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  1. I have a nice DN76 for sale 3 phase £1400 Donation will be made to the charity if sold here thanks , pm for any details
  2. autolock


    Just bought another new style standard groover a few weeks ago ,really easy to use doesn’t bite ,very happy with it , it’s 2 nd one I have 1 for Blake as well
  3. Thanks for payment , donation made to the charity , good luck with new venture
  4. This is now sold donation will be made to the charity thanks
  5. I have a Silca RW4 plus for sale ,perfect working order (no snoops included ) £420 donation will be made to the charity if sold on here. Thanks pm if interested. Will post
  6. totally agree excellent machine ,bulletproof and very accurate
  7. Anyone selling ad truck pro cash waiting. Thanks
  8. autolock

    Vauxhall Codes

    Can't see it lasting long ,before they will need documents
  9. autolock

    dn74 manual

    I had a copy of dn 74 manual off standard parts dept ,but setting up is no different from dn76 only smaller base really (it's a raffenbeul )
  10. Does anyone deal with mul t lock garrison that could supply me with some parts , I need 3 connecting bars and the retaining plates for rim cylinders Thanks please pm if anyone can help
  11. autolock

    994 Laser Machine Cutting keys too deep??

    I've had this problem and I put a piece of steel shim on the spot ,then install cutter and it works fine ,doesn't need much
  12. 3 phase band scourer 75mm x1500mm band. £500
  13. autolock

    Elements for Whitfield heater

    I have some of these £20 each plus post if you ever need them
  14. Is it a truckman top ,? If so I think it's a 4 track lazer key ,which I think you will have to order off truckman
  15. Best of luck to him as said before if you don't ask you don't get