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  1. Where is the machining window preview?
  2. When I bring up a pattern with Z set to "0" it always helps to choose the correct cutter tool. The problem is as I set that tool to go deeper say .010 it shows the pattern almost gone, it seems to me that going deeper would just make a blob, not disappear! If I use Gravoply, set the depth of the spindle to just more than the total thickness of it, adjust the dial to cut at .010 it comes out fine. It seems backwards to me
  3. How do I get a laser pointer like this one for my machine?
  4. I hope that you don't mind if I jump in here and ask a question I got a IS400 gravograph recently and does anyone know if it is able to engrave/drag on glass? Is there a rotary attachment for it?
  5. What set up are you using? What is your method of engraving? I myself have not done metal yet so I would like some pointers if you don't mind
  6. Yes I am, I red somewhere that on bottom was for 3d. I did choose on bottom and could not duplicate that anomaly. Along with that it seems like there are odd things happening that I'm not used to after loading GS7 on windows 10, almost like it is missing a file or something, one example is I set my Z and hit go and it cut way deeper than zero. I set the tool to 0.000 depth so I'm not sure if I missed another setting. Is there a way to get better trained on GS7? Between trial and error along with Bob and Tom videos I can do most things but I would like to learn more Thanks for all your help
  7. Now an editing issue, at one size it removes a shape. size it bigger and it removes a different shape Any ideas?
  8. How does one expand his choice of Fonts?
  9. I'm in, not sure what button i did or didn't click Anyways YEA As always I appreciate all your help
  10. After installing a pci1pecp card and a Tripp lite USB serial adapter I get the test box when I try to send a file to the engraver Now what?
  11. Front or rear, all the same. it only likes the one that it was in when I loaded the driver that you linked me to
  12. When I get it plugged in will my pc recognize the engraver?
  13. Those are the cables that came with the machine 18 years ago New 9 pin cable or will build 6 support serial to USB? At this point windows 10
  14. Thanks guys This is what I have waiting to mate to a pc I'll look into them
  15. Can I install a parallel port card and a communication card to this? If so are there drivers for it?
  16. I was just told that my old hard drive can't be cloned Can I run my IS400 from my windows 10 through a parallel to USB adapter? If so what about the communications cable? My HP Z420 has room for a card if they are available
  17. Good observation When I move it (dongle) the pc goes crazy and I don't know how to reassign it to the rear port Still waiting for my XP PC to actually be able to start engraving I am using my Windows 10 to sort out 12 years of files, most from work that I will not need again
  18. It is all cleaned up and ready for action
  19. Now onto sharpening some of my older cutters By hand? Machine? Send them out?
  20. Thanks Beware, After loading the new driver I was able to access GS7 and view actual files. After that I closed the program and removed the dongle. Next day I plugged the dongle back in and it sends my pc right into error recovery mode, I tried both regular and SS USB ports Any ideas? (Edit) I put the dongle back into the port that it was in when I loaded the new drivers and it works! Stupid computer!!!
  21. I have a pentium 2 W/XP out getting the hard drive replaced. When I loaded the GS7 exe it crashed! I was trying to set it up on my W-10 machine to get a head start on sorting out old files
  22. I retried it and noticed that it says no dongle where before it was looking for the hasp, not sure if that helps with why it isn't recognizing it Any ideas? Also I can't find how to run GS7 in compatibility mode (windows 7) in windows 10
  23. As some may know I've been here asking questions for 12 years while learning how to operate our IS400 Now that my work finally moved up to a Lazer machine I was able to bring it home YEAH! I loaded GS7-B6 from the link that Beware provided on my windows 10 machine hoping that I could run it in compatibility mode for windows 7, It does not recognize my dongle Now What?
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