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  1. Gray

    Caravan key id

    I bet if you typed Trimark caravan key into the search you would get the answer, always more satisfying to do a bit of leg work.
  2. Gray

    American Express.

    Don't bother with them any more. I had a letter from them saying they had £64 waiting to transfer to my account and to ring them to confirm. They wanted a password from when I set up the account 10 to 15 years earlier which I couldn't remember, they wouldn't release the money. Thieving bastards!
  3. And?................ The problem was what?
  4. Check wizard set up defaults to make sure your machine is listed there.
  5. I stock some shutter keys ................ SICA PF2 SILCA FF14 And some offof Davenports 6440 XGC 022 https://www.davenport-burgess.com/search.aspx?s=xgc022
  6. Gray


    Handy Andy. Sorry, lol. I mean very useful Andy. I do get asked from time to time for rosettes etc. Look forward to the website and send me a catalogue when you get them sorted.
  7. No takers, I'll play on my own then...Where are those locks?
  8. Gray


    I'd take him up on that, I mean why wouldn't you trust a Nigerian General. Tukur Yusuf Buratai looks totally trustworthy to me.
  9. They think they are clever because they can build mahoosive bridges.
  10. Translate it and makes even less sense.
  11. Gray

    Auto locksmith

    I got my coat ages ago. Best thing I ever did before I got in too deep.
  12. Never managed to remove stains like these. It's like they get bruised and it bleeds through from the back. Some say nail polish remover.
  13. Correct. Funny how things work out... I prefer to call her Jod Com.
  14. I used to fancy Scarlett Johansson but I now have a new one in Villanelle. Just as long as she doesn't speak to me in her scouse accent. Much prefer the Russian one.
  15. Old shoe rack I've had for years Tel, got a couple more in the cellar. And yes I'm working today.
  16. I agree with Rick regarding the shoe repairs. Timpsons turn so much of what I call the old school proper repairs away they are doing a lot of harm to the industry. ( Because if Timpsons say they cannot be repaired Then they can't....but they can, I don't think I have ever turned anything away. I'll have a go, If I fail then I'll hold my hands up.) They turned these boots away because they had a sloping heel. Some of the stuff I see coming out of there I would be ashamed of. Their key prices are ridiculous. I had a customer in yesterday who said Timpsons wanted to charge him £9 for a ER1. I charged him £5.50, he ended up having £90 worth of keys with me. I would love to pass on all the skills I have learned over the years and would like to see my shop here continue. Personally I don't think it will. I reached 65 this year. I'm not ready for the knackers yard yet, I'll go down fighting.
  17. Found these. http://www.stiletto-heel-tips.co.uk/shoe_repair.htm It says .101 but .095 equates to 2.4mm. Might be worth a try.
  18. Gray

    Silver Fox Cup

    https://www.englishpewter.co.uk/csp100 https://www.pewtershop.co.uk/pewter-fox-head-stirrup-cup-883-p.asp https://vintageequestrian.co.uk/products/silver-fox-head-stirrup-cup https://www.impacttrophies.co.uk/fox-head-polished-stainless-steel-stirrup-cup-bg103 http://www.boardmansilversmiths.com/sports-equestriancollection.htm
  19. Gray

    Opsial key ID

  20. Gray

    Trophy plates

    Yeah they'll send them in a big box and charge £7.99 carriage.
  21. Gray

    Trophy plates

    What size Rick?
  22. Gray

    Trophy plates

    Transworld Trophies do quite a few sizes in Black & Gold
  23. Gray

    Motorhome key id please

    Used Silca YG1R for these