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  1. so glad i,m not alone in the f..k department
  2. opened the first ever d/c laundry shoe key engrave etc long before mr timpson this was in Scotland had largest independent company, first ever heel bar in asda(sotland) first ever in tesco(scotland) anyone who know,s me . also know,s what happened created as an all in one business worked well as an add on waste of time
  3. david,s workshop 4 righead gate town centre east kilbride south lanarkshire g74 1ls look forward to hearing from you
  4. seen this before, thought it was just a poor copy blank were metal was slightly weak when turned unfortunately paid the price
  5. golf,tennis,snowboarding,windsurfing etc etc endiess
  6. the orion no104 is for master lock same key you are locking for
  7. at least some interest they all work i just need rid
  8. have the 3 phase version converted single phase no gripes do trade stitching as well all happy most times its user not machine had 2 as above worked well for years till parts became problem i will post some pics
  9. east kilbride have you a price for all stock not n/p sorry read it wrong
  10. futura vvdi sbb m box rw4 plus kd900 3 keyboards as astart up interested p m
  11. if they pay you keep forever if they don,t pay you use the old serf's law 1 year and a day and your obligation is over still legal to this day
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