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  1. avocet ATK key is same so may be ATK codes would work. if you send me the code i can give you the cuts for ATK if that helps regards bob
  2. Just had Phil May from SKS in. He asked if there was anything we needed as he had some soap and disinfectant in the car. I said joking needed some alcohol based hand cleaner, after leaving he came back 5 mins later with a small bottle for us and wouldnt take any money for it, there is hope for humanity yet, he has also offered to shop for us as he realised my wife and I are both vulnrable and may have to self isolate for 12 weeks.. This was an unexpected offer of help in what are difficult times and will not be forgotten when better times return. Many Many thanks Phil for your Kindness Bob and Connie
  3. They say fishing is not cruel, Try telling that to the maggots
  4. welcome to the forum, you will find other timpsons people on here so you are not alone. Bob
  5. Is this it www.sks.co.uk/avocet-pioneer-plus-key-blank Bob
  6. fitted a few internally never external, but I would think its to do with weatherproofing
  7. my multicode gives the same as you 10000 - 99809 bob
  8. I tried standing on my head but that didnt help
  9. My first thought was WXM but when I lookes at the end profile I coudnt make out WXM, must be old age galloping on,.
  10. Hi all just came across this key. Ultion X020. sorry no photo. different to Ul 12 in that its almost 1 mm thicker and the chamfer at the tip is oposite to the U12.other wise looks identical. just wondered if any one had seen these and if so what blank did you use if any Thanks Bob
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