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  1. I've been offered the above key blanks from my Birch rep at a pretty good price, is anyone using them?? Good quality or get what you pay for?? cheers...
  2. Happy Dude

    logo conversion

    Donation made, thanks for the help...
  3. Happy Dude

    logo conversion

    For some strange reason the one I downloaded myself didn't work but the one Peter did came up great, so thanks very much. I'll send something to the Jimmy fund...
  4. Happy Dude

    logo conversion

    thanks peter, if mine doesn't turn out I'll try yours cheers...
  5. Happy Dude

    logo conversion

    Thanks James, I converted it but have to burn it onto discto get it onto my Jurassic aged engraving PC, I forgot to bring the disc in this morning so will report how it turned out cheers...
  6. Would it be possible for someone to do a PLT conversion of this logo please?? Donation to the Jimmy fund of course thanks in advance... HD sandland logo B&W.pdf
  7. Happy Dude

    Tormek diamond wheel

    Brilliant, when the diamond wheel shags out I'll get one of these I think... Big thanks...
  8. Happy Dude

    Tormek diamond wheel

    Hi Dave, do you know where I could buy a CBN wheel suitable for a Tormek T7??
  9. Happy Dude

    Small side shields

    Hi James, the shields arrived today, they're perfect. many thanks... Les...
  10. Hi guys, got a customer looking for 5 small shields like the picture. They measure 22mm high and 20mm wide. Does anyone have some I could buy from?? Thanks in advamce HD...
  11. Happy Dude

    Butterfly PLT file

    Hakeemz, thank you very much, I'm just doing a test just now but they are both great, cheers Les...
  12. Happy Dude

    Hanging shop signs

    Update. i had a letter from the council yesterday about trade waste bins for food and glass, they’re taking all the bins off the street with a deadline of 30th September. I’ve liveried my wheelie up and have been outing it at the kerb for a week or so, in the picture you can see the food bin for the kebab shop and it stinks to high heaven, when they stop leaving theirs out 24/7 I’ll stop putting mine out from 8.30-5.30. Just waiting on a visit from the council about mine, I’m sure they will not like my answer when I’m told I can’t do that...
  13. Happy Dude

    Butterfly PLT file

    Hi Hakeemz, Thanks for that, I have downloaded yours an will have a look in the section you recommended, many thanks...
  14. Hi guys, I do a lot of engraving for a charity for still born babies up here in Scotland. https://www.simbacharity.org.uk/ Their emblem is a butterfly, I need an engravable butterfly to put on the copper leaves that I engrave with the parents messages which in turn get welded to a metal tree. They have just made a new tree in Oban on the west coast and I have the first 16 leaves to engrave for it and one has asked for a butterfly, but I think that putting a butterfly somewhere on all of the leaves would be a nice touch. If anyone can provide a PLT file I would be very grateful. My email is lesmcbride17@gmail.com Kind regards Les...
  15. Has anyone else invested in one of these wheels?? If so. what's your impression?? I bought the fine grade one at £199.99 plus £25 for the anti corrosion fluid as soon as they came available, we do a fair amount of knives I must admit but it's showing signs of being shagged out already. Though we have probably done about £6-700 worth of work with it, still not the best investment if it doesn't last at least twice as long. The regular stone last about a year and thousands of £'s worth of work goes through them for about £140.00. There is less mess, while the diamond wheel is good it does rip them down, no need for grading and clearing up the sludge in the bottom of the trough, £200 is an expensive consumable.