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  1. Should be Silca Fo38 / JMA FO15D don’t think I’ve got any left, but 3d have plenty in stock
  2. Has anyone managed to find these blanks? None of the ones Flying spares have fit, Neither Bentley or Rolls Royce have any of these keys. Did keys for one the other day and had to get some blanks made. Would be nice to have an off the shelf option.
  3. The token costs have dropped significantly from what they were on the Zed-Full. Still no list of token costs you can check against though. So if it’s not a car you’ve done before you don’t know the token cost until you actually do the job.
  4. Cromwell

    Westfalia Code? 3****

    The couple I have seen were DOM locks. blank JMA DOM-1D and yes codes are on InstaCode
  5. Cromwell


  6. Cromwell


    I've met Paul In person even been to his house, lovely guy very hospitable. But now nothing no response to emails lost his number and asked if I could have it again and nothing. I did email them week before last about getting a BMW Bike EWS eprommed. But again no answer ended up buying the module from Bogi again.
  7. Cromwell


    Depends what you want to do. It has some nice modules that you won't find on other kit. I use mine extensively for bikes for which it is excellent. But use it for very little in the way of cars. It's an excellent tool to have for the odd awkward job but doesn't make sense as a main tool. More as a gap filler alongside other equipment. The hardware is cheap and you just buy the modules that you need. Also worth noting that the developer is very help full and normally responds to any emails within the hour. I bought my hardware from the UK distributor who are remotekeys.co.uk although I now buy all my modules direct from The developer as support from RemoteKeys is piss poor, and I begrudge putting money in the pockets of people that I have spent plenty of money with. But will not answer an email or give you a phone number.
  8. MVP will do spares fine as will tech 2. If it's all keys lost then you will euther need to program by eprom from CIM module or twice unit depending on how old the car is. Or replace CIM or twice unit if programming with tech 2
  9. Cromwell

    Chevrolet Impala

    JMA RGM-1i looks pretty good
  10. Cromwell

    T17 80bit 4d63

    Id63 40bit emulated on cn2 with Tango working without issue haven't tried making the 80bit version onto cn5 chips yet as they seem to be just as elusive as the normal 80bit 63 at the moment. Otherwise everyone has been getting remote keys. Once you explain to the customer that due to parts availability a remote key is currently the only option available most of them are fine.
  11. Cromwell


    Silca YH25r
  12. Cromwell

    Silca ID48

    Tip for Porsche 996's you have to wait for the dash to turn off between snoops which takes ages. If you lock and unlock the drivers door on the key between snoops the dash shuts down as soon as you lock the door and you'll be successful first time.