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  1. simon1

    Gerda H Plus Blank

    Gerda dimple keys Gerda WKM1 = jma GDA 1P Gerda Pro System = jma TX2 Silca IE26S Gerda WKM3 = jma MCM 16E8 Silca MC15R Gerda WKM7 EDY = Sillca IE14 Gerda Evo = Errebi C24L Gerda H plus best would be original but we cut on Silca WJ 1R and is fine silca blank have to be shorten Hope this help
  2. If machine set up is ok and sharp cutter easy job and easy money
  3. simon1

    Quiet today

    Long time ago we started charge money for opening and closing watches and after that most freebie seekers are happy to pay Those who are not happy to pay for our services just walk out No money no honey
  4. simon1

    Key id

    SKS ABU 94D jma
  5. simon1

    Key id

    Jma WIN 21 Silca TO 124X
  6. simon1

    Best finisher...

    They do https://www.power-shoe.com/en/our-products/shoe-repair-machines
  7. simon1

    Best finisher...

    HARDO produce great machinery and is made in Germany , spare parts are easy available My Hardo machine is 20 years old now and is working like brand new one
  8. simon1

    Hond 31

    We cut them on manual machine and is easy fast job
  9. We must teach them English And they will teach us Chinese Imagine cheap goods from China and technical help which we will finally understand
  10. simon1

    "Q" key blank...

    Gren lock is stamped Q
  11. simon1

    Opsial key ID

    Check Abus section
  12. Old fashion lock system is the winner for the next 100 years
  13. simon1

    Best key boards

    Just take a look on Tcoledges boards ,nice stuff we recived them last week for new shop is perfect selection for domestic and car keys I preffer ready boards ,no time for making them and they look better then home made stuff Jma ,silca.hd reference numbers under single hook
  14. New blade for opel Help please Money saving inventions