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  1. Technical Tony @ Davenport

    Good bye from me .

    Hi. I am back in the House and Car side of things now , Please feel free to have a look at this new post and contact me if I can help . Thanks Tony / was John ... http://shoerepairer.info/topic/21757-not-really-a-new-member-but-new-place-of-work-so-i-wanted-to-say-hello-again-davenport-burgess-technical-tony/
  2. Technical Tony @ Davenport

    John .... EERrrrrr NO .... Tony now at HICKLEYS

    If following this topic , please see this link for all my new details , Will be working along side Hickleys still but with Davenport's http://shoerepairer.info/topic/21757-not-really-a-new-member-but-new-place-of-work-so-i-wanted-to-say-hello-again-davenport-burgess-technical-tony/
  3. Technical Tony @ Davenport

    Technical Tony/ Technical John

    Hello -- hope this post helps 18 1/2 years SKS Almost 2 years Hickleys ... Hope retirement age at Davenport's as I'm to old to move any more http://shoerepairer.info/topic/21757-not-really-a-new-member-but-new-place-of-work-so-i-wanted-to-say-hello-again-davenport-burgess-technical-tony/
  4. Hi , hope you are all well on here , I just wanted to advise Sadly (and it was a hard choice) I have left Hickleys .... who I still will be working with in the future . More so if I did not I would miss the great group of people there that made the last 2 years of my working life a great place to be . As you may have noticed already I am now here at Davenport Burgess.. More so as it brings all my 20 years of House / lock / picks , tools etc knowledge together plus adding my diagnostic / Car key codeing and cutting knowledge along , Hence mixing my both worlds of knowledge all in one place of business . So please feel free to contact me with anything I at Davenport's or even Hickleys (if you don't have an account with them) could maybe help you with and I will try my best for you . Below was the press release a customer sent to me last Friday for my new position . -- Davenport Burgess are delighted to welcome Tony Wilkin on board in his new role as Business Development Manager. Tony will be embedded into the company’s existing rapid growth strategy and will further enhance the current “customer focussed” technical support model applied by the business. Tony brings with him a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of key cutting and locksmithing for the domestic and auto markets. Tony boasts almost two decades in the industry, previously known as ‘Technical John’ (because there were too many Tony’s in his last office position), he is well respected and will make a welcome addition to the growing Davenport Burgess team. Tony is keen to share his expertise. “I’m looking forward to building on the rich heritage of Davenport Burgess and bringing my skills to continue expanding their dedicated technical support team! I will be looking to help Davenport’s customers with my knowledge of diagnostics and cloning, including the car key range, locksmithing tools & locks, and all aspects of key cutting, including key machines, key identification and key cutting”.
  5. New post with Davenport Burgess - feel free to contact me .

  6. For Full details of Myself - Look at user Technical Tony @ Hickleys

  7. Technical Tony @ Davenport

    Good bye from me .

    Thank you again for all your nice comments .. I have a new email address if anyone wants my help or anything Twilkin@hickleys.com ------------------------------ ..
  8. Technical Tony @ Davenport

    Good bye from me .

    Thank you again for your kind comments .
  9. Technical Tony @ Davenport

    Good bye from me .

    Thank you again everyone . My new place of work will be with Hickleys so I will not be far away But I will reopen or amend my account with Tony as the new user name just to confuse you all
  10. Technical Tony @ Davenport

    Good bye from me .

    Thank you everyone , I am moving to a company more in the Diagnostics and Garage equipment side of things . I will 100% be back on here but as me lol
  11. Technical Tony @ Davenport

    Good bye from me .

  12. Wow .. What's out there next !

  13. Technical Tony @ Davenport

    Good bye from me .

    Hello, I just wanted to add a post to say that after 18 1/2 years I am now leaving SKS . It's been a great place to work and I will miss it loads . Little story to get me back to me 😃 When I 1st started at SKS or I should say before , my real name is Tony ... Sadly for myself when I started at my new job the MD was called Tony Also there was a rep on the road called Tony .. So I agreed to have my second name of John . Strange to me but not really my family My Dad was called Doug , but all the family called him John My Granddad was I think actually called John .. So now third one in the family being called John again . This got a little confusing when my wife also started to work for SKS for a few good years there . I was John during work time and Tony at home .. Now after all these years I answer to both so easily .. Lol So back to Tony .. Technical Tony 😝 I like the sound off that more 😃 I am sure I will post on here in the future but .. Think I will reopen a new user as Tony See you all soon 🍺🍻 And again I will miss working for SKS , it's been a good 18 plus years and I wish them well
  14. Technical Tony @ Davenport

    Cylinder safe keys

    Just relooking at these , would the WM-1D or WM-2D JMA keys work ?
  15. Technical Tony @ Davenport

    InstaCode PLUS A4 A6 and A9 Miracle

    Thanks that is interesting and new to know