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  1. chrisorros

    Can anyone supply this?

    have you got a machine to cut to code? Looks to be a silca ro20 cuts 1242 to my eye. Measure their key heights & make a note for the future.
  2. chrisorros


    F*c#ing idiots! I would suggest replacing the lock
  3. chrisorros

    Anyone got...........

    Kobblers it's fine. I have your address from sending you a ym22, I'll send it this morning.
  4. chrisorros

    Anyone got...........

    If you would like the silca LC11 i can send you a couple if still needed
  5. The punch for the staples is not retracting once it fires one staple. Anyone know how to sort this out?
  6. chrisorros

    Key ID Required

    This is what you need. Sks order number 1527
  7. Running very low on wooden shanks & i can't seem to find anyone supplying them an more. Does anyone know where i can get some please?
  8. chrisorros


    Call siserve & ask Peter. If you don't know, don't play
  9. chrisorros

    Nanex from Birch

    What steamer are you using in the video?
  10. chrisorros

    Miracle A9

    I don't have instacode. I use Silva for other machines to get the heights for cutting by code. Then search for the blank on the machine to get the key card for the a9, then put the heights in. This doesn't work 100% of the time but good enough system. Really should pull the finger out & get instacode as I've had the machine for some years now I would always say go to a show or call the reps from different companies so you can gets a feel for a machine before you get purchase one. If your new to it as well I would see if they will train you a bit on the machine so you can get the most out off your investment
  11. chrisorros

    Let’s see your pictures

    A few refurbished locks & bridgeward keys made for each lock.
  12. chrisorros

    Need help for a old watch

    Thank you for the advice & leads.
  13. Long story short my wife has a watch her mother left her many years ago. It's a wind up watch that the crown is very stiff to remove to set the time. The watch needs a good service/ repair. Servicing a wind up watch/repair is passed my pay grade. Is there anyone on here i can send it to do the job. Pictures below.
  14. chrisorros

    Miracle A9

    I've had a A9 for years & it's a great machine for the money. Cut magnums, ultions, astral ect ect with no problem. Great also when lazer keys come in. Down side it's not great for cutting cylinder keys but i have a 399 for those, & it's slower than a triax e code but they are worlds apart in price. Also a side note if i have had issues with the machine the service from Lockdecoders has been great over the years.