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  1. kirkybob

    Jury Service

    isnt jury service a type of community sevice ?
  2. kirkybob

    Jury Service

    Never been asked to do jury service, and now I am too old ha ha.
  3. kirkybob

    Chat room

    Had some fun times in the chat room. You could often get a almost instant answer if you had a problem. I would love it back.
  4. kirkybob

    Key I D

    Mila or winlock precut window .
  5. kirkybob

    Hegel cylinder lock

    I am sure some of them think we going to magicly find where they live and go round and rob them
  6. kirkybob

    ultion blanks

    only Brisant sell the original blanks, and they will only supply to brisant agents. Graham on the forum is a Brisant agent and will cut to code for you give him a shout. Very good fast service from Graham. Bob
  7. kirkybob

    New product range.

    I had a unit in an indoor market for some years and next door was a Mobile Phone man. I did notice although his stall was full of cases on show he actualy sold very very few, he said they where displayed only to let people know he dealt with mobile phones, and in fact with regard to cases the phone models changed so fast he got them in to order. his main source of income was repairs, mainly screen replacement and sale of chargers and leads. His main supplier ( a wholesale phone company) also provided a service of repairing any thing he couldnt do. hope this info is helpfull . Bob
  8. kirkybob

    Hotel Keys Suppler

    SKS do plastic ones if that helps https://www.sks.co.uk/jumbo-hotel-tags Bob
  9. kirkybob


    some of the snap on use an L&F key have a look at the JMA LF-22 Bob
  10. kirkybob


    sorry Rick nothing in stock,and can see nothing in HD or JMA, but a though,t it looks very much like a tricircle profile, wish I coud have been more help Bob
  11. kirkybob


    sorry Rick I dont recorgnise that ref, any more info. Bob
  12. kirkybob

    Seasons sports

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sport_in_the_United_Kingdom#By_sport does this help Bob
  13. kirkybob


    hi welcome
  14. welcome to the forum