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  1. kirkybob

    Suzuki Bandit

    Thanks Howard these links will be handy so I wonder if any moderator can find a way oif saving these links for otrher members future ref. Thanks once again this sort of info is like gold dust Bob
  2. Sorry no photo Can any tellme which blank for a 1999 Suzuki bandit 600 cc. Iam thinking JMA SUZU-D.P Thanks Bob
  3. kirkybob


    is there an exibition this year ? cutting edge marketing is top (secret)
  4. kirkybob

    This was a "HARD" one to engrave!!

    reading all these comments starting to wonder why I restrained myself from commenting.Still its a bit of a laugh.
  5. kirkybob

    Global key ID please

    Thanks Graham
  6. Looks like a vachette to me but cant seem to ID it, can anyone help. Text on key side 1 GLOBAL side 2 200 JM042 MK Thanks Bob
  7. kirkybob

    New cobbler

  8. In the next election I intrend to vote fo any one but the top three parties.if there is only the main three parties I will will spoil my vote with the words " NONE OF THE ABOVE"
  9. try a jma LF-41 I think thats a better bet for that code, and Graham Parker is your best bet for cut to code good price and fast service.
  10. kirkybob

    UAP eurolocks

    Thanks will take the advice, order some silca and use the grove.Nowt wrong with belt and braces.
  11. Cut a hd uap1 for a lady last week, she came back saying it worked on the inside but not the outside. cut her a new key, (over a week have cut her two more with same problem). next day gentleman with a uap euroloc came for a key cut told me he had a key cut elswhere (twice on a Silca blank) that hadnt worked and described the same problem. I cut him a key and so far he hasnt been back. any one any ideas regards Bob
  12. kirkybob

    3D Closed

    hope everything is fine for them
  13. kirkybob

    Well, Howdy

  14. kirkybob

    New Yale key ?

    looks likje a KTM jma ya-273d