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  1. simon1


    We will survive without them Will they survive without us? With this approach to marketing, there will never be crowds at the exhibition From the point of view of exhibitors, it is a waste of time and money
  2. Always when replacing with a new cutter set up the machine again I always cut the test key to the door in my store or any new lock I have for sale Calibration is very important sometimes the tracer is worn out
  3. not too long ago I had the same problem Silca PF 6 worked fine have to be shorten a bit
  4. if I am the boss, employee If I'm an employee, boss
  5. simon1

    New cobbler

    Welcome to the forum Everyone started somewhere Many members of this forum started where you were Congratulations on the courage to go your own way
  6. As with our wives Boys is not so bad we know how to behave in such situations
  7. they do not worry about Brexit, but the way it takes place 5 minutes to go and no one knows anything It is difficult to do business in such strange circumstances Business likes long-term planning and clarity in trade with every country Unfortunately, no one today can say how it will be British politicians did nothing for two years and only now they woke up and they pretend to have some ideas I will not be surprised if Mr. Bean will be the next prime minister At least it will be funny
  8. time will show us what is better in a year or two we will see who is right so far the truth is that the British Government did nothing to prepare the country for Brexit I hope that in the end some decisions will be taken so that everyone knows where we stand For a while, you can only hear stupid talks and see the fight for positions up there on the top
  9. simon1

    Gerda H1

    for 1000 pounds you can buy a machine dedicated to these keys and earn good money A full set adapter with cutter and tracer costs 300 pounds it's worth considering if you have a lot of customers for these keys The machine is better because it's more accurate https://b2b.expres.pl/en/mechanical-key-cutting-machines/8996-gerda-zx.html
  10. simon1

    Gerda H1

    The key is available only for authorized services in Poland You will still need a special adapter and cutters to cut the key
  11. Belgium is a country in the European Union I understand that after Brexit customs fees will have to be paid for the import of all goods from the union Let's be prepared for the price increase of all imported goods If some British companies produces something and will export to EU, the buyer will pay customs duty And that will make British goods less competitive in price Unfortunately, we will pay for this mess because politicians, as usual, are not responsible for anything
  12. Because when I unpack the delivery with the shoe repair materials my dog is not growling
  13. And in this simple way everyone will work for timpsons It seems to me that JT has a clever long-term plan how to earn from the competition and to recover money so hard earned by independent shoe repairers By the way, he will make a profitable market research where it is worth investing in opening new stores What will happen later I probably do not have to explain to anyone
  14. simon1

    3D Group

    I'm not sure but it's against the consumer's rights, You have not signed a contract with them, you will spend 500 pounds every month In my opinion, everyone can log in and check what's new and how much it costs. No one can force us to buy every time we log in I wonder when they introduce login tokens? I think that this will happen soon if we allow them to behave stupidly 3D