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  1. Hi everyone I have decided that I need to venture into the wonderful land of social media to promote the business post lockdown. I am thinking about adding a blog to my website and copy into the business Facebook page. I need an eye-catching name. I am thinking 1.Just one old cobbler (there's not loads left) 2.The last word 3.Awl that I know. 4.Ted's heeling words. Or something else. What do you think?
  2. Thanks guys That is really useful information. I was wondering what my options were; That is really helpful, Thanks a lot
  3. Hi all, Post covid I need to reboot my keycutting and bring it up to date to maximise sales. I am looking for possible machines. At the moment we have a cylinder machine, a mortice machine, a tibbe machine and a really old milling machine. We have an auto key chip reader/writer. We don't have a decent machine to cut dimples and we can't cut keys to code. My only option seems to be a futura machine. Very expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations?
  4. On the Timpsons website COVID-19 Update Our shops are OPEN wherever possible to support local communities with their essential services. Our online store and locksmiths business are open too. We will be following Government guidance as it applies wherever we have shops
  5. That should be "arrive late" to this discussion
  6. Sorry to arrive to this discussion. Just a few ideas from an old dog. I think that the exhibitions are great, but their "market" (shoe repairers) is shrinking. Why not give it a different name and open and advertise, the exhibition to the public? Attract and invite new related exhibitors, such as high end (repairable) footwear manufacturers. Shoe care bloggers, who can also promote the exhibition online. Work out why repairers dno't attend. Is it too far? Is it too expensive? Perhaps a questionaire through wholesalers. As I said just a few ideas, trying to be positive
  7. I have an easiblaster sandblasting and stencil making set up (the large adjustable cabinet) that I havn't used for years that I would like to sell (perhaps on ebay) but I have no idea how much to ask for it. Any suggestions?
  8. Would somebody like to post their fire risk assessment as a template/guideline. I don't really understand what is required. Are rubber soles combustable and a fire risk?
  9. Just a bit of lateral thinking, If things get too rough you might change your gliue to a water based glue with no fumes
  10. Me too Sam4s ER 5200m Generates all our tickets on a price look up or price over ride basis; lasts for years; cost around £300
  11. sorry for the delay! I've got the signature machine with all the attachmennts. If you find a supplier or you have a few marketing ideas, let me know
  12. Can anybody tell me where I can find a supplier for quality leather wallets? By quality I'm thinking of £80+ retail, perhaps silk lined. We want to promote our gold leaf service and with a £13 set up charge there's no point retailing £5.99 wallets
  13. Thanks for the feedback. Looks like its back to the drawing board!! At least it will add to the health and hygene regime to protect my staff.
  14. You may remember that I was looking for new services, I was watching an old edition of dragons den where a boffin had invented a shoe deodouriser; looks like a microwave and works with ozone gas I think googled it and the product has made it to market £299 bid for one on Ebay, bought it for £87 not received it yet but I reckon we can charge at least £3:99 a pair especially for trainers maybe more if the weather gets hotter! What do you think? too cheap?
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