they were talking about Keyline and 48 cloning. anyway, I agree and respect your point. Just curious to understand why the moderator of this forum accepts other to clearly denigrate other companies, people, and products, also in threads called "Keyline cloners club" and the same people cannot reply back. anyway, good luck... Carlo
  5. I would like that someone go through the thread "Keyline cloners club" to see the amount of tendentious spam written by people on commission.. I just played is back. now I am satisfied. carlo
  6. Carlito

    Key line mini decryptor

    you got my point..just wanted to clarify few things I have been reading in the last few weeks.
  7. Keyline can clone all ID48 in 2 minutes!!!also 2016 models. only with 884 or 884 Mini + TKM EXTREME.
  8. Carlito

    Key line mini decryptor

    Keyline can clone all ID48 in minutes only. also 2016 models.
  9. Keyline can clone now all 48 in 2 minutes!! only with 884-Mini and TKM Extreme. also 2016 models.
  10. available since 30 of November 2015... can clone now in 2 minutes
  11. Carlito

    Silca ID48

    Edited by Mod. Carlito, this thread is about Silca ID48. You have promoted your product extensively on other threads. Please stick to the topic.
  12. if you never try, you never know....
  13. You can now clone ALL ID48 transponder keys (1998 to 2016 models) in 2 minutes average!!!!!. Only with Keyline 884/884-Mini + TKM Extreme. https://www.facebook.com/KeylineSpA/?fref=ts
  14. all these tutorials, show you european vehicles 48 cloning..hope it helps http://www.keyline.it/eng/keyline-tv/tutorials/keyline-tkm-xtreme-kit-cloning-of-megamos-crypto-transponders-with-884-decryptor-mini-a3.html http://www.keyline.it/eng/keyline-tv/tutorials/keyline-tkm-xtreme-kit-cloning-of-megamos-crypto-transponders-with-884-decryptor-mini-alfa-147.html http://www.keyline.it/eng/keyline-tv/tutorials/keyline-tkm-xtreme-kit-cloning-of-megamos-crypto-transponders-with-884-decryptor-ultegra-seat.html http://www.keyline.it/eng/keyline-tv/tutorials/keyline-tkm-xtreme-kit-cloning-of-megamos-crypto-transponders-with-884-decryptor-mini-punto.html
  15. cloning of ID48 VW VENTO 2016 model. with Keyline 884 Mini and TKM EXTREME