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  1. Silca just launched the Easy Scan Plus, that now act also as a remote programmer via NFC: http://www.silca.biz/en/products/key-replacement-business/residential-remotes/1414436/easy-scan-plus.html
  2. Silca HON77TE - use GTI transponder for cloning - use T14 (ID46) for programming www.silca.fr/media/1428312/v5/File/nr-12-2016.pdf
  3. D-Power

    ID46 CHIPS

    Blank ID46 transponders can work in two ways: 1. Password mode 2. Cypher mode most of transponder devices recognyzes ID46 blank transponders as unlocked only when they are set in password mode and it's memory contains default Philips/NXP data. Blank ID46 transponders for Renault are set in Cypher mode, is for that they are recognyzed (incorrectly) as locked. In some other applications where is needed transponders with precoding it happens the same: the memory transponder is not set as default, transponder devices are not able to do authentication and the transponder is recognyzed as locked
  4. D-Power

    Silca ID48

    Yes, I wanted just clarify that there's no issues with automatic update (via M-BOX) but only that version 04.02.086 was made available earlier via SRS and some hours later with M-BOX. The truth about the update via M-BOX is this one: RW and Fastcopy devices can be updated by M-BOX only if the version of the firmware is uqual to or greather to version 04.00.083 (the 1st one with ID48 cloning support), if the version is lower (eg. 03.20.80 or less) the only way to updated the device is using the SRS
  5. D-Power

    Silca ID48

    M-BOX can be connected to internet in two different modes: via LAN cable and/or WiFi. If both modes are configured and the LAN cable is connected the M-BOX uses LAN connection, if the LAN cable is not connected the M-BOX switch to WiFi (if this one is correctly configured).
  6. D-Power

    Silca ID48

    Update via WiFi is not suspended, version 04.02.086 was available on SRS server (so via PC) starting from yesterday afternoon. Update via M-BOX was enabled yesterday late evening, so now is possible to udate RW and FastCopy devices also via M-BOX
  7. D-Power

    Silca ID48

    for the problem of "transponder not detected" or "incorrect transponder", we will release shortly (by the end of this week or at the beginning of the next ) a firmware update for RW and FastCopy (classic and PLUS) devices.
  8. D-Power

    Silca ID48

    @coffin_dodger On some VW Beetle is hard to get 3 different sniffing data because the immobilizer tends to transmit always the same packet for many ignition ON. The effect in this case is that at the 1st attempt the LED of the SNOOP blinks to indicate that the 1st data packet have been received and stored, on the followings attempts the LED lights UP solid to indicate that the SNOOP is receiving always the same data. A trick in this case is to: - Switch ignition ON to collect the 1st packet (1st LED blinking), then swithch off and remove the key - Wait 5 seconds - Put the key in the ignition, and do 15/20 cycles of switch ON/OFF quite rapidly (1/2 second ON, 1/2 second OFF) paying attention to the SNOOP leds (at a certain point the 2nd led starts blinking) - when you get the second LED blinking, stop to swith ON/OFF cycling and remove the key - Wait 5 seconds - Put the key in the ignition again and repeat the above procedure to obtain the 3rd data packet. If you are not able to SNOOP at all (also the 1st packet) placing the SNOOP antennas in different positions but on all other cars the SNOOP works fine it could be that there's some issues on this specific car that does not allow the SNOOP to collect data. - - - - - - @grahamparker I dont know who told to you some details about our cloud system, some info are correct (we have the servers in house and splitted) and some other not The only thing I can say is that starting from today's midnight to the weekend (when all the upgrade will be online) the queue waiting times will be significantly reduced.
  9. D-Power

    silca GTI chips

    Yes you can, old EHP, EH2 and MH are still supported by RW and Fastcopy devices. GTI glass transponder can be written five times, for MH and old EHP the limit of 3 writes was changed to 5 too. rgds
  10. D-Power

    Help me

    yes try to update firmware to the latest version (03.03.061), if you have internet connection you can do that using wintransfer and Silca Remote Service (Search HOW TO guide under "Tutorial" section of this forum). Check also if there's no other devices or electric cables near to the RW4 that can cause interferences.
  11. D-Power

    RK60 remote head

    what is shown by 884 if you try to read a RK60? nothing like 'no transponder' or something similar? In this case the RK60 is maybe defective... or maybe as you said, if the original key is not duplicable the 884 refuses to proceed further. Try it on another vehicle reported on the application list. [OFF-Topic] Thanks RLJ for explanations about the plates [/OFF-Topic]
  12. D-Power

    RK60 remote head

    I never undestand what it means "55 Plate", "52 Plate", etc... it's perhaps a way to indicate the model year? In any case if I'm not wrong the remote of Hyundai Tucson is not electronically integrated to the key. In other words, in the key head there's 1 piece for transponder and 1 piece for remote. With RK60 you can clone only the keys that have transponder and remote parts in one piece, like for example most of Fiat, Renault, Vauhall etc.
  13. I can assure you that I know how SBB it works, because I'm one of persons that works on it @ Silca Now we are thinking about some other kind of protection like dongles and In & out codes... that I can say for now is when a fake machine is updated via wintransfer, it's that the memory will be wiped after 3 usages without the possibility to recover it. It's for that now fake manufacturers makes machines without RS-232 terminals (like picture posted above).
  14. Funny, our tech area will investigate on this and take proper measures
  15. ID45 and ID42 currupted keys can be regenerated also with Fast Copy. without keys on the antenna, from the main menu, press for some seconds "write button", the machine enter in regenerate ID42 and ID45 mode - you have to select the right ID (42 or 45) pressing shortly the "write" button (the selection between ID42 and ID45 changes at every button pressure) - when the right ID is selected press the "write" button for some seconds - at this point the machine asks you to insert the original key - insert key and press "write" and the regeneration starts (for ID42 the process i short, for ID45 it may take some seconds) (the procedure is reported (in better english) in the user manual) in any case, corrupted keys can be reprogrammed to the vehicle using a diagnostic device.