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  1. da miller

    Embracing change

    best laugh all day but grahams right card is king
  2. da miller

    Embracing change

    0 charge for debit i ll send you a copy
  3. da miller

    Embracing change

    sorry forgot to say machine takes credit cards minim £40 max £90 or 2transactions if over
  4. da miller

    Embracing change

    please note debit cards no charge sorry cost of call for transaction transactions are charged as bundles by the banks i.e. mon tues wed 30 transactions 35p fri sat sun 14 transactions 35p if you are being charged for each transaction change provider and bank
  5. da miller

    Embracing change

    if gregg's can take a card for a sausage roll what's the gripe
  6. da miller


    any seen or heard ANC small r-r on key
  7. da miller


    if a had a picture i would have posted it!!!!
  8. if they can park outside the door your a winner in a shopping centre no chance
  9. if they charge a premium price for there repair ie 35.00 half sole 45-50.00 full sole stitching is 80% of the finish trade 8.00 h/s 11.00 f/s please remember average stitcher/blake costs 2.000-3000
  10. shoe are Chinese check aliexpress 50prs £3.50 pr nothing wrong with windsor repair more of these than loake
  11. da miller

    Evva key blank

    birch and sks do a pass key
  12. let's know how you get on good luck
  13. da miller


    still no takers looks like the scrappie shame
  14. da miller


    come and see them
  15. da miller

    Key ID Please.

    zd2p sks 1000 7999 z d10p sks you need both 2p old number 10p new8000 plus will not do both
  16. da miller

    Tessi shutter key

    pr6 jma trust me
  17. da miller

    Silca Futura Pro

    i have a futura and still cut on manual machine too many adpts not cost affective look elsewhere
  18. da miller


  19. da miller

    is200 reconditioned

    have u sold or still avail
  20. da miller


    £15,000 rates valuation nothing to pay (scotland) 2017
  21. £175 phone 01355279357 monday