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  1. Hi lads looking for bit of help please looking for blank reference to a revered profile of silca EU5R key blank please
  2. sx9 adaptors wanted for duplicating machine if anyone has spare pair kicking about cheers
  3. what type of support does tradelocks do???? they been crap in the past with everything so cant see them being any better with diagnostic tools
  4. miraclone for sale vag function active for supervag etc pm price
  5. got one here if you didnt get
  6. seen one the other day go for 3 grand with edge kit and with a ninja selling about same price from sks market getting flooded yet again
  7. think most guys that do auto know its soon coming to an end what with everthing going online servers etc and with sales of these tools being sold on ebay garages even filipping amazon only one to blame in my book is the manufactures of these tools and outlets who sell to anyone now so basically they have cut there own throats cant blame the car manufacturers tightening the loop when you get the idiots on youtube and even going to the trade shows and flashing the tools in the faces of renault being one example all a big piss take
  8. still here but as stated clamp broken that holds the key so if ye need for the bits your welcome to have it
  9. old curtis laser machine with broken clamp if anyone wants it or the bits machine works perfect besides broken clamp having a clear out free to good home,someone might get the good of it as long as ye pay for the uplift