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  1. simon1

    Mate's rates

    I would say Regular price 40 but for you only 20 pounds At the end of the day, no one gives us materials for free Knowing how much they saved they respect us more We have to pay bills every month
  2. My old Gravograph does the work The problem is, most good jewelers are selling wedding rings with engraving included I have been doing very little for the last few years This Chinese machine looks good and is cheap it means that these two categories are ok as to the quality you have to try
  3. simon1

    Programmable shop sign

    It's worth buying It attracts attention
  4. simon1

    Hafele drawer key

    SZ 4p silca HD 24p errebi
  5. simon1

    Tormek diamond wheel

    It's best to add one pound to each job And we have the money for a new wheel Simple
  6. I can swap for my mother-in-law dimensions similar to bench press, but a bit older of course, with an additional payment from my side
  7. The ladder will do the trick for you Flash I have long legs and my store is narrow so I can sit on the counter and grinds up my heels easy
  8. simon1


    when he washes his feet, the water level rises to full
  9. Easy job for a good shoe repairer My advice is to find the closest one he will deal with it
  10. if you did this longer key from the tip the holes are in a completely different place you just need to compare these two keys and see the cut does not match the distance with pins inside the lock They just pass and do not hit the holes
  11. I always use the same length of dimple keys I cut out manually because I do not have a computerized machine I have to say, I do not remember when some keys did not work I think that the length of the key was the reason why it does not work sometimes simple machines are better Maybe in the future I invest but for now I'm happy with what I have and prefer to spend money on something else
  12. It's done with those who do not want to pay the bill Where is the skeleton?
  13. simon1

    Car Remotes

    15 to 20 pounds for one button Shells almost half the price of a new key The price depends on the price I paid for shell Sometimes I value a little less if the car costs as much as the new key
  14. simon1

    Car Remotes

    Before you take the key for repair, check it Transponder does it work? Does the remot send a signal or not? I try to minimize the risk Of course, after the repair I check again if everything works. And I check again in the presence of the customer I've never had any problems
  15. simon1

    Car Remotes

    I often replace the new shell with repair And there is good money Often, customers do not have a spare key and it's another income I always explain to them that this type of repair is not possible while you wait Most customers want to make a spare key It is less risky if I know that the customer has a second key in case something goes wrong