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  1. Looking to improve our services offered for watch battery replacement. At the moment we replace/lubricate the gaskets but we always tell the customer before we do the watch that we can't guarantee the water resistance as we don't have a pressure tester. No one in our town does this on site & has to be sent away. I was wondering for the people who offer this service what sort of machine you use, dry or wet test? Is one better than the other? & also how much do you charge for this service roughly? We are losing 3 to 4 watches a month as we can't guarantee this. I was looking to see
  2. We have a Roland EGX-360 engraving machine that needs a service. Does any have a contact that would work on this machine. Used Roland themselves last time & wasn't the service you would expect of the supplier of the machine.
  3. Thanks again for information. Will start posting in prime time & hopefully get more interaction.
  4. Need to strip down & re-wafer on a va2. The locks are MASTER (10-17) / KANGOO (08-16) door locks. Can you see how to strip it down. What am i missing.
  5. Fantastic tips Lee. Thank you for taking the time to post this. Do you find there are better times / days to post on social media to get more views or interactions?
  6. Had so many over the years but the oddest single request from a customer was a second hand shovel, maggots & a hair dryer. Till this day i believe it to be windup. I'm always happy to help but fuck me that was out of left field
  7. Had the customer bring the lock in it's a chubb blue flash. From the early 60s. A disaster for chubb as they tried to save cost with plastic parts. They tried to save face saying it was meant for the South African Market. As it doesn't have a curtain you can use a standard blank as shown below. So in 20 to 30 years the next one comes in you'll now you can cut it on a normal 5g utility blank
  8. Looks like an old style RKS for the 3g114 but never seen it in steel & the centre square is a 7g with is thinner than a normal RKS. Anyone seen one of these before?
  9. Call Kaba. Explain that you have a customer with one of there keys (Give them the key number & company name on the key) & you believe the company are not about anymore. Sometimes when this happens another company will take/buy their section from them.
  10. What's the name of the radio station?
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