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  1. Thanks, so now knowing that there is a file for this could one import a database file with a set of tools in it? I seem to have a hard time making one
  2. As of late every time I boot up my GS7 on windows 7 my tool database only shows default. Anything loaded the last time is gone and it does not let me add any, I have to open up a saved file for it to tell me that the tool don't existing and do i want to load them. Any ideas?
  3. Sorry, I'm back I must have waited to long Is there any way that you can post the links again? I was waiting for a new PC to load them on
  4. Great!! Thanks, A while back I dragged the entire gravograph folder to a flash drive and chose copy. Loaded the file on my old PC that still has XP, just that no more didn't open it out try to run the .exe file. After rebooting the PC it will not boot, not even in safe mode. I have my eye on a 2 year old tower with Windows 7 that has the parallel port as my (soon to be my) is400 is not upgraded to usb.
  5. Right now it's flat work with gravoply 1 and some custom work with wood and Delrin. Hoping to include some metal work like engraving and possibly cutting out up to 12gauge I did not have a set up cd Can I copy the program from my current PC? The PC I currently use is going away
  6. Alright, I'm back with more questions 1) What is that advantage of upgrading to a laser engraver? I'm thinking about this one. https://www.bosslaser.com/boss-hp-4055.html 2) Can I clone my GS7 program to another PC?
  7. It says Release 7,0,0,0 build B001 at 25/10/2011
  8. My concern is that I now have GS7 running on windows 7 and Need to upgrade to windows 10 Will it work? Will I need to get GS8? Or new laser machine?
  9. Where can I get that info on my set up? And how can I tell the build? It says G-7 works on windows 10 if mine is a build 6
  10. I work at Kellogg’s in the maintenance dept, yes the Corn flakes Co. I am making different labels for machines. Here is an example, www.dougelam.com If I start with the .060 tool, I would assign the name to it, and then change the tool for the scoot pic, then change the tool depth for cutting it out. Now I have to pause at the correct time, some times I get preoccupied and miss a pause. I also have been trying to drill out the unused area and leave the text in like a license plate, which takes awhile for me to make a line across all the area I need to remove. Of course I used the outlined font for this. After looking at your forum I think I need to talk them into upgrading the soft ware to?? What is a better version?? Your last response stated to vectorize a .JPEG, is this in the version that I have? I did not see a choice for this. Thanks for all the help Doug
  11. It is Gravo Style 5 V2, I tried to assign tools to a level but did not figure out how to get it to work. I tried to assign variables with the same results. Can you assign a level to be a variable?
  12. Hello, I am new to here and to the Gravograph 5. I found it in a back office at work and had to teach myself on how to use it. A couple of questions, Can I import graphics made elsewhere and use them? If so what program is useful and what file extension are they saved in? If I select tool path, can I assign different tools to certain layers and if so will it stop for a too change? Is there a way to select the order of the cuts? Now I have to plan it for tool change and depth change
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