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  1. We definitely do them can't remember if they are 250 or 260 but whatever it is there's not much difference
  2. 375w is very unusual now and very hot? We sell 250w I think but a quick google of the top line of that box will find them if you really want 375w
  3. That really depends on whether a deal or no Deal is done, taxes work both ways so in no one's interest to add them.
  4. petercoulson

    Best day ever. ..

    Minus the input tax of course
  5. Hmmm suppliers should have taken action as a lot of shoe materials are brought in from the EU, I know of at least one big supplier who has written to customers (wholesalers) telling them not to expect much in the way of deliveries in April and possibly May as their parcel companies have told them no guarantees on delivery. Trading wise I can't see there being any difference unless import duties start being applied which is unlikely as there will still be 2 way traffic. From my travels I know people outside the UK are talking a lot more about Brexit than we are and look at how much is being talked about here, it's almost like they are more worried than we are but that could just be the British attitude of "get on with it and see what happens" I very much hope now we just get the 29th March date final and over with or without a deal, we will survive. High Street (& shoe repair) trade is pretty shocking and has been for a while it's hard to see how much worse it can get.
  6. petercoulson


    I think it's this one but not certain as the range has changed https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1L-Blue-Hammer-Finish-Metal-Paint-Hammered-Coating-From-Bitec/130712331662?epid=1662091689&hash=item1e6f0fe58e:m:mCyrsxu0Yf2ucdM65xQ9i5A:rk:18:pf:0
  7. petercoulson

    A new one on me.

    I would explain that it is the new regulations on safety so that you know when the key is in properly and they should all be like that
  8. petercoulson

    Yamaha bike key I.D.

    It should be Silca YM63 the YZF1000 is also known as Thunderace
  9. petercoulson

    New member 26,000kms away!

    Count was right then Welcome
  10. petercoulson


    A lot of the links have been lost - admin are they still available somewhere or have they been deleted?@rick
  11. Colledge said what?? Is it something special?
  12. petercoulson

    Peter @ SiServe

    Although this is a goodyear the principle is the same for setting the needle - notice how close the looper is to the hook that holds the thread back then where it wraps around the needle - As for the gap there is no right or wrong but I find they work better when you bring the awl to about 1mm away from the needle at it's closest
  13. And that's the start of the new shoe repair manual on how to put someone at ease when they are already nervous I'm sure you will be ok and welcome to the forum
  14. petercoulson

    Ebay sometimes staggers

    Then I have some stuff for you to buy
  15. petercoulson

    Ebay sometimes staggers

    Not if they've broken something that needs welding, it's all cast that won't be cheap and they are pretty poor o/s stitchers when in good condition