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  1. To thin tubes to replace I drilled the last time but I had to cool down water in a mug is the basis for drilling thin plastic heel blocks I use a cobalt drill for such drilling The rotation of the drill is very important, it must be slow drill speed 100 - 700 rpm it is best to inform the customer about the risk and that he must take it if something goes wrong shoes are expensive so the price of the service should be proportional to the time you spent on it and the prices of the drills you use
  2. Cole de colonge tinner 50 50 For 50 50 aceton is perfect trust me
  3. Timpson's future JT found a way not to pay for rent For now, they are testing water in India They'll be ready for Brexit They will also employ illegal immigrants Because why pay insurance and a retirement plan Easy
  4. it shows us what lucky we are that we were born in our part of the world most of us in such realities would commit suicide
  5. yes i have very good machine it works for me and you won't find anything better for this price
  6. buying RW2 I would call the worst first step There is no point in spending money on something that does nothing To start playing with cars, the best solution for you will be buying 1. kdx2 does most transponders used today 2. key cutting machines At the beginning it is enough to start But get ready for investments that never end in this industry
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