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  1. Happy Dude

    Hanging shop signs

    We are a small shop on an Edinburgh high street, the council don't care about us, between this and the draconian parking rules I'm surprised anyone but the charity shops can make a living. I've always kept my signage low key as possible because I think when you put massive signs in everyone's faces it showed you were desperate so just had window signs and a swinging A sign on the kerbside. But without a sign in front of people they don't know you are there unless they look to the side. Alan my bench man had an epiphany this morning, most shops especially the food shops have their wheelie bins out in the street 24/7 which is legal, I keep mine in the shop but now I am going to get vinyl graphics made to put on the side of the bin and leave it out on the kerb every day just bringing it in at night.
  2. Here in Edinburgh the council in their infinite stupidity have banned all advertising boards and signs from the pavements in an idiotic show of virtue signalling. As a result my takings have definitely dropped. I'm looking for examples of signs for key cutting etc, a look on google doesn't find me much and I was just wondering of any of you guys have sticky out signs above your doors etc. Cheers Les...
  3. yes, still got it, Give me a call if you wish 07801 162 526
  4. Just thought I'd bump this back to the top. I haven't tried to sell the equipment since this advert as I'm not desperate for the money but I have my eye on some other stuff for the shop and this would help finance it. I'll take £1,000 for the box, tibbe and laser machine plus post or diesel money for delivery within a reasonable distance, cash or bank transfer Donation to forum charity Based in Edinburgh
  5. As it says above I need this item. Colledge no longer stock this thread saying its out of production, waiting to hear back from birch. Any suggestions of an alternative?? thanks in advance Les...
  6. Happy Dude

    Sandblasting a big whisky bottle.

    it's all moot anyway, customer didn't bother their arse phoning back, typical...
  7. Happy Dude

    Sandblasting a big whisky bottle.

    Thanks for that Rick, It seems a bit of a hassle using this method, but.... I've had a brainfart, I'll send her to the sign place along the road and they will be able to make a graphic of the logo in the frosted glass style material and stick that on. Can't see it not working out. Thanks for the help Les...
  8. As it says in the description, I have had an enquiry for engraving a football team logo on a gallon sized whisky bottle which is to be used for charity collecting. Too big for me and the places in town say it's too big for their machinery. She has permission from the team to use the logo so no problem with licences etc. Is there anyone here who would take on this job by mail order?? Or can anyone recommend a trade sandblasting business I could use?? thanks in advance Les...
  9. ok mate, there's always the awkward ones, good luck...
  10. can't you just use the times roman font from your package?? It looks hand drawn and the guy might be happier if you did it with an actual font with a diamond between the letters?? This is the line I would take on it and would produce a more professional looking job...
  11. Sorry for the late reply Bronco, here's the place I get my 8 facet diamonds from, if you buy one make sure you ask them to package it up securely, the first one I got from them they just threw it in a jiffy bag, it was OK but I did say to them it could get bent and useless on a light touch knob, next one was taped between a couple of bits of stiff carboard. http://www.dnsons.co.uk/
  12. Happy Dude

    Side shield

    Hi, It's the 45mm one. I only need a couple, I'm happy to buy them from you if you PM me how much and how much for postage. Many thanks Les...