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  1. Hi Martyn are you looking for 'Cloning' or programming devices might help get one
  2. k4mrc

    music license for shop

    We have 'finally' got shot of them, I have stated IN WRITING that we have no radio anymore - just in our kitchen away from the customer earshot and it seems to have got rid of them, they kept chasing me even calling into the shop! Monday to Friday it's on low volume, Saturday turned up a bit, but as my shop is only the size of Auto wizard's toilet it has been quite a game, they are bastards to deal with, and when they finally get you then the game really starts as the second company will go for you
  3. Yup, and is T. May puts in the notice after 31st December we will be paying BILLIONS more. the common sense thing to do is put the notice in by the end of the year! were all mad for letting these MPs treat us like kids and waste all this countries money
  4. k4mrc

    The Result

    it is looking like we WONT be leaving the EU was watching w live interview with a IN MP who was praised Theresa May who is favourite to become the PM and she stayed that Theresa will get us a 'good deal' in Brussels? I took iy as a renegotiation to stay rather than to leave? Not over yet folks...
  5. and there minimum pay (according to my staff) is 9GBP - so makes most people's wages look quite poor in this trade
  6. we have ours now after the long waiting, and have to say were impressed (so far) did a seat Leon in about 5 minutes
  7. No matter - people either love them or hate them.
  8. k4mrc

    Silca ID48

    There are some Moron's about this is a desparate price with no room for any mistakes or any consideration of the time that could be spent doing the key etc
  9. I had a 'Regular' Annual customer who used to spend around one K every year, came to me to 'sort of' apologise for not buying off of me this year as he is now getting them online - saying mine was around 7 quid each + any engraving, to now less than 2 quid each! I think the time is now that anyone calling in for trophies if you have to give a bit off to get the sale Give it! it's more important to make a bit than make nowt.. Some are very lucky (or just very good) and get a decent trade, others not so, I have no room to display the trophies at all so when I get orders am very happy
  10. k4mrc

    Silca ID48

    Do you have to be within range of the wifi to complete the process?
  11. when the Scots had their referendum, seemed to me that they were all brainwashed with the media - scaremongers into voting to stay in? this is the same story, what I'd like to know is How much money is involved for Mr Cameron etc to stay in? Must be quite a lot -
  12. k4mrc

    card no?

    what key blank goes in? looks like an 87R? not too sure .,.,
  13. k4mrc


    easier to copy than all the faffing about with that..
  14. k4mrc

    Knife sharpening

    Triton TWSS10 a lot cheaper than Tormek and you can get the Tormek bits off Fle-ebay which also fit.
  15. seems wrong to demonstrate a machine and then sell you something completely different? imho
  16. cannot see it changing anything within this trade?
  17. NOT received anything?? still awaiting pictures etc k4mrc@aol.com
  18. k4mrc

    Timpsons stitcher

    try posting 'close up' photo's of the machine and the parts your after - I am sure one of us will help.
  19. Hi I have tried the links that are on this advert but they lead no where? could you please email me pictures/price etc to k4mrc@aol.com
  20. yes that is true, could that be because Timpson are more aggressive on there prices? We had one walk out today, stiletto heels are 1-99 up the road, and the customer issued absolute 'digust' that I wanted 4-99! (which is cheap enough) but, business is business and we are all fighting for it. It is all about how much competition we all have, I know of one who has none and charges 6-50 or more for a cylinder key - 7-00 stiletto's and always states that he would not drop his prices, but if a half decent independent opened nearby he would change hie tune (as all would)
  21. Maybe if the last survey is available? it probably is, but Lee has the stats already so thought i'd be lazy,.
  22. Is there much change in last year's Lee? Have the average prices increased at all?
  23. price will be !00-00 incl vat and post, pm me if interested
  24. yes - hibsjo - how much as I have no idea on how to use it or what to sell for?