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  1. It needs updating from Nov 2016 .So 1 update needed.This is the full version allows you to do diagnostics and mileage correction.
  2. SuperVAG​​​​​ with Diagnostic tools,Toolbox,Key and Chip tuning along with ​-SVG149 and SVG157 Cables. Licence has expired so new owner will have to renew ​£500 including registered postage.
  3. Ireland on the border.Will be sent via Royal Mail
  4. Bought this new last year. However its never been used. Poor eye sight prevents me from removing chips off circuit boards and re soldering. Includes Tango with Dongle 550 pounds to include registered postage.No VAT.
  5. Key blanks just arrived and I have cut one on my manual machine Matrix and it works both sides.
  6. Have some blanks ordered will test . Not if your an Irish locksmith and not part of the holy 10 apostles
  7. This is for the Irish lads on the forum. Brisant only supply about 10 locksmiths in Ireland with the Brisant D cylinders and only these 10 can buy key blanks off Brisant. Has to be some anti competition law against this .Freely available for all to buy in UK but restricted to the chosen few in Ireland. A lot of key cutting shops in Ireland are losing out on key cutting and are turning these keys away for lack of blanks. Thanks to Lee at Silcaltd now have the Silca Reference HGO1R. This was made for a Hugo cylinder, same as Brisant as the cylinders are actually made by Federal. Happy days.
  8. Have a tibbe machine now so adaptor not needed anymore £150 to include postage.
  9. Your very welcome.Great weekend for all that attended.Any Lishi questions let me know as you progress.
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