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  1. sorry to bump the thread but any ideas on this all these years later? ive just had one in edit: trying on a MUL-T4P, wish me luck
  2. yeah thats what ive noticed with a little experimenting, ive got a 120 i use just for glass but for type of work i do here i really dont think theres any point in spending the extra money for the .003, the only artwork i do is basic logos.
  3. thanks @Bronco78th ive been using 0.3 feed and seems to be going nicely, out of interest do you bother with the .003 diamonds or just the normal 120? i have to say i cant see much difference in the engraving but the .003 cost so much more.
  4. you can get windows 7 key dirt cheap these days so that would be the easiest option for a decent experience if you are stuck on windows 10 or 11
  5. yep, along with run as administrator, disable full screen optimisations etc etc all the usual tricks for apps that arent properly coded for newer windows. Microsoft changed something between windows 7 and 8 which broke the software unfortunately.
  6. tried all this before, doesnt make that much of a difference unfortunately, installing windows 7 seems to be the only way round it which is very frustrating.
  7. yes to the light touch, those are default settings ive always used was just wondering if theres a better setup that lessens the burn out. Is there a work around to fixing the performance in windows 10? its so slow to move/resize when theres any moderate amount of text, im not holding out much hope that the software will get updated to fix it.
  8. default is: depth: 2mm, chip: 2mm, feed: 3m/m, feed z: 3m/m, spindle: 12,000 will do a test with 2/2/1/3, lowering spindle would probably help a lot but unsure what you could get away with while keeping the lines clean.
  9. ouch, always figured they should be lasting better than that, default setting is 12,000rpm and 3m/m on the feed, wondering if slowing those down would help prevent the burn out.
  10. Hi all, what settings do you use on this machine for engraving glassware? i find using the default glass engraving seems to eat through diamonds way too quickly, 25 pint tankards and the diamond had given up the ghost or is this normal? using about a gallon of furniture polish on each one.
  11. can anyone confirm these work? ive not had any issues up to now using u26d on these locks till last week where ive been having problems with one in particular.
  12. has anyone had any luck with using a key blank for the UAP Kinetica euro lock outside of the official blanks? u26d didnt work
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