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  1. Forest Cobbler


    £5.95 for a basic round tag, with whatever engraving they want, whether it's just one phone number or the whole address and two numbers.
  2. Forest Cobbler

    Titan key

    Hi Do any of you cut Titan keys to code? We cannot find a blank suitable for this one, so that seems the next best option. Unless you have any other suggestions. The number is D6124 Thanks, Valerie
  3. Forest Cobbler


    Oh wow. So it does. That is going to save so much time and aggravation. Thank you
  4. Out of interest, which would you use for engraving a nickel plated base band, a cutter or a diamond? Some of them are so hard that it's difficult to get a mark on them with a rotating diamond and I'm wondering whether a really narrow super sharp cutter is the way to go. Thanks
  5. Forest Cobbler

    shoes not collected signage

    We started taking upfront payment two and a half years ago and pretty much all our customers understand why. For those that don't have any money on them or are bringing repairs in for a friend/family member, we take a name and phone number telling them that, if they don't come back, we'll be on the phone hounding them till they do. Just wish we'd done it years ago.
  6. Forest Cobbler

    shoes not collected signage

    We've got a charity shoe collection bin that we put outside the door which is collected each week.
  7. Forest Cobbler

    shoes not collected signage

    Blimey. Even though our sign says 6 months, it's usually several years before we get round to having a proper clear out. And that has paid off a few times when people have come back for something that is still in a box on the highest shelf out the back. Some of our customers almost expect us to get rid of their shoes if they haven't come back in a week or two, and will phone to apologise for being late and beg us to keep hold of them for another few days. So they must have heard some horror stories somewhere.
  8. Forest Cobbler

    shoes not collected signage

    Does anyone actually do that?
  9. Forest Cobbler

    shoes not collected signage

    Sounds about right
  10. Forest Cobbler

    shoes not collected signage

    This is what ours says. Probably got it from a supplier back in the year dot. Don't think there is any legal requirement as to wording. Definitely take payment up front though, it makes a huge difference to how much get left behind.
  11. Forest Cobbler

    shoes not collected signage

    Can you not print one of your own?
  12. Forest Cobbler

    Side shield

    Is that the 38mm one or the 45mm one? I have several of each. Or you can get them in bags of 10 from Mastergrave.
  13. Forest Cobbler

    Alfa blanks

    Yes, we've got that in the SKS book, but ALF-3 (the closest match) didn't fit in to the lock, which is why we were looking at Pextra instead. You would think that, seeing as SKS sell Pextra locks they might have the blanks too, but apparently not. Anyway, it doesn't matter now seeing as the customer has not been back.
  14. Forest Cobbler

    Alfa blanks

    SKS never did get back to me and the customer hasn't been in again, so I have to admit that I had forgotten all about these. I'll keep you in mind should we get asked for them again. Thanks, Valerie
  15. Forest Cobbler

    just seen this

    Did you do something perfectly the first time you tried? Come on, cut the guys some slack.