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  1. https://uk.rs-online.com i've used these for drivebelts for various machines
  2. Yes, but Corbyn didn't want to go to war against his terrorist friends....
  3. I use sum up, 1.69% and you can take American express.
  4. St.Am92

    Mate's rates

    I never charge family and close friends, i don't give to receive.
  5. St.Am92


    God i've lost count of how many times it's snatched the shoe and took a chunk out of the sole and welt and if it's really mad it'll take a bit of finger with it. I've had mine over 10 years.
  6. Yes the skintight ones are the ones to use. I get mine from b & m's £3.99 a box
  7. Just use vinyl gloves, clean hands problem solved.
  8. St.Am92

    3D Closed

    Hope so. Would of thought they'd of mentioned that on facebook instead of being cryptic.
  9. St.Am92

    3D Closed

    Yes, saw that as well, sounds a bit ominous. Hope everything works out for them as they are a great company to deal with.
  10. Offering wholesale prices.....ha ha ha ,i'll offer you my normal prices paid up front, you can add a % for yourself to cover your costs in collection/delivery. Who in their right mind would give their time away for less, a £55 sole and heel takes the same amount of time as a £25 sole and heel
  11. ??? And who would that be.....
  12. https://mol.im/a/6599811 A fellow cobbler. RIP.
  13. Merry Christmas everyone. That's me done for the year.
  14. St.Am92

    Ultion cutting

    I've been using silca blanks to do these. Don't forget to do the tip of the key, perhaps thats why they're getting stuck?
  15. St.Am92

    American Express.

    I use sum up. 1.69% across the board no monthly fee, no pcidss nonsense