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  1. yes Graham, I changed the text on the original post, I also made a donation to the Mizen Foundation.
  2. ***SOLD*** Thanks for the kind offers, I've sold this box now and I've sent a donation to the Mizen Foundation through the Just Giving link at the top of the page. Cheers... Les... I've decided to sell my Silca RW4+ box It was a ill-considered purchase, my city is well served with auto locksmiths and no one wanted to pay a cobbler the going rate for a car key. I'll be lucky if I put 20 keys through it and it's been sitting in its box on the shelf since, it's complete with the snoop and all leads, everything looks brand new. No idea what it's worth these days, can anyone tell me what reserve I should put on it on Ebay?? TIA Les...
  3. I have a Jakey Tibbe going spare, I have no idea what it is worth though...?? Make me an offer...
  4. Just logged in, first time this year. Up here in Edinburgh I have been closed since xmas eve, I applied for the grants for shop owners through the city of Edinburgh council back in February. I got an initial payment of £6k followed up the same day with a further £2k, I also got another £2k in March and think I'll get the same as we are locked down until 26th April, I'm unsure if there will be any further payments. Along with my HMRC grants I feel I have been very well looked after...
  5. Hi, sorry i'm late, not been on the forum since i posted this. The customer was ok with the mistake which was I put a P in his surname THOMSON. The promise of a freebie on the next job was all it took, nice guy too...
  6. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a silver plinth band 70mm diameter by 30mm high, where would be the best port of call for one of these?? Thanks in advance...
  7. My old man used one of these, I used one during my apprenticeship, he called it a "sprig file"
  8. I'm in Scotland, this has been our second week open, last week was what I would have called a "poor week" in normal times, this week is the worst week ever, I've got my staffs wages in but this will be another for me without, I just hope I qualify for the second self employed benefit pay out in August. The other shops, malls and so on up here open on the 15th July, I just hope this starts things off properly on the road to recovery.
  9. My toilet is a right shite house, if someone comes in and asks to use it I'll hand them the disinfectant spray and tell them to clean it first before using it and again afterwards
  10. I have a Johnsons in the Sainsbury around the corner, when it was Johnson they undercut me with deals and they did take a bit, they also had the cheek to ask me to do their shoe repairs but wanted to charge the same price as me but with 40% discount (20% for them "20% discount to people holding one of their discount cards) Now it's Timpson owned and charging Timpson prices my keys pre lockdown were busier than ever and allowed me to make a reasonable price increase.
  11. I spent my lunch hour watching this guy, if you can't wait to the end skip forward for the price...
  12. Hi guys, getting asked more and more for these drilled type keys. I was offered a Chinese machine at a decent price compared to the Mustang, but I like the cut of the mustangs jib, seems a good solid machine. As much as I would love a computer machine I hopefully only have a few years left before I chuck it so £1.5K against £8K is a no brainer. What do you guys think?? cheers...
  13. Buy them and split the pack, £1.00 a pair. A bargain compared to £1.95 for quality ones, the tightwads where I have my shop would love it...
  14. look on Facebook marketplace, I saw one on there the other day for not a lot of cash...
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