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  1. windycity

    The Vistool Owners Club

    cheers michael.
  2. windycity

    The Vistool Owners Club

    hi all would it be possible for someone to explain how to save an very old job from vistool version 6 onto a memory stick, so that it can be used on newer software please.
  3. windycity


    nope not from work, only from sports injuries in the past. drink lots more water keith it will keep you active from going to the loo more often lol
  4. jma ER2D 6pin no probs or maybe just try a hd 16HL
  5. all as above if your having problems dont waste 30 mins on tech call as the GPRs is down and they have no idea when it will be back up! as its an outside problem in Ireland or some crap. they advised me to remove terminal battery and reconnect every 20 mins to see if working Lol unbelievable really
  6. windycity

    KEY ID

    no pics, thanks for looking though. it was a franchi cylinder key, i think it was a 1a or er1
  7. anyone know this cylinder key ref: YE 12F it might be silca its on a coined key? the big head type. cheers
  8. windycity


    s10 blimey thats a blast from the past! didnt know it was still in use! Lmao memory needing a ram upgrade! thnks
  9. windycity


    chaps thanks for the replys but i just wondered what brand of glue they use and not how they do their jobs Lol
  10. windycity


    out of interest what glue do timpsons shops use and also do they suffer any of the negatives that have been mentioned in previous posts?
  11. windycity


    Its funny i find renia smells stronger than 6092. i get no headaches unlike earlier post.