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  1. petercoulson


    Thanks for finding this, it's strange the things you find out when someone passes on have known him for a long time as well as his family business and would never have known this. RIP Horace
  2. petercoulson

    Staple gun playing up

    Steel City doing that's ok although doesn't do a great deal other than lube the driver it won't get past the seals to get inside the gun. Worth spraying some wd40 into the hose and plugging back in once in a while
  3. petercoulson

    Staple gun playing up

    WD40 will clean better and not leave quite as much residue, the plastic inside the gun doesn't take to kindly to too much oil, GT85 is great for lubricating metal. Agree WD40 is useless for stitchers etc but air guns it is better plus whatever you put in a gun will come out as well through the vent
  4. petercoulson

    Staple gun playing up

    Could be seals but first thing to do is unplug the gun from the fitting then spray a load of wd40 down the hose plug back in and keep firing to see if it clears. A common problem is the plastic sleeve the driver sits in so only real hope is wd40
  5. Competition I believe won't be this year the earliest would be 2020 for the National in Coventry, we do have a smaller exhibition planned for Edinburgh 29th September
  6. petercoulson

    New tax are they trying to kill us off?

    Quickbooks is fairly straightforward to use and seems designed for small businesses, we use QB essentials online although they've increased the monthly payment 20% this year - they have a self employed version which may be better for some? What it does well is VAT, invoicing, banking integration and reconciliation these are all faster then they used to be so still worth the £18+vat a month. Plus if we have any technical queries or issues they respond and fix very quickly.
  7. Its neat, it is reliable but some parts are not available any more - possibly 50 years old but could be as young as 30
  8. petercoulson


    Thats a different issue, 2 things you can try shortening the needle a little or experiment by dropping it a little as length matters More commonly I have found the shuttle carrier wears, if you are brave enough you can get a punch and tap the leading edge of the carrier down to reduce the gap between it and the arm, another option if you manage to get it off is to put a shim there if you can get one the right size
  9. petercoulson


    For a 29K15 I can't be certain it may be pinned, later models have tapered screws but you would see this. Parts aren't necessarily interchangeable between the 15 and later numbers as they are different design the pin and hammer idea is probably the way to try but remember the timing if you do get it apart.
  10. petercoulson

    Best finisher...

    The clue is the serial number first 2 digits
  11. petercoulson

    Best finisher...

    Over the years I've come to the conclusion there is no 'best' finisher, I've also realised there is no 'best' motorbike but spent a lot of money trying to find it - there are a lot of factors like how much space do you have, how much money do you have, what is important in a finisher, what machinery were you brought up on, do you need a wide band, fixed brushes or tumble brushes, do you want good extraction or can you compromise, how much work do you have, how many different people will use it, how well will you look after it, do you have to have brand new (new doesn't mean best or even better we have seen that from China). If you are in the market decide what you want, have a look at the machines and see if they will do what you want.
  12. Also worth a read https://www.loake.co.uk/blog/history-shoemaking-northamptonshire/?fbclid=IwAR1srOtKqMp-NO4n2Gg3plzS76HBSwE_QNcg_EbkUJ0m-pl0HX1nW70bGEs
  13. Just watched on catch up, really good show. They were wrong about the 29k being an original (old) one though 2nd vote for Steph too, she once had a run in with Trump
  14. The choices are a little limited with thread sizes but needles are available from 14 to 23 i believe. Most popular are 19 or thereabouts
  15. 75cm wide is indeed the smallest now, Hardo do one as well as the WHB available second hand as another option. With size comes limitations but they are very good for the less busy shop.