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  1. simon1


    yes i have very good machine it works for me and you won't find anything better for this price
  2. simon1

    Vehicle stuff

    buying RW2 I would call the worst first step There is no point in spending money on something that does nothing To start playing with cars, the best solution for you will be buying 1. kdx2 does most transponders used today 2. key cutting machines At the beginning it is enough to start But get ready for investments that never end in this industry
  3. YH 34P silca
  4. simon1


    To vote, or not to vote- that is the question Tragicomedy, continuation
  5. simon1

    Roof racks

    it looks like thule silca BT2 is worth trying
  6. simon1

    smart pro for sale

    2001,50 cash waiting
  7. simon1


    If Silca Silca duo plus is much better You can cut ABUS and Abloy on it I confirm that dedicated machines are better But if you do not want to spend a fortune at the beginning Silca duo plus is the best choice
  8. simon1

    watch link removal

    Area Manager Price
  9. simon1

    Bks 3 star blanks

    Silca BK15 working perfect
  10. you have to pay for the quality there is nothing to save because time is money good thread means less stress and sewing looks better I have been following one rule for a long time always the same thread thickness different thickness, other machine settings Sometimes I change but after doing the work, I set up the machine on my 0.40 thread again
  11. simon1

    Mate's rates

    I would say Regular price 40 but for you only 20 pounds At the end of the day, no one gives us materials for free Knowing how much they saved they respect us more We have to pay bills every month
  12. My old Gravograph does the work The problem is, most good jewelers are selling wedding rings with engraving included I have been doing very little for the last few years This Chinese machine looks good and is cheap it means that these two categories are ok as to the quality you have to try
  13. simon1

    Programmable shop sign

    It's worth buying It attracts attention
  14. simon1

    Hafele drawer key

    SZ 4p silca HD 24p errebi