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  1. the dutch cobbler

    Help with caravan-key

    Hi everyone!!! It's been a long time since I posted my last message here. Very busy with work, webshop, family and running. Hope you're all okay and doing well. Private and in business. But now I need my English people again: I need 2 more keys like I had before, the sks blank euro 601/2. And also 2 off these: It looks like the same euro-serie I think. Who wants to help me? Thanks, John
  2. the dutch cobbler

    Zipper guarantee

    The comittee doesn't had any complaint from the customer...... So, case closed.....
  3. the dutch cobbler

    Zipper guarantee

    Right, the second time in 29 years of doing business i can't get in line with a customer. Always solv the problem but I don't let a customer walk over me. Offcourse I hate it, a mad customer. It's negativ energy. I don't stay awake about this, had so many satisfied customers this week. I'll wait for the results of the commitee.
  4. the dutch cobbler

    Zipper guarantee

    Are you serious about this? He wanted back the full amount.....
  5. the dutch cobbler

    Zipper guarantee

    Question: Discussion with a customer about the repair of zippers in man boots. I repaired the zippers in begin november last year and now the zippers are worn out. You can see the boots are not straight up anymore and fold, that's why the zippers are worn out. I told him that and offered him to repair the zippers and calculate half price. He didn't liked that and want me to pay the full amount back or repair them without costs! I didn't accept that! Now he's mad and will contact the disputes Committee of the shoemakers-organisation. I'm not scared about it, I think a made a decent offer. What do you think? Offcourse I rather had a happy customer, but not in this way..... He made me mad
  6. the dutch cobbler

    The price of patching

    I should never reverse the repair I did when the customer says it's to expensive! She didn't asked what it should cost and you did your work. Now you do a double job and no money in the till! And 4 pounds for this job is cheap!
  7. the dutch cobbler


    I didn't need to, they could see the wheel was missing. Besides we live in a world of creativity! this lot landed on the table over the weekend! [attachment=0]P3190165.JPG[/attachment] Lee, maybe your kids can help Hibisjo putting his machine back together! http://www.shoerepairer.info/bb3/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=8346
  8. the dutch cobbler

    whitfield leather splitter

    Most of the time you can get a production-year of the info-plate on the machine. The first 2 numbers could be the year of production. But the pictures are to small to see the numbers now! Who made this pictures so small.......
  9. the dutch cobbler


    ahem, John i think you'll find more than just the sassenach's on this forum, Ah, I looked on Wikipedia for the meaning of Sassenach's! Do I have to say: UK-people?
  10. the dutch cobbler


    The Industrial Revolution was allready in late 1700.... But you missed it I think.... We are using the electric motor on the patcher since 1968! (Not we, but my dad! I was just one year then. ) I had to check out old pictures and found the first electric patcher in our store on a photo from that year. Come on you English people, we are living in the 21st century...
  11. the dutch cobbler


    Due this topic it looks you all still work with man-powered patchers..... Is this the way you guys still work in the UK? Until now then.
  12. the dutch cobbler

    Winter spikes

    Same here. Sold allready around 150 pairs in the last month! And we didn't have snow yet. Last winter they were sold out, so people don't want to take a risk anymore and buy them now. \:D/
  13. the dutch cobbler

    strange requests

    Had a man coming into my shop with the inside of a Bagpipe! If I could glue the zipper in the bag........
  14. Jan van Velden BV in Groningen, Netherlands!