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  1. richard wood

    Silca GT10 blade only

    Thanks for the replies, I already thought of filing an ordinary key down, just thought I would try get 1 first. I will have to do that this time and then get from 3D when they become available. My customer is currently paying £160 for a new key from IVECO each time he breaks the blade so it will be worth the effort to file down! Thanks again, Richard
  2. Hi, does anyone know where I can get a blade only for an IVECO remote flip key? profile Silca GT10 Thanks, Richard
  3. richard wood

    new vita key

    I had trouble with these at first also - a customer brought a lock in for me as it hadn't been fitted yet. WMS2 was the best fit for the keyway and I've not had one back since using them. Ric
  4. richard wood

    Cisa/Abus key blank

    Thanks for the replies guys, Graham the information you have from Abus is pretty much same as what I have (but didn't know about the silca bit), so may have to order the 1000, wait 12 weeks and pay double the price they used to be were when they were coined! Craig its going to be more than just a few but If I run out of blanks before the order comes in I will be in touch, thanks. Richard
  5. richard wood

    Cisa/Abus key blank

    See if this works
  6. richard wood

    Cisa/Abus key blank

    I thought I had added photos to this but it seems the files are too big, I will try to re-size and then add.
  7. Hi, I am trying to source this key blank. It was originally an Abus shared restricted section which I gather is no longer restricted. The only reference I have is 64302 profile H16D. Does anybody know of a key blank which can be used for this? I can still order from Abus but minimum order quantity is now 1000. Thanks, Richard