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  1. Thanks but not the correct ones. I'd rather blanks than cut to code. Anyone else?
  2. Need help with the correct blank please. Thr reverse bottom groove seems to be tricky.
  3. Eta 579.005 watch movement No longer supplied What alternative movement can I use? And hands? Normally avoid doing movements as I find the service hard to charge for, but this is for a regular customer.
  4. pee

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    Did you get your?
  5. pee

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    I'm interested in the Noralsy machine. Can you give me a guide price for the machine and fobs? Will it simply be read and copy via the machine itself?
  6. Really struggling to cut Winkhaus BS Cylinder keys. Tried silca, jma, HD & genuine, it's hit & miss only about 50% work. I dread cutting these now. What am I doing wrong
  7. Bought one now on ebay £13. Is that reasonable for this lock?
  8. Can anyone supply me with a Winkhaus BS Cylinder XR651. Size not important. Ideally at a trade price. https://www.winkhaus.com/en-gb/profile-cylinders/cylinders/kitemark-cylinders
  9. I've been told I can buy them but at a pretty high price, Hoping to purchase some from someone at a reasonable cost. Do you think a universal double bitted pipe could work if a ward cut put in? Has a wedge bit.
  10. Anyone got a couple of these Burg Wachter double bitted pipe keys I can buy? Thank
  11. The size, the visibility of being a shoe Repair shop will largely disappear. Plus reliability of the machine, the power unit is a good reliable machine, I don't have any experience with this particular hardo machine. Anyone have this particular hardo? Any info would be appreciated.
  12. I bought this to replace my power unit, but having second thoughts
  13. Never seen a u13, Is it the same profile as u12? Can it be copied?
  14. pee


    Not sure about the bstards thing but your bang on about the rest
  15. This particular key is a nightmare for me for some reason, on jma, silca and HD. Don't believe it's me or my machine, but the blank or maybe the locks, customer feedback is they've had issues elsewhere aswell. Don't really have an issue with any other keys just this particular winkhaus. Gonna order genuine blanks and see how that goes.