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  1. Today is the first time in ages that I have logged into the forum so only just learnt of the loss of Mastergrave. What a shame always found them most reliable. A couple of years ago they took some stock of quality backing boards form a company called Morans Wood Components (a really excellent company) who decided that they were no longer going to sell backing boards individually but only in much larger MOQ's. Can anybody recommend a good backing board supplier please, thanks.
  2. With the busy trophy season now behind us we are starting to do some admin and also tidy the workshop up. In a seldom used cupboard, more precisely on top of it, I discovered this "thing", probably used by my predecessor way back when. Obviously, some type of guillotine but it has a weird stepped blade (or is it just broken) or where there once other parts to it? Its construction is cast iron and the makers name on the handle can no longer be read. Answers on a post card please, would be interested to know more of its use/history. Wishing you a good weekend!
  3. Hi Chaps, hope you are doing well. Our regular supplier of the type of pen shown (Trotec) are out of stock. Can anybody please point me in the direction of an alternative supplier please? Thanks in anticipation, best regards, Mart
  4. Have you had a look at "Xero"? Cloud based but not free at £24 per month. Been using it for 3 years and is packed with very useful easy to use tools, VAT is a snap. One particular feature I love and is a great time saver is using a smart phone app called "Receipt Bank". Take a snap of a suppliers invoice on your phone and it automatically uploads to Xero saves loads of data entry time and you also have a scanned backup. It makes sage look really dated.
  5. Couple of recommendations, Trotec. This number will get you through to a very helpful lady by the name of Marion 0844 800 0020. Or an emerging firm who we have found very competetive, 908Ltd, http://www.908ltd.co.uk/webshop phone and ask for Beverley on 0845 9008 908
  6. Hello gang, hope you are doing well. It is now becoming a quite a regular question posed by our customers, do you do 3D engraving. The answer is no but somebody must be, I had assumed it was only done abroad with some perhaps particularly sophisticated hardware and software. Do any other forum members get asked the same question, do you perhaps outsource such work to a UK supplier or indeed abroad. There is a boat somewhere and I think it worth catching. Would love to hear what you know on the subject. Cheers, Mart
  7. Still very popular with our Rugby & Soccer trophy buying customers during this end of season period, done a couple of doz in the last few weeks. Hit and miss the rest of time agreed.
  8. We have used a number over the years, steer clear of the offerings from the likes of Mega Electronics for about £200, you will be disappointed. Best we have used in terms of build quality, precision cutting and indeed value is available from Mastergrave, cheaper and much better than the Gravograph one we outed on ebay a couple of years back.
  9. Absolutely 5.4 works but I must stress that we will not have done anything like the same stress tests as Gravograph. It gives us all the functionality we have ever asked out of the higher "Graphic" level of 5.4 that we have. Our four workshop PC's are all now upgraded to Windows 10. Considering this and the fact that for whatever reason we simply cannot be without 100% working engraving software under any circumstances, I have purchased GS8. Given that 5.4 is nearly 6 years old, the update cost of £345 on software of that age originally costing something like 2 grand, is in my opinion small and well worth peace of mind. G8 has a few more bells and whistles and a few more fonts thrown in. Interestingly both 5.4 & 8 reside on the same Windows 10 computer and still 5.4 continues to work without noticeable glitch. Who knows if this will be permanent, Ben has stated the company line. We risked it but if you do and it goes belly up you have been given the official Gravograph caution. Just a thought, Windows 10 once upgraded allows you to roll it back to your previous version. I have no idea if this interferes with drivers but this may allow you to try without risk. I am sure there are others within the forum that have far greater knowledge than me in this respect and happy to pass on their view. Good luck with whatever you do, I remember my hand engraving days fondly!
  10. I have found GS5.4 entirely compatible with the new(ish) Microsoft operating system but why not consult with the expert on this poptastic forum, "beware", Ben is the software guru at Gravograph themselves. As far as GS6 is concerned, I suspect the answer might be along the lines that it has not been fully tested but as said not detected any probs and it is used constantly here. Maybe try private messaging him, he is one of the good guys!
  11. Thanks Stomwelt for your view, I had to look your Latin quote up......Let justice be done, though the world perish. Brings into question who might lead this fair land if its an out vote. With Corbyn on the far left and whoever on the far right would the Tory party survive?
  12. How on earth do you make your mind up as there are compelling pros and cons on both sides of the debate (argument). Just yesterday I thought I'd look to see what our local MP, who happens to have moved up in the world since I last checked to junior government minister level is lobbying. Lo and behold he has not declared! Just two examples below of how things have/may affect me domestically and with my small business, one for each side of the coin. So with my family man hat on living in SE London, my 21 YO son and his girlfriend, both with ok jobs are totally priced out of the London & SE England housing market are moving up to the North East. I put this down to an unchecked immigration policy and one that if we leave may eventually improve. With my small business hat on and as a direct importer of sport medals from China and indirect importer of overseas made trophies/components from UK wholesalers, I see the Sterling/Dollar exchange rate has plummeted (although has recovered a little in recent days) since DC came back from his European bargaining with very little. If the prospect of European departure causes such market uncertainty before leaving, what will the exchange rate do if it turns into a reality? All of us acquiring goods from abroad are likely to pay heavily is my view, how long will that last? So I guess for me it could be down to a coin toss. Interested in hearing the opinion of others within the forum as I can't trust Politician’s and Jurno's as far as they can be thrown. Cheers, Mart Supreme Engraving Awards UK & SupremeMedals.Co.UK
  13. We met a certain Mr MM for the first time at Trophex 2016, had heard lots about him. Well today he visited as planned to carry out maintenance on our various engraving machines. What can I say but top, top kiddie! Very happy to recommend his support, breakdown, repair and maintenance services. Many thanks Mr Marino Manca!
  14. Many thanks Ben, Just about to give it a crack!. Cheers, Martin
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