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  1. Re the sick pay, I know of a business that paid sick pay to their staff and sure enough they went sick (at least 3 weeks a year every year) this business guy was at wits end asked me how often did my staff go sick? (he knew I didn't pay sick pay) I told him never, but sometimes I have sent them home if they aren't well and then I have paid - it's at my discretion and I do support them, I just do not let them know that - he has asked around other friends and sure enough he now does not pay it, since he changed this funnily enough they have NEVER gone sick? Sainsbury used to pay it, and funnily enough changed there policy as the profits of them crumbled against there rivals who did not pay sick pay? So give this some real thought it's hard enough employing people and paying all the insurance, pension tribunal fees (even if your innocent?) and other things - there lucky to get a good paid job today. (even university educated ask for work in our shops)
  2. well i went and enjoyed the day, pity for me I ran out of time and did not get around all the stalls - wish I had dedicated more time instead of rushing away at 2--30 next time I will spend the time to stay till end Thanks to Chris and his gang for getting this show on Great venue hope it comes again
  3. I bought A9 new, and can tell you it was so poor I gave it away on this forum, save your money and get a real machine NOT a copy of a crap one. Sorry I ever bought one at all but to think someone is selling 'copies' is so ludicruss makes me laugh
  4. k4mrc

    HPC Blitz

    can you post? have you got original packaging?
  5. why not have a section to assist others warning of poor terrible companies who 'Lock in' for stupid length contract - and only when you try to switch for cheaper find out how impossible it is? I will start, XLN stay away, they are not registered with ANY Ombudsman which protect you against 'overcharging etc' XLN come across as cheaper, but being part of TalkTalk you will find they 'buy the line' thus charging substantial money if you ever want to leave, this also even if you follow there rules? Avoid if possible AT ALL COSTS!
  6. I actually some years ago sat on the board at the offices years ago went to the meetings in the days that James Timpson sat in the same meetings, I have given time drove to it (couple of hours drive 2/3 hours meeting) and contributed also wrote articles trying to help I think Trevor was secretary then, I did that (I think for about 3years) so I have given time trying to help. But it has changed so much and does not (in my view) offer and value for money and has no sense of direction, this may be because of the falling membership - shame
  7. k4mrc

    birch orders

    I feel if Birch 'stopped trading' it would be real curtains for us, all other suppliers would tank there prices up and you'd struggle to get normal stuff. Did the web site state they had stock? Or did you oder over the phone? either way big mistake and I hope Mr Birch becomes aware of it so it will be sorted, when I see the rep i will put forward this article in the hope it gets better.
  8. I feel the independent repairers need something like this more today than ever, however like Keith states they sold the last thing they needed the office unfortunately what now happens to the fees? And what happened to all the money from the sale? was it invested? Is there any left? Until i see answers sadly it's a no go for me - If there are proper books in place i will get involved (if they allow?) So lets see what's been happening with the proceeds from the sale and all the membership fees?
  9. k4mrc

    PCI DSS compliant

    Here's a warning, I have too done this year after year (Global terminal) And last year had a bill come thru (downloaded) flicking thru the pages found even after passing 100% the test lol they were charging 9.99 per month none compliant fee? Phoned them, and they said security metrics had not let them know of my passing the test? Then phoned security metrics who stated they do every time, And going between these companies found out it's a load of ollox I am now with another company due to anger and have issued an invoice for a refund,
  10. Hi Tried to send you the pm Won't let me? Maybe cause I'm abroad? Pm me please
  11. I would actually say buy a Silca matrix instead (the one with tilting jaws), it's a lot quicker and you will find very accurate (after you become accustomed to it) the Futura is so slow you will probably lose customer's and if your busy it can be a pain in the a..., there are jaws to do the Magnum and Ultion dimple and unless you're a complete buffoon they are so easy and fast to do. the only thing if you want to do Cylinder key's (if you have not got a cylinder machine) it does not do these but for less than a couple of hundred quid you could buy a second hand one.
  12. k4mrc

    Trophy suppliers

    I think Glenway system great, always know when putting order in whether they have the items or not, invariably if they are out of stock the customers always find something else. This gives me great customer service and makes us more professional, every business in the world cannot have every item in stock every time we order.
  13. there should be an add on to this, asking "if you have cloning equipment would you re-invest in more?"
  14. k4mrc

    What you charge

    take it on the chin and do it for free, customer relations is the bigger picture
  15. Please DO NOT tell Timpson's, - Reason all of US independent repairer's do well on these sort of jobs - if you tell them they might, just might start doing them LOL
  16. well he lost but it seemed to go on forever, I actually like the change with tribunal systems that the employee has to pay 1200 quid to take employers on, this will ensure no wasting of time
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    Talk to Kydproducts they do a 1 inch cutter (quite cheap) very easy to use, and all you do is use ANY colour printer and sick the dome's onto the paper and stick onto the trophy this probably sounds crap, but honestly when you have say an order for 5 trophies it turns out very well without spending stupid money if however your doing hundreds then by all means invest in a cutting paper needed printer here is the correct link http://www.kydproducts.co.uk/index.php?l=product_detail&p=130 they also do various other sized ones...
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    I will look in morning, think we cut one today - but manual cut not Futura
  19. I had an employee who suffered these, and worked with me for about 15 years - he found that it was more about controlling his diet than any medicine for instance, Chocolate if he cut it out of his diet he would have less migraines but oddly if he woke with a bad one, Chocolate would act better than Paracetemal ?? He also cut keys, but each person would have the 'defence' saying there's was different - personally i would ask them to choose another career for their health reasons.