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  1. I have found these people heplfull. https://www.locksonline.com
  2. kirkybob

    SKS Powercut?

    I logged on and ordered about an hour ago and had confirming email
  3. could it be an elephant ( maroni logo ); Bob
  4. kirkybob


    never thought of that. Ihave never made depth keys before but Iam up for giving it a try Just gave trhe multicode a try at decoding a Yale platinum and it did fine.
  5. kirkybob


    mine cuts tgem fine from code but never been able to decode them my original multicode devoloped problems after an update but was swopped by SKS for the one they had been using. will try decoding the superiors again now you have reminded me.
  6. kirkybob

    Is this Ronis?

    Multicode says that code is JMA las-r
  7. HI rick using JNG-1D blank multicode gives cuts as A 23231 B 23131 this could be a complete red herring of course Bob
  8. Dont know if this helps I have a note that says for 1318 roof bars use JMA JNG-1D codes 13 to 125 Bob
  9. kirkybob

    Reattach unit ?

    I dont do shoe repaires, but are often asked for a glue to stick soles back on. I would have thought Gorrila glue would not be flexible enough when it dried for shoe repair. Which Gorrilla glue are you using Thanks Bob
  10. Think I trade in a quite affluant area graham. Mainly retired people with 3 year old seats etc lol.
  11. dont think I have cut a tibbe in 18 months
  12. JMA LF-1I should do it. www.key2code.co.uk/store/p296/Henderson_Ultra_91_series_Garage_Door_keys_cut_to_code.html bob
  13. Hi Chris

    benn trying to see your web site with out success can you send me a link please



  14. kirkybob

    Crappy padlock keys

    my local cash and carry try selling these to me I wont touch them, but there must be loads of hardware shops selling these.