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  1. Forest Cobbler

    Small side shields

    I've got loads of the 24 x 22 shields, but only a couple of the 22 x 20s, or I'd have posted some already.
  2. Forest Cobbler

    Mushroom pins

    I have discovered that they are supposed to just be a friction fit, no tools required after all. Now all I have to do is get one that is thicker stemmed than any that I have, then maybe I can finally do this repair.
  3. Forest Cobbler

    Small side shields

    The smallest shields from Glenway and Armstrong are 24mm high by 22mm wide. Not much difference, but enough to be noticeable when you put it beside a 22 x 20 one. The Glenway shields are cheaper than the Swatkins ones though.
  4. Forest Cobbler

    Small side shields

    Swatkins have them. Item number XXRS1. The picture in their catalogue is a little deceptive because it looks like they have a turned down edge, but they are definitely flat. Unfortunately I only have a couple myself otherwise I'd have sent you some, but Swatkins may well post some out to you. 01922 711700.
  5. Forest Cobbler

    Looking for this badge pin supplier

    Pretty sure we had some from Mastergrave
  6. Forest Cobbler

    Mushroom pins

    If only I could find a specialist tool. Got the set of mixed sizes from Cousins because we frequently get straps in with missing pins, but cannot find any instructions or a tool to fit them with. As I said, I assumed they were in two parts, and that it would be self explanatory.
  7. Forest Cobbler

    Mushroom pins

    Hi Please can someone tell me how to fit a new mushroom pin to a clasp. I had rather assumed that they were in two pieces that you had to push together, but it appears they're not, and now I don't understand how to fit it. Thanks, Valerie
  8. Forest Cobbler

    LaserKey reference

    Well I did say it wasn't up to date. 747 added MINIT COMPARISON.pdf
  9. Forest Cobbler

    LaserKey reference

    Finished typing now. All one one page too MINIT COMPARISON.pdf
  10. Forest Cobbler

    LaserKey reference

    I'm halfway through typing it up, so may beat you to it
  11. Forest Cobbler

    LaserKey reference

    Can't get a clear enough photo. If I've got a spare half hour later I'll just retype it all and upload that.
  12. Forest Cobbler

    LaserKey reference

    I'm just giving that a try
  13. Forest Cobbler

    LaserKey reference

    It's a photo copy of a photocopy, so a little 'grey' to start with. I scanned it at 600dpi and it looked fine on my screen, but obviously hasn't survived the upload/download process. Mr Minit comparison.pdf Mr Minit comparison2.pdf Does it work any better this way?
  14. Forest Cobbler

    LaserKey reference

    Hopefully this works
  15. Forest Cobbler

    Mr Minit Comparison list. Pages 1 and 2

    Version 1.0.0


    It's a comparison list of Mr Minit keys