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  1. thanks for replying, will check with Aldridge tomorrow, see if they have them
  2. my rateable value on the shop is £15,250, so just over, in the first part it says a grant of up to £25,000 , then the next part it says if your property is over £15,001 then you will receive a grant of £25,000 , so still a bit confusing
  3. I called my insurance last week, first they said I was covered, then they phoned back and said I wasn't covered as it was an un known virus,
  4. I have keyscan £500 if that's any good, token free , good for older cars
  5. called Fortress, told to call back in a few weeks, and they will know more about it,
  6. Wiko key id, please goes in rst key Way mh2 goes in key way but not lock
  7. hi, have they sorted out the app yet for the srp on iPhone 7 yet, thanks, paul

  8. Nissan navara 2015, Think it off the box at the back if that makes senses any idea, what blank to use, it’s a lazer type, pic is not the best sorry
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