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  1. I had to provide 5 proofs of ID for tier 4 closure online via a form, was a bit of a faff value£667.00 will get if applicable by mid to end February. Apparently it’s to stop fraud and application is decided via a out sourced company not local council direct.Lockdown grant when gov provide systems probably when lockdown ends like last time. England gov don’t payout quick!
  2. CounterMuppet

    are you a Timpsons branch if so why don’t you just fuck off back to your tardy arse James Timpson and his big arse tweets

    1. grahamparker


      WOW, That escalated rather quickly !!.

    2. windycity


      They just get on my tits, with their arrogant tweets. Please remove the post thanks.

  3. Good news it has been revised to 80% for November
  4. Hi Peter thank you for your ongoing info. does anyone know if we are likely to be able to claim tier 2 grants like bars/restaurants/businesses as my turnover is also down? While they have much bigger turnover and losses the small micro retailers/shops are also suffering and those grants would actually make a big difference.
  5. Don’t use ricks postman! Must be at the sorting office
  6. Thanks Graham, would a ESMP5 HD blank work as it’s a 5pin?
  7. Hi all which blank is successful with this uap key please. cheers
  8. Not so much help for the self employed this time!
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