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  1. Does anyone know a normal landline number for Aldridge? Not the 08444 number. Thanks.
  2. DA152 worked perfectly. Thank you so much
  3. Hoping someone can help with bittings for this lock. Code is DA152 using a HD2R blank. Many thanks.
  4. Couldn't source blanks the last time I checked but that could have changed. SKS do a genuine precut key
  5. As Graham says, drill & tap. Alternatively, Duffells have them, item number FD302CYL
  6. So sorry to read this Terry. My condolences to you and your family.
  7. I'd tell him to do a 180 and get to hell outta the shop
  8. They have always given problems. Cut them on Chubb 3G114 blank.
  9. Got it from Instacode. Entered code in top box & Touch as Manufacturer.
  10. It's a completely butchered half euro cylinder. Any wholesaler has them but it's probably best to get one with an adjustable cam.
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