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  1. Web_Engraver

    Looking for this badge pin supplier

    Try toyekenningandspencer.co.uk
  2. Web_Engraver

    IS200 'Beep'

    Thanks for your replies, blue tac ( other brands/colours are available ) worked a treat, still 'bleeps' but tonned down & not as annoying. Thanks Again Phil
  3. Web_Engraver

    IS200 'Beep'

    Hi all, I run an IS200 and the 'beep' when the job has been received is rearly getting in by nerves. Is there any way of reducing the volume or pitch. Cheers Phil
  4. Web_Engraver

    IS200 'Beep'

    Thanks for all your replies, does anyone know what the buzzer/bleeper looks like & where to find it? Had a quick look but nothing obvious. Phil
  5. Web_Engraver

    IS200 'Beep'

    I agree, wanted to keep it but toned down alittle if possible
  6. Web_Engraver

    Black plastic base for trophy

    For odd sized bases I normally get one turned & black laquered at local joiners.
  7. Have a look at www.jewellery-world.co.uk. Large selection of engravable jewellery, baby & adult bracelets, cufflinks, watches, keyrings, gift boxes & bags, display stands, magnetic bracelets etc. No account needed, fast delivery. Phil
  8. Web_Engraver


    The look like could be Cebrian
  9. Web_Engraver

    IS200 Problem

    Thanks for the link & advice about windows 10. Phil
  10. Web_Engraver

    IS200 Problem

    I am trying to reload the disc onto laptop, disc installs OK but then 'stalls' at the same place every time. Have tried several times but always stops at same place. Disc looks OK with no scratches. Any ideas, need up & running ASAP (as always!). Phil
  11. Web_Engraver

    IS200 Problem

    All working now. Cleaned disc with surgical spirit & cotton bud to remove finger prints etc. Phil
  12. Web_Engraver


    Use ezebadge software. Self adhesive photo paper, domes & 25mm punch available from KYD or eBay.
  13. Web_Engraver

    Trophex 2017

    Had trouble getting off the Car Park on Sunday, should have been given free pass at registration, wanted to charge £12.50 on exit, had to produce show passes & bags of catalogues. Long queues at 10.30 due to Motor Sport Show & Trophex sharing same Car Parks, there have been seperate parking in previous years.
  14. Web_Engraver

    wedding ring engraving

    How does the diamond fit onto the Universal 300, thinking of trying on Gravo IS200TX Phil
  15. Web_Engraver

    engraving a wooden pen

    I used sharp / fine cutter, not sure if the finish would be good enough for a pen though
  16. Web_Engraver

    engraving a wooden pen

    I engrave drum stick on a IS200, high spindle speed & slow movement. Phil
  17. Web_Engraver

    eze badge software

    That sounds interesting, were can these machines be purchased? Phil
  18. Web_Engraver

    swatch watch crown

    My wife is older than that !!
  19. Web_Engraver

    eze badge software

    Use mine every day but I use Plain Self Adhesive Photo Paper & 1" domes from Fleebay, also hand punch from KYD Products. No need to line-up with pre-cut paper.
  20. Web_Engraver

    stupid sod of the year award 2016

    I'd rather use an independent local optician than a national chain.
  21. Web_Engraver

    stupid sod of the year award 2016

    Have done similar when walking the dog, try wiping rain off glasses and wack myself round the face with a full poo bag!
  22. Web_Engraver

    GravoStyle Users quick poll

    GravoStyle 5.4 build 4 Explorer IS200TX on windows XP
  23. Web_Engraver

    Font type

    On my IS200 I enter all the engraving in largest size & reduce the size of characters where required 2016 F.BLOGGS
  24. Web_Engraver

    Trophy Suppliers

    Transworld Trophies have a great clearance site.