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  1. Is that 50 pounds? I'm in the USA, So 50 pounds of my choice?
  2. After talking with Matt I did as he said, replaced the coupling with all 3 parts and boy I'm glad that I listened. It was a sticky mess, replaced it and now I'm back up and running. Got the part from Q1 Engravers in 2 days. Thanks again for this forum, just wish that I could be more help to some Best wishes Doug
  3. Thanks a bunch Matt for your help I will post the repair when completed
  4. Looks like I am in need of a new coupler Can't be that expensive CAN THEY?
  5. Message sent If I'm working on something I might not hear the call but I will call you right back if that's OK
  6. Here is what I got Looks to me like the screw that moves the spindle in the Y axis is stripped. I didn't look inside it yet until I get an answer from someone that knows what's in there I repair million $$$ machines for Kelloggs so I am confident they I can fix it as long as I can get parts
  7. Is he available? I don't know how to contact him outside of this forum
  8. The installation disk was misplaced after the install like 8 years ago
  9. More information A file was sent to the IS400 then the green arrow was pushed, at this point GS7 was closed on the pc so no one had access to it. He hit the green arrow 2 more times and walked away each time as it was set the slow for speed. He said the 3rd one just went through what looked like the motions but the spindle never lowered as if the Z axis was never set, he left it. I shut off the power to the IS400 then back on, accessed GS7 and re-sent the file, it made lines that were not what the file was and it was not linear meaning it went off course almost as if the file wa
  10. After returning from a vacation my IS400 is engraving really weird, a simple square with text inside it does not come out like that. None of the letters are the same size and they go off in a slant. I think that someone might have ran it into something and jammed it. How can I check the X AND Y motors for proper operation?
  11. Thanks again, Can I put all of these in the config folder at once? The TSLDB.ini, is that a installer file? if so, how to use it?
  12. Thanks, I'll try it Can you tell me how it is titled in your config folder? And How many files are tool related? I might have deleted the wrong one
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