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  1. I used white grease when we run out of pledge. Works well but found it to be a bit to thick so cleaning the machine after the job is a bit of a bastard
  2. Has anyone used or know of a recruitment agency that specialises for the shoe repair trade? I've had a brief look & can't find one. If not has anyone used one to recruit staff in the past they can recomend? I'm looking to recruit a new memeber of staff with experience in the trade. Any recomendations on where best to look?
  3. Lock Stock & Barrell – Stansted Full-Time Shoe Repair (includes working Saturdays) Salary: Available upon experience A local family run Cobblers are looking to recruit an experienced shoe repairer to join our team. The applicant must have a minimum of 1 years’ experience & be able to repair to a very high standard. Your main role will be to maintain the shoe repairs within the store. In addition to this, you will be required to undertake elements of locksmithing, key cutting and engraving. You must also have excellent customer service skills, a willingness to learn, be flexible with hours and have a strong sense of initiative. Further training will be provided for the successful candidate. Should you wish to apply, please email your CV to eric@lockstockuk.com
  4. Having real problems ordering steel & pewter tankards at the moment. What companies do you use as i might have to change suppler as they are out of stock & don't know when they will have any back in stock.
  5. Anyone seen this before. Can't find it in the books
  6. That was my first point of call, then kitchen work top makers. All i tried till this morning saw it as a off cut. I've found one company, Mr Marble. Well priced. Just in case anyone else in the future needs some marble cutting, shaping & polishing.
  7. Does anyone know where i can get some black polished granite 17" x 4.5" with beveled edges to engrave. I have been calling around a few places & most won't supply anything that size as the see it as a off cut?
  8. Well in these times I've sold plug adapters, mouse traps, diaries, fuses & many more odd items of late. I've ordered one in & put a percentage on it. The customer is happy & I've got another sale through the till. Win win
  9. Hello Alana, Yes the problem is has been sorted. Interesting article & very informative thank you
  10. I was on the Disney channel as a kid....does that make me famous? Also was doing the Sydney harbor bridge walk when the whales came into the harbor for the first time in years so technically made the evening news
  11. Has anyone got a 3d printer that can make a nose cone for an engraver if i gave you the schematics. I have a roland egx-360 & they only have supply the metal ones & i find the hard plastic one is better. Bit of a long short but nothing ventured nothing gained. Also will pay obviously if someone could make it.
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