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  1. chrisorros

    Miracle A9

    I've had a A9 for years & it's a great machine for the money. Cut magnums, ultions, astral ect ect with no problem. Great also when lazer keys come in. Down side it's not great for cutting cylinder keys but i have a 399 for those, & it's slower than a triax e code but they are worlds apart in price. Also a side note if i have had issues with the machine the service from Lockdecoders has been great over the years.
  2. chrisorros

    Walking stick Ferrules

    C are Bell shaped & DX are straight. Most people don't have a preference. I mainly stock the DX as they last longer in my opinion
  3. chrisorros


    你什麼意思?我們不是......我的意思是“他們”並沒有試圖騙過任何人...... English What do you mean? We aren't....i mean "they" aren't trying to con anyone...
  4. The top keys is 835. Its's used for the van security locks. A 7x7 or Garrison is a 76. In short wrong blank but it does have the same pining & spacing as the garrison
  5. They have been out of stock for about 6 months if not longer. As Chris said they didn't renew the license for them so no one will stock them other than maybe the club fan shop.
  6. MILA-B101 CONTOUR/INSPIRATION D/SIDE KEY Supplier 1 E.ALDRIDGE & SON LTD Their Code L22454 Pack Size: 10 Supplier 2 MILA HARDWARE UK LIM Their Code 057778 Pack Size: 10 Supplier 3 SKS LIMITED Their Code KWL43 Pack Size: 10
  7. Never tried it. How would this be act different to solvent? Would GT85 do to job. Once trg spray drys isn't more like a spray paint & would crack when the shoe flexes over time? Never used it as when i asked the I never got a straight answer on this question
  8. Tried that Michael but thank you for the advice. This is a very deep stain. I can't figure out how it could get so deep under the patent.
  9. Anyone ever have this? Customer has asked me to remove the marks. The marks are under the patent finish. Any ideas how this can happen? Or how the marks can get there?
  10. chrisorros


    Well i've got Raynaud's disease i.e "white finger" from working the machines over the years. Pain, numbness & piss poor circulation in the fingers & thumb on my right hand. Only for the first half hour of most winter months. Simple fix is to run it in hot water for a little bit & use a stress ball to warm up the hand. Other than that nothing to moan about lol
  11. chrisorros

    Best key boards

    Make your own. Did this to save a ton of wall space. I have 9 cupboard/key boards like this. Much easier in the long run. I have 3 boards in the space of one. You can even put an addition centre board to 5 boards space in them if needed.
  12. Tcolledge have them
  13. chrisorros


    It's ok send her some... That should cheer he up lol
  14. chrisorros

    Comunello cylinder gate key

    Not seen one for awhile but i think you can use a CS207 or a ulo051 from memory
  15. chrisorros


    Make a poster with this image taken from you CCTV asking if anyone has seen this thief that broke into your house yesterday coursing you to close early. Job done