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  1. shoemender1

    Band scourer wheel

    Peter I know you need the wheel, do need measurements to know how much rubber to put on the wheel. Have you a price please. I can sent photos.
  2. We have a old Whitfield band scourer the top wheel is rubber lined and has worn, so we are getting a lot of bouncing on the abrasive band when scouring up. Had it skimmed a little while ago which improved it but could not take any more off as band would not then grip. Does anyone know where i can send it to get new rubber or felt on the wheel. Many thanks.
  3. I have a Orion Nova 2000, very clean ,little used for £275 if interested. Collection cm20.
  4. Could anyone cut me a key to code please. pretty sure its 5E 7355. Could be 5F. My suppliers cannot get the code. Many Thanks
  5. shoemender1

    Abus key to code

    Customer has just come in and I explained I would need to order them ,can you please give me a price for 2 with delivery as I can then inform he to see if he wants to go ahead. Many thanks
  6. shoemender1

    Abus key to code

    Many thanks for you help, customer is going to change lock as he says it's to much hassle.
  7. Can anyone cut me 2 abus DN16617 keys to code please as none of our usual suppliers have been able to. Let me know the cost so I can let customer know. Many thanks
  8. If anyone has one for sale ,or knows of anyone who does .Could you please contact me via this site or 07952916261. Many thanks.
  9. Please can you contact me regarding the Mustang heliflyer91. Have sent pm.
  10. shoemender1

    Card Payments

    Many thanks for your replies really helpful will look into both suppliers, if there is anybody who has had longer use of card machines would also be grateful of your feedback. Mark
  11. shoemender1

    Card Payments

    I have searched regarding starting to take card payments on search bar but would like up to date help/views on who you use for this. More and more of my customers expect this service as a matter of course. First can you recommend a company that are reasonable/reliable as I have heard more than a few times that shop owners have been tied to a contract that they did not realise when they signed up. Secondly did the increase in turnover offset the cost of payment fees, do you have a minimum charge before being able to pay by card? If below this figure how much surcharge is customer asked to pay on top. I know I have been a dinosaur but feel it is something a cannot put off any longer, as well as asking for recommendations , those that you would not recommend will also be appreciated. Any further assistance on this matter would be most gratefully accepted. I am shop based.
  12. I admire anybody spending your amount of money, I for one would not as I could never recoup it, I have trouble getting what I charge to copy a car key how you make it pay I don't know. Your expertise is greater than mine on car keys is a given. I just glad us shoe repairers are not as angry and unhelpful as your trade seems to be, i have invested thousands of pounds in what I do, BUT would still help anybody I could out of Doo Doo's, if I could not then I would not post negative comment's, rather than that I believe not to comment would have been better. Surely it would have been someone in your trades interest to ask him where he is located, so if he needed anybody in the future to give a call to, then you have another customer. I will search to find a Auto locksmith around my area to whom I will be giving a call soon asking if I need help in the future would they be interested in coming out to , also to pass any keys that I cannot do onto as I know my equipment limitations.That is something I had not thought of before so something good(hopefully)will come out from this topic. Tried to find a Auto locksmith in the link given with unlimited distance and not one came up.
  13. Can someone on here recommend a Auto Locksmith in Essex / Hertfordshire area just in case I need one, or if possible could the forum compile a list country wide for the benefit of others.