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  1. Well in these times I've sold plug adapters, mouse traps, diaries, fuses & many more odd items of late. I've ordered one in & put a percentage on it. The customer is happy & I've got another sale through the till. Win win
  2. Hello Alana, Yes the problem is has been sorted. Interesting article & very informative thank you
  3. I was on the Disney channel as a kid....does that make me famous? Also was doing the Sydney harbor bridge walk when the whales came into the harbor for the first time in years so technically made the evening news
  4. Has anyone got a 3d printer that can make a nose cone for an engraver if i gave you the schematics. I have a roland egx-360 & they only have supply the metal ones & i find the hard plastic one is better. Bit of a long short but nothing ventured nothing gained. Also will pay obviously if someone could make it.
  5. Tried that for a few days & keep getting told the phone is switched off
  6. Really struggling to get any engraving slate in at the moment. Used to use mastergrave to get slate but obviously not now. Who do you use as i'm finding it hard to find a engraving material supplier that stocks it.
  7. I would just like to thank Matt (07887 244986) & Richard (07879 656428) who have just serviced my gravograph & Roland engraving machines. Great job lads. Would highly recommend if you need a machine repairing or serviced. Very professional. That happy with the work i've booked them in to do a yearly service on 5 different engraving machines.
  8. Looking to improve our services offered for watch battery replacement. At the moment we replace/lubricate the gaskets but we always tell the customer before we do the watch that we can't guarantee the water resistance as we don't have a pressure tester. No one in our town does this on site & has to be sent away. I was wondering for the people who offer this service what sort of machine you use, dry or wet test? Is one better than the other? & also how much do you charge for this service roughly? We are losing 3 to 4 watches a month as we can't guarantee this. I was looking to see
  9. We have a Roland EGX-360 engraving machine that needs a service. Does any have a contact that would work on this machine. Used Roland themselves last time & wasn't the service you would expect of the supplier of the machine.
  10. Thanks again for information. Will start posting in prime time & hopefully get more interaction.
  11. Need to strip down & re-wafer on a va2. The locks are MASTER (10-17) / KANGOO (08-16) door locks. Can you see how to strip it down. What am i missing.
  12. Fantastic tips Lee. Thank you for taking the time to post this. Do you find there are better times / days to post on social media to get more views or interactions?
  13. Had so many over the years but the oddest single request from a customer was a second hand shovel, maggots & a hair dryer. Till this day i believe it to be windup. I'm always happy to help but fuck me that was out of left field
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