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  1. Your memory fails you slightly Paul. It does have a treadle and Mark can get quite a good speed on it sometimes. Doesn't stop him moaning about pretty much any stitching he gets in though, particularly riding boot zips. I'll suggest looking for a flat bed attachment and see what he says.
  2. Do those of you doing so many bag repairs and zips etc. have flat bed machines? We only have one with a narrow patching arm and the boss really does not enjoy doing boot zips, or any stitching where he needs to do a long run, as it's difficult to support the weight and stop it pulling sideways.
  3. Out of interest what are you charging for a riding boot zip?
  4. Does that mean that the Engraving Workshop is still active then?
  5. It's true that a student could be any age.
  6. So putting a poster up in the window saying PART TIME JOB AVAILABLE - SATURDAY + ONE WEEK DAY - SUIT COLLEGE STUDENT should be ok do you think?
  7. Does anyone know if we're allowed to use the words 'suitable for a college student' in an advert for a part time job? We don't want to fall foul of any discrimination laws but, equally, can only afford to pay a 16/17 year old's wage. Thanks, Valerie
  8. No wiggle room whatsoever in the height unfortunately but it's certainly an idea that's worth suggesting to him. If I can source a 65mm piece of wood that is, and then persuade someone to paint it and engrave it for me
  9. We have a customer who would like a house sign done in sage green, do any of you know who would be able to do that? Initially he had said green slate, but will accept laminate if that's all we can get. Length 450-500mm but the height is restricted to 65mm. Thanks, Valerie
  10. There's a great range of photo key rings, fridge magnets etc. at https://www.my-accessories.co.uk/
  11. Sorry for the delay. Here are some photos. It is really heavy though so a courier would probably be quite expensive.
  12. We've got an old Apollo counter top one. If you're interested I'll dig it out from under the bench and take some photos
  13. The website is definitely still working, I was on there only a few minutes ago. http://www.tcolledgeandson.com/
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