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  1. I’d be grateful if anyone could shed light on either of these?
  2. My Nnja total cuts them. you need a dedicated clamp and cutter - available from Brisant
  3. Ignition key from a 1970s Triumph TR6 ive never see this brand of key before?
  4. Hi. Does anyone have any method of generating the cuts from a ATK/ Rockdoor code? Thanks
  5. Out of interest, what do people charge for genuine Ultion and WXM keys?
  6. Hi I'm looking for a second hand dimple duplicator. If anyone can help please get it touch. possible swap for a cylinder machine - a Keyline Easy Thanks
  7. Hi It is possible to remove most quite easily, if they are not over-tightened! see link below http://cusworth.net/key-cutting/car-security-locking-wheel-nut-removal/ I am in Cheshire, and have the full kit. if you search online for a company called Dynomec, they have a list of companies who stock the kit locally
  8. I don't think its a mancuna - its very similar to a lancer.....
  9. Does anyone knoe of the original maker of the minit mortice machine as i would like to find out if there are any spares availableit has "super extenso " on the top casting. thanks
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