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  1. derek

    Can anyone vector this please

    do a google search for raf police line drawing and you will get a good copy
  2. did they need shoes blaked on?
  3. derek


    same as what they done in Asda, seemingly that company went out of business
  4. contact timpsons head office, tell them what you were told and at what branch, email them the pictures too, no way any shoe repairer should be refusing this type of work
  5. put in a computer with a clocking in/out procedure using staff payroll numbers, thats what my company uses
  6. Looking for a supplier of kids size Torq heel, tried Algeos and no joy, will try to post a picture later
  7. derek

    Watch Straps

    can't beat Donald Clarke for price and service imo
  8. a big thanks to Peter for his help today with a Pederson outsole stitcher, it's now working a treat. Derek
  9. haven't seen the keys, however i used jma ya-79d for the jma tx3d blank
  10. derek

    Accurate or Obsessive?

    i do it that way too, i was using an old cea naty that i had stripped down, repainted , changed the cutter and set it up, was cutting better than the bosses silca rekord that is only 3 years old, let's face it, you don't always get a key in that's been cut from an accurate machine, so the more accurate yours is the better imo
  11. derek

    desk name plate

    contact Dean @ The Engraving company,or send him a pm or go into chat room when Jay or Lee is there and they will give you contact details i am sure
  12. derek

    smells funny

    clicked on the link, couldn't smell anything
  13. derek

    CL key blank

    blank reference it was, cheers just posted the code too incase it helped
  14. can anyone give me the code for the following key please CL cc on the blade and code P0684 many thanks Derek
  15. i wou l would Craig, he's a lazy wee sod though and most likely won't bother his backside