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  1. so good to have you back, look forwared to seeing you again. I will get some Lucazade in.
  2. I have already e mailed Amarr in the States, but hoped someone on here could help thanks for the responce. Bob
  3. Hi all Customer wants a key for an AMARR garage door, all keys lost. Code on lock is A32. any ideas welcome. I gave the customer soe blanks to try and it seems Davenports 7DC fits. orjma RO-8D. At this moment door is locked with no key hence no Photo. Thanks Bob
  4. Changing lighting can help, a move to led Daylight panels from flourecent made a big difference in my shop, and a lower electric bills, led uses aprox 10% of the power of old incandescent lighting, and slightly lower than flourecent.
  5. For those of you that remember him, today is Arnolds Birthday. Happy birthday Arnold Where ever you are. Bob
  6. Thats fitted wrong. Should be under the underwear orshe cant change her underwear. Bob
  7. Can any one supply me with a couple of cut keys for a mobility scooter ref is 7310. thanks Bob
  8. fast keys site lists a garran locker key starts g followed by 4digits thats a l&f2 so would thinkthats the one.
  9. thanks guys will let you know how i get on when customer comes back
  10. HI All A customer requires a number of keys for a Fortxlock, its a dimple key for a anvil lock. A SKS iF-6 will go in the lock but the file to cut it on the Multicode tries to read the key in the wrong place ( of to 1 side). The problem I have is that although the IF-6 fits the lock its the wrong file so I wonder if any one can come up with an alternative blank so the multicode can read itcorrectly. I dont have a manual dimple machine so can not just copy. sorry cant upload pics Thanks Bob
  11. do you guys have a minimum payment for card. if so what is it.
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