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  1. union patented key available from most suppliers
  2. windycity

    Crash in 'company' vehicle

    the company, not employee.
  3. odd time to be setting up a new materials wholesale business considering where most of the materials are made and the £ being a bit weak for the last numerous years., will be interesting to see who and where though.
  4. Hi all which blank is good for these if original is not available? I would rather not use a universal thanks.
  5. windycity

    Key I D

    cheers all.
  6. Hi all does anyone know the brand name and suitable blank fir this key please? ta.
  7. windycity

    Quiet today

    Count M its 1/2 term so its sking or winter sun time fpor the next two weeks
  8. windycity

    V5 blank same as ZooMk5

    quality! thought so cheers count m
  9. Hi all is the V5 blank the same as ZooMk5? if not what blank to use please
  10. Hi all sorry for being such a knob, would anyone know if a Hafele key stamped FH001 can be cut on a hd hlx2 blank successfully if not which blank please as I can't seem to find it in sks or hd books. cheers.
  11. windycity

    hafele key id

    thanks kobblers
  12. hi all a double sided hafele key with 0013 or 013 stamped on it any ideas which blank to use prefer sks ref if poss. sorry no pics. thanks in advance