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  1. Mick Friend


    mmm a number between 395 and say 397?
  2. Mick Friend

    A new beginning!!!! Hello :)

    Hi Good luck, but you are now entering a saturated market - almost everyman and his next door neighbour are locksmiths or auto locksmiths. I am not sure you will find anyone even miles away willing to help as the market shrinks- Currently people are almost giving away keys and travelling huge distances as customers quote - 'This guy said £x' as Martin says rush to the last price. You will need some hefty insurance cover and a small pot of gold for the jobs you cock up and have to get another or the main agent to fix. I hope after you bad accident and lobbing all your cash at this someone may help, But even I, who now specialise in access control, are finding numpties using telephone wire in jobs travelling 200 miles to do a job and undercutting me by £100 - guess who gets the call to go fix it
  3. Mick Friend


    maybe I thought i=t was Shoe Repair Industry Training organisation but was 40 years ago I worked with them on standards
  4. Mick Friend


    What happened to SRITO?
  5. Mick Friend

    Miracle A9

    If you want a 'feel' then Lockexpo is the place to be 2-3 March 2019 - usual venue EMCC Nottingham see the website www.lockexpo.co.uk
  6. Mick Friend

    Wood engraving Paint Infill

    I used a putty when I did one -you have to cure it in an oven -called happy oven bake clay - I got it from amazon -but I did have a deep fill
  7. Special room rates for Lockexpo 2019 just need to call the Orchard Reservations Team on 0115 876 0900 and quote ‘Locksmiths’ £75 single - £85 double inc breakfast Rooms will be prepay able and non-refundable Unreserved rooms will be released on the 1st of February 2019 To register for free entry https://lockexpo.co.uk/visitor-registration/
  8. Mick Friend


    their legs get over heated while walking and that causes all sort of muscle problems so my guy told me
  9. Mick Friend

    Silca books

    I have asked on the PLF for you
  10. Mick Friend

    Need help for a old watch

    Lee Ffrench top man, top watch man- top bike man- 5 star service
  12. Mick Friend

    The importance of keeping notes.

    Yay to that!
  13. Mick Friend


    thanks Rick, Mick should have the padlock and htpps secure on the url line