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  1. My condolences to you and your family.
  2. Respect to you and all the health service.
  3. I hope they are,otherwise the letters from local authorities promising us 10k will not materialise for weeks if at all.
  4. After Boris's announcement tonight, does that mean we can't travel to our shop premises to check/pick up mail or more importantly check for the letter from local authorities to see how we can claim that 10k grant?
  5. I'm closing tomorrow at 5pm, for the good of my community, we have to do our bit. Stay safe,stay at home.
  6. I would never give money to a stranger in the shop. I would of said tell your wife to buy a ticket online for you. I get no end of people trying to sell cloths at inflated prices, never heard of before charities asking for donations, they all get a polite no thankyou bye. Would Tesco give him £15 ?
  7. Oap's are a great source of advertising ,worth every penny of a discount
  8. A simple patching job, though that doesn't look like leather to me
  9. https://uk.rs-online.com i've used these for drivebelts for various machines
  10. Yes, but Corbyn didn't want to go to war against his terrorist friends....
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