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  1. sapateiroboneco

    scouring roll

    Good afternoon everyone, Does anyone happen to know where I can buy scouring rolls, as in the attached picture? Width is 27 mm. Diameter is 40 mm. Grain 80/100/120. I bought the machine 15 years ago and it came equipped with a scouring roll for heel finishing rather than a scouring band (which I would have preferred). Now the manufacturer tells me these scouring rolls are no longer available. They suggested using a widia scouring roll, but I have one and it is far too rough for finishing heels. Does anyone by any miracle have a secret treasure trove of these items?
  2. sapateiroboneco

    Problem with outsole stitcher

    Yes, this one was. I can't get decent quality waxed linen thread in Portugal. Most of our soles are stitched on a Blake Stitcher, in this case a Standard Geneva, for which I use Geneva thread, which I have to send for from England. So I took to using it on the outsole stitcher as well. Came across this waxed poyester thread when visiting a supplier in France a couple of years ago and tried it out. Works fine, with the advantage of being waxed, but only comes in small cops. Finished my last cop and switched back to the Geneva thread that I had been using before. At least if I can get the machine working half decently, it will give me some time to track down the relevant spare.
  3. sapateiroboneco

    Problem with outsole stitcher

    As far as I know it was a braided polyester.
  4. sapateiroboneco

    Problem with outsole stitcher

    WEll, this gives me something to look forward to when I get back from holiday: dismantling an outsole stitcher. Whoopee! I'll try and track down the thread - it was a highly waxed thread that I had obtained from a supplier in France. If that doesn't work, I'll just have to take the stitcher apart. What fun!
  5. sapateiroboneco

    Problem with outsole stitcher

    I have found the manual and adjusted the arm to its limit. It's an improvement, but still not locking the thread completely. Do you think the wear is on the wheel or the arm?
  6. sapateiroboneco

    Problem with outsole stitcher

    I've tried putting the thread around the lock wheel an extra time, but it still doesn't lock. Alteraing the tension has no visible effect. I had been using a waxed polyester thread, but the thread I have just put in is Standard Geneva thread. It's what I always used to use. Can't see any practical way of adjusting the "jaw". Looks like it would involve dismantling half the machine, unless anyone knows any shortcuts.
  7. I have a Pedersen Rapid E outsole stitcher, Just changed the thread. Checked a dozen times to see that it's properly threaded. Problem is, the top thread does not lock. The "jaw" that should lock the stitch opens and closes, but doesn't lock the thread. Does anyone have any suggestions?