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  1. Have you tried the JMA bl-2 My record list that as the key for most thule roof bars. Bob
  2. kirkybob

    mercury free batteries

    since posting this origanily I have asked my supplier they informed me all renata watch batteries are now mercury free. thanks forthe reslonce Lee
  3. Anyone using the Renata mercury freewatch batteries, andhow do you find them. thinking of moving over to them to help save the planet. Thanks Bob
  4. kirkybob

    Key id please

    ul066 according to SKS web sit jma u-7d hd and silca ul062
  5. kirkybob

    Eurospec E*S MP10

    think you may have forgotten it also has dimples Graham, are you in holiday mode or do the original blanks come with the dimples pre cut ?
  6. kirkybob

    Sks delivery

    DPD once told me that Davenports had not given them my order, Davenports said they had. But DPD had sent me an email saying it would be delivered, if they didnt pick it up how did they know to send email
  7. kirkybob

    New style era

  8. kirkybob

    Roof bar keys

    what make roof bars. Try JMA LF-15 LF-1I OR LF-45 BOB
  9. kirkybob


    they are paint brush holders
  10. kirkybob

    Yale superior

    thats a new one on me count , who is selling those at the moment. regards bob
  11. I like the yellow ones.
  12. kirkybob

    Car Remotes

    I agree with Graham, crt tv or monitor can hold in the region of 36,000 volts for some time. also stay well clear of microwaves. I woud practice on old remotes as these are what you will be working on. Older electronic equipmen also is not generally SMT (surface mount technology). you will need a very fine soldering iron and good eyes to work on SMT. which is why I dont do them ( old age and old eyes )
  13. The count is right the V5 is a zoo, got mine from Davenports. https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/ZKB-GENUINE-ZOO-CYL-BLANK/P128579 sorry dont know the exidor Bob