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  1. Hello Guys, We have a IS200TX we hardly use anymore. Wanting to swop for a CO2 laser. The IS200Tx comes with IS200TX with frame and flat table base USB input Gravostyle Discovery Dongle Cylindrical attachment Lots of cones Cutters and diamonds Nose cones Jigs (Watch, jewellery, standard) Other box of accessories (pen attachment which we have never used) Looking for used Gravograph Laser or Epilog. with 25w power at least with plenty of power in tube left. We will have the IS200tx serviced before delivery. Many thanks
  2. Hi there, We have a support table here if you still require one. Regards Greg
  3. Hi fellas, Anyone got an eps or dxf, hpgl file of this badge please? Cant find a decent image anywhere. Regards Doubledouble
  4. I used to work for Gravograph. The IM4RM is a decent shout. Very easy to use. The M20J is great all rounder but at 5-6 k plus vat is a little steep. You can do lots of fancy logos, designs etc on the inside and outside though Most engraving firms I met didnt do many rings. I'd get a manual ring engraver first definately. The ring attachment for the IS200TX OR Vol are quite difficult to master and even then dont give you consistant results. Hope that helps.
  5. doubledouble

    laser engraver

    I've got a Gravograph LS100 Ex and its the nuts. Looked at Epilog but put off by lack of support in UK. Gravogaph are more expensive but you get a better machine. Bob Butler in the Gravograph service dept has always been great with us.
  6. Never said sandblasting wasnt the best way to get great results on glass. Everyone knows though that sandblasting is a pain in the arse. Who wants to set up templates all the bloody time. Hail the mighty site gods with more than 4 posts
  7. I can see you're a bit of a "I know best" bloke arent ya. =D>
  8. The diamond breaking down quickly isnt the fault of the machine OR the settings. Some faceted diamonds are better than others. Those settings on pint glasses should be fine, no bother.
  9. no probs, you have the best machine about there Maw
  10. For best results on either M40G's or IS400 VOL. Lots of springyness on the spindle. (No 1 setting on the M40G) Medium speed. Put O.8MM into the software in the machining page. Make sure micrometer is on Zero. Then do an auto Z Ref. Turn the micrometer to 2 thou ONLY. Engrave away!!!! The 0.8mm push into the material will allow for any inconsistance and the springyness will "ride" over the lumps and bumps.