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  1. when you get them    would order from you 

    not willing to pay that kind of money for codes and claps but quite happy to

    make yours affordable

  2. facebook could not write what we know they publish what they think they know
  3. eggs in one basket as they say to many chiefs got rid or the indians was always going to happen watch for price increase and shop closures not pods or instores
  4. if you have flat feet and have irregular wear you need a good ortho insole
  5. some will win some will lose and some will lose there jobs and others will get payed for doing nothing sounds like the 1970s have returned
  6. been doing this job for 40+years worse than the masons trust me i know
  7. time to go it alone shop for sale in market town with flat in main town 5 miles away see my video on facebook davy'workshop
  8. 18-20years me and mr timpson in same town centre then a new 4 pop up in 18 months w.t.f. same as lee took a good look at myself refurbish new ideas price increase still hear
  9. please note timpson use price list supplied by watches of Switzerland but not the guarantee card which has 18 checks & replace you must do to command the price of the repair i will post pic of one if i can find it after our lockdown £7.50 for a tag change don't laugh at timpson
  10. cheapest form of advertising stick one in window they think its 100 years old
  11. please note all purchased from c birch accept vvdi over last 14 years
  12. this was posted over a year ago ssb was one of the first silca machines futura purchased 2014 rw4 updated continually vvdi 2018
  13. the grant for small business was to be used as you saw fit not just for landlords 9weeks and rent paid no income don't be daft pay what you can or get a default account for 12months were you paid as you go until you reach your level some will win some will lose
  14. done course cheers no harm letting customers know you're aware
  15. no drink just a good Scotsman's rant!!!!!
  16. utter nonsense instore is not the same as in branch this is all about money big business dictating the score to how we get back to work at our risk not there's listen to all the ceo's get the economy going piss they are not front line they risk the fodder us working up front
  17. timpson puts 2 fingers up to the rest of the country who are closed within gov guide lines we are not out of this by a long way and this is tory recklessness with people s lives if 1 member of his staff gets ill i hope he will relies how wrong this is
  18. now opening 40 instore units read news bbc
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