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  1. Thank you Pete I’ll get by I hope, as I’ve got help from the rate grant due and my landlord has already responded positively. So hopefully shouldn’t have claim benefits.
  2. I mean the chancellor has come through and has got some great schemes to provide amazingly quickly, it’s very impressive. Let’s hope the months with no income will go quick. I’ve never spent so much time at home. I hope that all you guys and your families see this period through safely. Thanks as always Pete.
  3. Shame self employed help will come to late for many only beginning in June ! lets hope the rate grant comes through quicker.
  4. Mine has and is on their website so you can apply online, some councils don’t have it even listed on their sites. So if you can’t find any info call and make sure you supply your home as correspondence address. If you don’t have a email address or not pc savy ask family to set up an email for you oh and write down your password just to be safe. the council will require your business rates account ref number. Good luck and thank you Peter.
  5. The Scot gov seem to be on dot though my borough are compiling lists of who might be included and then are going to write to those businesses but as we’re no longer allowed out it could be a while before those letters get opened ☹️
  6. hi All random question do you leave your chip and pin machine switched on while not there for so long? Good luck to all of you.
  7. ive been pacing around my shop too trying to keep my step count up lol!!
  8. Sorry about the above post I think i posted it earlier and now accidentally lol doh!!!
  9. Basically if you look at your rateable value and you qualify for a grant. That is the amount you will receive.
  10. Thanks for advice Uk done the cancellation a while ago. I think if the gov can they will announce a package for the self employed,contractors and such other wise to these people it feels like they are saying f***you lot, best wishes and the very best luck to all of you.
  11. I’m closing after today as are most of the independent shops in my parade. Only the convenience stores and chemists are open. im glad I don’t have to sack my part timer but would have liked some help for the self employed. i know a rates grant will come through but that will soon be gobbled up for fixed costs I guess I would like 80% of my average salary. Good luck everyone.
  12. michael youre not alone mate, no wages for me this week and i can't see that it will improve soon. I might go months like this. i too would welcome the grant with both hands. but every little bit i turnover will go towards bills. but may just close for an enforced holiday and get through the list of jobs my mrs has for me!! :). as long as my family and I can stay out of hospital, i don,t care about the money. it will come back. l just hope London does not go like Milan or the cities you all live in.
  13. K4mc how do you get these we can;t get anywhere wish i just had a few bottles for personal use let alone retail!!
  14. K4mc how do you get these we can;t get anywhere wich i just had a few bottles for personal use let alone retail!!
  15. Michael a grant is given and normally not paid back. as long as you receive any amount of sbrrr from the rating office you should qualify for this.
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