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  1. Hi as title, looking for a shoe repairer, / keycutter for chester , if u can text me 07930301530 , with your details I will get back to u, paul
  2. mrelf

    insurance cover

    mine is £250 shop and £150 auto locksmith
  3. mrelf

    insurance cover

    try a plan ask for danny really nice and helpful was cheap too, say paul told u about it 01625 467080
  4. still for sale , after being messed about
  5. Easy entrie key machine ex demo , plus blanks, £4000 call Paul 07930301530
  6. i use sumup works well for me, check them out
  7. hahahhahah i know got carried away lol
  8. singer 29k with motor, no treadle base £350, call paul, 07930301530
  9. mrelf


    It looks like a LF11 but the bit isn't high enough. Ive cut it on an 85p but the groove set doesn't look the same
  10. mrelf


    no thats the LK126
  11. LK125 any ideas, thanks, paul
  12. mrelf


    done , good luck