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  1. Afternoon all.I'm scratching my head with this one.Anyone know of a blank for this Steel Line garage door key?
  2. Hi all.Would anyone know where I can get a couple of these for a local customer?
  3. Would anyone know what keyblank i should use for this Eurolocks mailbox key?(KB001-KB500 series apparently).Thanks in advance.
  4. Keyline 884 transponder cloning machine.Not used for some time.Recent update and very easy to use.Comes complete with original box,cables & around 40 various blades.Excellent condition throughout.Looking for around £500 or swap for code machine/cash either way.Glasgow area.07867 607515
  5. Wanted....Suregrave Rotation in any condition.Required for spares for my own machine so im not too worried about the condition that it's in.Can travel. Darren 07867 607515
  6. Thanks for the reply.Its the depth i'm referring to.Its barely scratching the surface.
  7. Hello all.Whilst engraving silver cups on my Rotation S,text appears to be very faint.Even going over it a couple of times makes little difference. On pewter and softer metals,the text is fine.Do I need a new diamond drag cutter and if so,what angle would be best for engraving silver cups.TIA
  8. Hi all.Does anyone have any recommendations as to what kind of fob-cloning machine we should buy?I've heard that the teardrop-shaped fobs can't be cloned.Is there any other fobs which are common which can't be cloned.
  9. Hi folks.Customer has a 2003 Honda Jazz which reads as a 48 meg crypto magic 1.Equivalent Silca key (HON66T6) reads as a 48 meg crypto magic 2.....Whats the difference between magic 1 & magic 2...and is the Silca key compatible? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi all,anyone any ideas where i could get a few of these blanks?...Cheers in advance,Darren.
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