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  1. I sent an Ai file and a normal jpeg to David and he has supplied me with some fabulous samples to try. I am very happy with the results and cannot thank him enough for his time and help. Just waiting for some usable artwork from the jewellers now so that I can do the vase.
  2. Hi David I'm pretty sure that Coreldraw is the program that Crystal Galleries use too, they refer to the image trace or outlines as 'curves' I believe. Will try to respond to your message this afternoon. Thanks, Valerie
  3. Hi David I usually supply an Ai file with outlines created on any text and an expanded image trace, with all the white areas removed, on any logos etc. What do you usually work from when you're doing your own? As it stands I have had to return one job to a jewellers that we do work for as I cannot get it done in time, but I have one of their vases here awaiting further instruction and may well need a stencil for that before Crystal Galleries are able to do it. Fortunately we haven't yet had any of our own customers asking for glass engraving. In an ideal world a two or three da
  4. Hi Paul We fell out with Glass Scribe several years ago but I fear they may be our only option. Thanks, Valerie
  5. Hi Can anyone recommend a supplier for glass stencils that we could use while we wait for Crystal Galleries to get back on their feet? Thanks, Valerie
  6. Mark & Deb have decided to close again as it makes greater financial sense for them to do so. Thanks for all your help, Valerie
  7. I'm sure it is in your case but we're in the centre of a large, and ever increasing, housing area that doesn't have very many shops or facilities, so although we don't have that sort of business customer, we are the only shoe repairer/key cutter in about a 10 mile radius and the locals rely on us, and we do get a fair few repairs posted in now as well. It could come down to running a collection and drop off service for the locals I suppose.
  8. The one thing that we really want to know is whether shoe repairs are counted as essential. Surely in this sort of weather they should be. Just wish we could find some guidance.
  9. Your memory fails you slightly Paul. It does have a treadle and Mark can get quite a good speed on it sometimes. Doesn't stop him moaning about pretty much any stitching he gets in though, particularly riding boot zips. I'll suggest looking for a flat bed attachment and see what he says.
  10. Do those of you doing so many bag repairs and zips etc. have flat bed machines? We only have one with a narrow patching arm and the boss really does not enjoy doing boot zips, or any stitching where he needs to do a long run, as it's difficult to support the weight and stop it pulling sideways.
  11. Does that mean that the Engraving Workshop is still active then?
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