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  1. Another vote for Graham. DC
  2. DC77

    Lifestyle key ID

    Lifestyle locksmiths went out of business many years ago. They traded from premises in Hayes, Kent (that's the 0208 462 number) then West Wickham. I was told that they were partly funded by the Princes Trust so that they could employ unemployed youths. They were last known to have traded on the South Coast before going bust owing many thousands of pounds. Somewhere I have one of their cut keys but I never managed to locate a suitable blank and replaced the cylinder. So it is either replace the cylinder or ask someone to easy entrie the key unless someone else can come up with another answer. DC
  3. DC77

    Silca EKC

    Ok. Password now found. I put it in a file called "password" so I would not loose it. DC
  4. DC77

    Silca EKC

    Yes somebody had a good idea ! I can not remember my password although it knows my email address. Will try later DC
  5. https://www.jebsupplies.co.uk/contact.asp They seemed to have relocated and left their old phone number behind. DC
  6. DC77

    Rather large bill

    Mick said making a rod for my own back. There is also a saying "No good deed goes unpunished". 12.30 pm today I get another call from a different neighbour. The gentleman had done it again, picked up the wrong set of keys and locked himself out. Could I get him back in his flat again? Rather than see this vulnerable person fall into the clutches of a scam locksmith off I go again. This time no payment, this was a different neighbour who disappeared once the door was open. I thought I had it sorted by putting his keys on two oversize key rings and a attaching a label to them and leaving this by his front door. He really is in need of some sort of support from social services. He hardly said a word, not even thank you. DC
  7. DC77

    Rather large bill

    I think you have in mind Mark Makowski I don't think it was him. He hanged himself. I do not know how people have the front to even try and explain these costs. Last night at 6.30pm I took a call a gentleman had returned home to find he had picked up the wrong set of keys. He is a diabetic pensioner and a neighbour found him sitting on the floor outside his flat having let him into his block of flats. I attended, slipped the latch on his lock and we found the set of keys he should have picked up and put the keys onto an oversize key ring to help him identify the keys he should take out with him. He was confused and in need of help, he asked how much. I did not want to charge him anything but I recognise that they want to pay something so I said ten pounds, he said can I give you twenty pounds? He pulled out his wallet and it was empty. His neighbour gave me the twenty pounds. None of us know what life has in store for us and every time I hear of bills like this I think of my Dad and I would not like anything like this to happen to him. DC
  8. "Typical Yale product nowadays, overpriced crap." I can not disagree with you. DC
  9. As above, either replace or remove all of the snib and the internal sliding spring. I had one last week, the snib had come of the front (or is that the back) allowing the internal spring to stop the handle from turning or the key from opening the latch. DC
  10. DC77

    MED Key

    M.E.Duffell GeGe CNS key. Phone Duffells: 020 8662 4010 and ask who the owner of the section is. DC