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  1. You will probably find you beat them on price any way
  2. Any one got any idea for a blank for a rascal veo mobility scooter, trying to avoid long drawn out covorsation with manufacturers. thanks Bob
  3. enjoy your retirement from the forum admin, and thanks for your work in tghe past Bob
  4. as auto key wizard said somtrimes a flat die is better on the back and some times the dished one, trial and error on that . Bob
  5. I presume he foot switch is a bit like a dead man switch if thats the case, seems a little silly to wire it out, just saying I dont repair shoes so I may be compleatly wrong
  6. I sell a few Yale platinum I dont sell many but I bet there are hundreds of places like ours that just sell a few. I intended to sell the Brisant but not prepared to 1 have them controll if i can get blanks or not and 2 not investing thousands into 3 star locks at this point in time.
  7. I know but dont sell enough locks to justify the number that Brisant want me to buy.
  8. ok I have the cards for the JMA Multicode all I need now are Blanks and customers
  9. no way we could all fit on a mars bar
  10. thanks guys I have cut one on the BL-2 in the hope that the ford was the same as a thule, if it comes back I will post on here thanks Bob
  11. Customer has lost all keys to above code on lock is 29, anyone know which blank this would be.
  12. I can put you a couple in the post if you message me your address.-
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