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  1. Good morning you wonderful lot. Can anyone please provide the bitting code for the FH master key please? Seems my school has lost theirs. Thanks Iain
  2. Maybe that's all his/her customer base will allow? I've worked all over the place and I know for a fact that where you could charge a tenner for a job in certain areas, in other places you'd struggle to get 4 quid, especially in poorer market or seaside towns. At the end of the day you've got to cut your cloth accordingly.
  3. Really? Most days? I didn't think there was that much demand for that type of work - there certainly isn't around here.
  4. If people are doing that then they should be banned for life - it's disgusting using a charity to make money for yourself.
  5. Thanks so much EST,. Those are the little buggers i'm searching for. Iain
  6. Does anyone know if a blank is available for this key please? There are two types, a regular and reverse. The name on the key is Wangtong. Thank you. Iain
  7. Thanks Howard, It looks to be the K4 and the reverse as the K7. Not sure they are available though. Still looking. Iain
  8. Sorry, forgot to add the second pic. Edited now if you're willing to have another look.
  9. Sorry Bren, I didn't realise I'd received another reply. Where are you based? The suitcase is for a friend of mine but he will deal direct with whoever is able to repair it. I've spoken to him this morning and he says the zip needs replacing.
  10. Good morning folks. Does anyone on here offer a zip replacement service for suitcases or could maybe recommend someone who does? Thank you. Iain
  11. The chap is in the North West. Thanks for the information though.
  12. It probably is pal. It's a friend who's asking and if I know them, it'll be a pricey suitcase. Said i'd ask around at least.
  13. Just had a look and it's very similar. It doesn't need to be perfect, just as close as possible and I think it'll do nicely. Thanks for your help. Iain
  14. Good morning folks. I would like help identifying this font. I'm hoping it's available in MS Word. The logo isn't important, just the text please. Thanks in advance.
  15. Evening folks, Can anyone supply a cylinder lock (YA89) re-pinned to a specific key? Thanks. Iain
  16. Thanks Graham, I believe it's a standard Yale cylinder using the YA89 key. Iain
  17. Iain

    web vote

    What new DB site? When I type the address in, it looks and acts just like the old site.
  18. Iain

    Esla NG

    It's not Silca EV4, is it?
  19. Good evening, Can anyone recommend a blank for this key please? Sorry for the picture quality, the image was sent to me. Thanks. Iain
  20. Thanks guys, I'll see if I can get hold of the key and look at sending it to the keyvan. Iain