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  1. Your right in what you say, it says a lot about the skills Timpson have to offer the customer. But, I have found even after several negative experiences customers have with Timpson they keep going back, I don't know why. That's some top quality work your producing and the quality of that leather looks amazing.
  2. Can anyone do me a key to this? Number on sticker: C031784 Thanks
  3. Thanks for that, Ideally wanted a copy blank not a genuine due to cost, £2.60 per blank is a bit strong for me. Apart from the UNL502, do you know of a 6 pin 35B available?
  4. Anyone got any UNL502 they can sell me or swap for something?
  5. So I'm guessing this one can't be copied? Says 'do not copy' What's the rrp on a copy?
  6. I've dropped Ben a message through their website, if you work with him ask him to look out for it. Will the etd1 copy the Intratone fob attached below?
  7. I have both the scd and Paxton. Where can I get the etd1? Is the etd1 simply read and write?
  8. Anyone know which blank is suitable? 20mm blade 4-5mm wide Thanks
  9. Hi Matthew Can you let me know the cost of one of these aswell, 120 degree. I've seen some on ebay for £25, but not tapered as the one above. Cheers
  10. Thanks for the info. Are shoe repairers\key cutters eligible for the grant?
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