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  1. kirkybob

    Mobility Scooter Key

    if all else fails try these people https://www.discountscooters.co.uk/scooter-spare-parts/scooter-keys-key-switches Bob
  2. Hi can anyone read this key customer has lost their card Thanks Bob
  3. kirkybob


    just blank white page here
  4. kirkybob

    WMS key long .

    will this do it https://www.sks.co.uk/wms-pre-cut-window-lock-key
  5. kirkybob

    6 pin ASSA

    is there somting missing there cant find 20d on sks
  6. kirkybob

    2 MIT2 Blanks Required

    Love this forum.
  7. hd wms6 i 26mm shoulder to tip if thts long enough Bob
  8. kirkybob

    UAP window key?

    JMA WL088 for maxus window restrictor ? Sorry cant find them on the SKS site anymore, but the ones I have are the same as your pic. Talk to SKS they still selling the window restrictor. If they cant help send me your add I can put a couple in the post. Bob https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/UAP-WINDOW-RESTRICTOR-KEY/P134061 ps found them at db
  9. theres a Mr t in walsall also a new one opened recently in Saddlers Centre. dont know owt about em. there is a guy called Neil on brownhills high street opposite Wilcos, hes been there years and I have only heard good things aboutb his work. hopethis helps we dont do shoes only keys, Bob
  10. kirkybob

    Phone covers

    yes I buy them at the locol cash and carry. We only stock the samsung and apple leads and a universal usb charger. bob
  11. kirkybob

    Phone covers

    Friend of mine had a phone shop. He told me he only stocked cases so passing punters knew he sold and repaired mobile phones. He told me they go out of fashion faster than womens clothes. Most of his shop walls where covered in phone cases and he sold about 3 a week. I am sure someone will say otherwise but thats what i was told. We sell mobile charges/cables in our hardware shop and they do ok but then they dont take up loads of room and dont change very often. Bob
  12. kirkybob

    Hey Cobbler’s from up north.

    hi not a cobbler but a key ctter here who was born in Yorkshire lived teens in leeds (Wortley ,Beeston Armley ( not the prison) and Whinimoor. Now living in the west midlands welcome