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  1. Call Kaba. Explain that you have a customer with one of there keys (Give them the key number & company name on the key) & you believe the company are not about anymore. Sometimes when this happens another company will take/buy their section from them.
  2. What's the name of the radio station?
  3. Lock Stock & Barrell – Stansted Lock stock & Barrell have been members of the Master Locksmith Association since 1986 & are a well-established family business who require a Shop Manager at their Stansted Branch. We are looking for an experienced & competent shoe repairer to join our team. The applicant must have a minimum of 1 years experience & must be able to repair to a high standard to upkeep the current reputation of the business. We repair all types of shoes and therefore the applicant should have experience working with a variety of materials such as leather, resin rubber etc along with the capability to use the various machines for the repairs. The successful candidate must have good customer service skills, a keenness to learn, computer literate, able to be flexible with workdays, adaptable to work on their own initiative, an energetic approach & the ability to multi task & prioritise. A knowledge of the locksmith trade would be an advantage but not essential as training will be available. The branch is open Monday to Saturday with one Saturday off a month. There will be the requirement to work 6 days when covering your other staff members holidays & maintaining trading hours of business. The role itself is a 5-day week and therefore a day off in the week will be given in lieu when working on a Saturday. Salary is subject to experience + 28 days paid holiday which including Bank If you are interested in this great opportunity please send your CV to info@lockstockuk.com
  4. Have a A9 & a Silca 299 in our Stansted branch. The A9 is a great all rounder but not to great with cylinder keys. We cut a few restricted keys on mass from time to time & i wouldn't dream of cutting them on the A9 as it would take an age & does struggle with the thicker cylinder blanks. We got the 299 in for this reason. I must say though it's one of the first generation of A9 & is a great for vehicle & dimple keys. If your only going to cut cylinder keys the silca machine is quicker & a better cut.
  5. Tried all the usual places to find a replacement key shell for this Nissan Juke 2013. Does anyone know where I can get the case only?
  6. Need to have the master key reference & a cover letter from the owner allowing you to get blanks on their behalf. The contact Assa to get them.
  7. Started doing work for a local dry cleaner (10 miles away) around 3 years ago & been fine. We do a 10% discount & they charge 10% more than our prices. All depends on the people you work with i find, if i don't like them i won't work with them. Simple but effective for me. He gets 20% for being a middle man & is happy with that. We have a good working relationship. Once the price & details where sorted out we had him in the shop for a day to see what to look for when a customer brings in a pair of shoes. Also so he can see the amount of work that goes into some repairs. So it save us calling them, to call the customer about a extra charge for build up for example. If there has been an issue we're sorted out quickly & respectively. As for example last week we had a "return" of a zip repair on a a riding boot, the right boot, from a couple of weeks ago. The zip repair was terrible, zip not straight, brown zip with a black runner, wrong colour stitching thread, not using the original holes when restitching ect ect. The main problem we had is that we repaired the left boot zip not the right. We take pictures of before & after repairs so we just forwarded the picture of the left boot. We got a phone call from the dry cleaner to minutes later saying exactly what he thought but he couldn't prove it. I explained we take photo's for this exact reason & in future that's what he's going to do to save sending bits back & wasting both our time. (Side note we got to redo the job on right boot to put it right, the customer suddenly remember that the had the other boot repair a few years ago from someone else...) I did also had another dry cleaners i did work for about a year on the same deal. Lovely people but had a few problems with drop offs & time scales, i.e i need a full leather sole repair & expecting it done in half hour. So we parted ways. If another local dry cleaner was to ask i would consider it.
  8. might be wrong, but all I can find is ZD24RAT22 silca code
  9. Having trouble finding a replacement for these for a customer. Anyone have a supplier for these?
  10. have you got a machine to cut to code? Looks to be a silca ro20 cuts 1242 to my eye. Measure their key heights & make a note for the future.
  11. F*c#ing idiots! I would suggest replacing the lock
  12. Kobblers it's fine. I have your address from sending you a ym22, I'll send it this morning.
  13. If you would like the silca LC11 i can send you a couple if still needed
  14. The punch for the staples is not retracting once it fires one staple. Anyone know how to sort this out?
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