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  1. Agree trend and goodwill great companies both really helpful.
  2. It must be hard for supply business’ to keep up the same level of support to their customers at this present time. cant be easy when staff are furloughed.
  3. That sucks! What’s his new ideas?
  4. Thank you for all the reply’s, like Lee it’s going to be used mainly for my own use.
  5. Hi all I would like a recommendation for a basic machine as I would like to make some graphics for my shop. cheers W
  6. I’m opening on 15th or the date the government deem fit..
  7. Thank you all for your replies. will check them out. cheers
  8. Hi all anyone completed a a refit in the last few years and can recommend where to buy counters and tops etc please. cheers
  9. @petercoulson thanks sounds very good deal.
  10. A question though you may all think stupid! If I wear gloves but wash my hands with them on would that be the same as washing hands and no gloves but better protection ?
  11. Interesting michael I’m with them. on 17 March when I contacted them they said not covered for the same reasons. I will send another email and let you know the outcome. thank you for posting.
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