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  1. Never seen a u13, Is it the same profile as u12? Can it be copied?
  2. pee


    Not sure about the bstards thing but your bang on about the rest
  3. This particular key is a nightmare for me for some reason, on jma, silca and HD. Don't believe it's me or my machine, but the blank or maybe the locks, customer feedback is they've had issues elsewhere aswell. Don't really have an issue with any other keys just this particular winkhaus. Gonna order genuine blanks and see how that goes.
  4. Do you think your customer would be happy to pay £80? I think I'd struggle to get £80. £80-£50materials Leaves £30 minus vat, tax, machine/cutter wear Leaves around £20 Is that enough for your time plus you wanna bit of profit?
  5. Managed it, Took me a lot longer then 10min though.
  6. I need a stake similar to the attached picture, only need 1. I can order this one but its £45 with postage and vat, just for the stake. Anyone know of a similar item more reasonable priced? Also what would you retail this type of stake and 200mm x 150mm sign for? Thanks
  7. Are pre cuts available for these locks? Tried the standard ones I have on the board but the bit is to big. Thanks
  8. Anyone do holiday & day off cover in SW London / Surrey Or recommend someone. Thanks in advance.
  9. Key ID. Anyone know which key is suitable for the lock attached. Many thanks
  10. Nothing wrong with asec blanks, Very rarely order from Aldridge, so wanted a jma/silca alternative. I got the Enfield blanks but pretty sure their different.
  11. Are their jma/silca blanks available for this key? Thanks
  12. It's under yale and draper, jma ju2
  13. Thanks for the replies. Looks like the 5YA18P is the right one. Anyone in the UK stock this?
  14. Thanks guys. If you can let me know what you cut it on that would be great.