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  1. To be honest, I only wanted the ring engraver that was being sold as a part of the package, I had just thought that if the dongle could be swapped over to upgrade my software it would have been a bonus. I believe they've managed to sell both machines now.
  2. OK, this might seem a daft question but if the solutions you are using dissolve the stem do they not damage the crown? On odd occasion I have managed to file a slot using a razor file then extract it using a screwdriver but I've not tried acid before.
  3. You might be right! Both machines are the M40, I'm currently running gravostyle 7, explorer theirs has the gravostyle 5. I did make enquiries with gravograph and it seems their software would need to be upgraded to be compatible with my PC so I don't think they are the bargain they first seemed! Thanks anyway.
  4. I've come across stems snapped off flush with the crown before and given up on them - how do you dissolve the stem out of the crown? I'd love to know!
  5. Hi everybody, I have been offered a couple of Gravograph machines, one is the same model as my current one but with a better software package, however the machine is older and isn't in as good a condition as mine. If I were to buy it, could I swap the dongle over to upgrade my machines software? Is it as simple as plugging the dongle in to my PC? I use explorer at the moment and their's has the gravostyle Max. Thanks,
  6. Ah, that's the sort of thing - do you fancy a one off job?
  7. Hi all, I have a customer who would like an A5 size piece of sticky back metal (like the trophy plates) engraved, however - he has seen the wording done in black, almost as if it were printed on ther rather than engraved. I'm sure I was saw a company that produced a printer that printed off trophy plates from a roll but I don't know where to go to find a piece this size. There's quite a bit of text to go on. Failing that, I need an A5 self adhesive sheet in silver colour. Any ideas?
  8. Just for future reference I bought the one off ebay and have returned it already. It looked too good to be true and it was. It's a cheap chines knock off which was awful in every way! They've given a refund so nothing ventured etc etc. Daft thing is I didn't even think of trying Rona machines and they had a proper gravograph one. All sorted now.
  9. Brilliant when everything runs smoothly but a pain in the backside when something goes wrong. They make you jump through hoops if you need to return a faulty item and they always manage to make you feel that it's your fault!
  10. Ah, thank you. I had been told a new manual ring engraver would be about £900 by my gravograph rep. He did discuss an ex demo model but for the amount we do it's just not cost effective. As a matter of interest, is the gravograph machine in the link a copy?
  11. Sorry for the bump... My trusty Gravograph manual ring engraver looks like it is giving up the ghost. It keeps slipping and the letters are either crammed together, all spaced out or deformed and occasionally all three! I don't do enough to warrant a new M10J which is the computerised one but I did find these 'Gravograph' ones on ebay. I suspect they are either made under licence or are (more probably) copies but for the price it might be worth trying. Has anyone any thoughts or experience with these machines? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283439532055
  12. Unfortunately not, the wooden base comes off but everything else is fixed.
  13. Thanks to everyone else for their suggestions BTW!
  14. Hi Julie, Thanks for your reply, our customer has gone back to his committee to see about consigning the current shields and trophies to history and starting afresh! I'll bookmark your website and have a good look!
  15. I have a customer who would like his trophy jug engraved, it's been done before - I'm just adding this years winner to it, but I can't figure out a way to secure it in the machine (gravograph M40). It doesn't come apart other than the wooden base can be removed. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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