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  1. kirkybob

    Ultion cutting

    Graham has never let me down.
  2. kirkybob

    cut to code yamaha

    thanks Graham
  3. Hi guys I am trying to cut a a JMA yama-21I to the code on the lock which is 7804. Not having a lot of sucsess, wondering if the code on the lock is not a direct equivilant to the cut, can anyone check on insta code and let me know what biting it gives. The bitings I have is 433421. its for a top box on a yamaha if that help. Many thanks Bob
  4. kirkybob

    Key ID

    going only by the text on the key, could this be a LOTO lock, if it is doubt you will get a key, and if you can you shouldnt . regards bob
  5. the problem I have is customers think when the machine beeps its finished and they are out the door like racing snakes. When in fact the beep is only to confirm the machine has read the card. had a couple of cases where they where gone like jack s**t only for the transaction not to go through ( usualy lack of funds), wonder if they know and its a new kind of shop lifter. I am thinking to move the card machine on to the broadband see if it speeds up, anyone any experience of using broadband and is is quicker ?.
  6. Its probably the greedy clubs that have stopped the sales through anyone but trhemselves.
  7. kirkybob

    jack russell pet discs

    nowt as queer as folk
  8. kirkybob


    come summer use it as a door stop
  9. Been using a silca bravo pro for several years now, but at the moment its in for repair other than that been great. I have been loaned a keyline easy and must say I am not impressed at all. Bob
  10. kirkybob

    key help

    super, this forum rocks, just ordered some from jma. Thanks
  11. kirkybob

    key help

    Thanks for such a quick response, It sure looks right I will order some in Regards Bob
  12. Small plastic topped key with CL on the head, and on the blade 0055 cc written in the format as in the picture, ie with the cc under the number. Deff not a ronis (JMA ro-39) as CC would suggest more a HD CAX1R. Customer wants severel cut to diff codes as lost keys to some of the filing cabinets, my Multicode dosent seem to have codes that match this with the cc at the end. Any suggestions welcome.