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  1. Did anyone get the GS8 upgrade yet? Still waiting for a call back from the Gravo rep to do so since the 10th May
  2. Looks good, Just waiting for a call back from the rep now to upgrade
  3. GS7 Version Discovery Max running on Windows 7 64 Bit. What does GS8 do that GS7 doesnt?
  4. Hi, Where are you based? and does is have the software with it? Thanks
  5. jayke

    Re-springing a rim lock

  6. In the meantme, Anyone who wants to post a pic can use this software and just post a link? http://prnt.sc/
  7. jayke

    Rub N Buff

    Only noticed the black tubes go hard, Silver Gold etc are fine had some nearly 2 years and still soft
  8. jayke

    Roland MPX-90

    I bit the bullet and purchased one, It appears to be an ok machine software is a bit basic but what im really struggling with is to engrave a decent photograph any tips? Also ive removed the background on some pics and when i import them is says its a bad file any ideas? Thanks
  9. He should buy a Silca Protech with all the money hes making
  10. Good luck with your tags alan sugar...
  11. jayke

    birch statement. postage

    Mistakes happen, I sure they will fix it
  12. oh balls i forgot to add gift aid