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  1. Can anyone recommend who to send my engraving cutters to now that Mastergrave have gone, and Birch are no longer offering a sharpening service? Thanks, Valerie
  2. They've gone to Tring Thanks for all the help, Valerie
  3. HAHAHAHA I assumed you meant the location of the customer not the repairer
  4. I shall ask which town they're actually in. All I have been told so far is Bucks/Herts border. Thanks, Valerie
  5. I shall take the lack of response to mean that the answer is 'no' The reason I was asking is because we have had an email from someone who lives on the Bucks / Herts border who was considering posting her husband's shoes to us for repair. She was a bit put off by the additional cost of postage, so I thought I would try to find a reputable cobbler closer to where they live so that she could drop them in instead. Are any of you based in that area. Thanks, Valerie
  6. Is there anywhere on the forum that shows the location of the various shoe repairers? Thanks, Valerie
  7. Surely 'nude' could be any colour from a really pale beige all the way to the deepest black.
  8. Try Green Grizzly, we've used them before and they seem sound. http://www.greengrizzly.co.uk/en/
  9. I thought that might be what had happened. We have passed the contact details onto our customer so that he can deal with them direct. Thanks again for all your help. Valerie
  10. Oh wow. Thank you for doing that. We hadn't had time to get that far yet.
  11. Hi Can anyone identify a blank for this please Thanks, Valerie
  12. Ok. The customer was hoping to have another short one like her original, rather than the extra length of the YA-281D. I'll print off Tony's list. Thanks, Valerie
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