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  1. finally another update something useful had the email too from Gary just need megamos (Fiat etc now) and the other damn vauxhall zafira that i always get lol
  2. Renshaw & Sons

    Vistool 8 and picture engraving

    i was looking at the ring attachment, but its not available for the compact, seems to be only got the gem/universal with firmware updates ohh well have to stick to manual machine for them.
  3. hey all, i am currently running v6.3 of vistool, and alter my pictures etc in photoshop for engraving, i was wondering if anyone has V8 with pic engraving module, and is it worth the £1000 upgrade cost, is there a lot of extras in the v8 from v6 ? thanks Rich
  4. hi i am hoping that someone can help me out with a size 9 or size 10 DM Unit, the standard one not BEN Unit. i have a regular customer whos boots are ready for a new unit to be fitted. i just cannot get them anywhere. if someone can help me out please let me know asap. thanks everyone Happy Easter !! Richard
  5. Renshaw & Sons

    requested logo ??? rotary club badge

    already sorted and converted Tel, he has it now Richard
  6. hi someone left me an email about a logo , i have the logo ready to send but cannot remember who it was for, email gt deleted by mistake if you would like to email me again ill forward as soon as i see mail Regards Richard
  7. anyone have any of the dark brown thin leather lace, like the stuff used to make pendant chains etc, like you buy abroad. its similar in thickness to the thin waxed laces. or if not anywhere i can get a couple of meters from ? thanks Richard
  8. Renshaw & Sons

    Window Lock Key

    the customer called me this morning to say it was all fine, i will ask her if i can borrow the original key andy and forward it to you, just cut her an extra spare. Richard
  9. Renshaw & Sons

    Window Lock Key

    got it sorted, the silca one works fine, thanks guys !
  10. Renshaw & Sons

    Window Lock Key

    The Other key looks like HD 41E - H356 . hope this works Richard
  11. Renshaw & Sons

    Window Lock Key

    already tried the LF40 HD, too thick and wont enter the lock. also tried the LAS series, same problem. richard
  12. anyone come across these window keys ? Key Picture is bigger than the key ! Richard
  13. Renshaw & Sons

    copper and brass prices

    still, like everything gary, well pass it onto the customer, but does a few pence really make a difference ? as long as its nothing major
  14. Renshaw & Sons

    Mastergrave Compact / vistool logos etc

    none taken mate
  15. Renshaw & Sons

    Mastergrave Compact / vistool logos etc

    yes but gravostyle is a totally different piece of software to visual toolbox, and you cannot trace bitmat from a photograph. but hey i dont care i can engrave mine np, just trying to help