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  1. Do I need a wxm tracer and blade or do the default ones that come with the Mustang do the job?
  2. Do I need a wxm tracer and blade or do the default ones that come with the Mustang do the job?
  3. Is anyone using these? Any issues? Do I need dedicated tracer and cutter? Thanks
  4. Curious, where are you based? Are you near me in Lincolnshire? No worries, just pleased I knew before I ordered her 1
  5. Thanks guys, It does not appear to be like any of these above, I should have taken a shot from the tip
  6. Hi can anyone give a Silca or JMA blank code to this key please Thanks Paul
  7. Cheers Graham, I'll see if it's worth opening an account there. Thanks
  8. Hi Guys, I'm struggling to source 10 x Ilco 1000T Keys. I had 10 in stock and used them now the customer needs another 10 They seem to be American and I have seen them for sale on American key company websites but of the 4 suppliers I use they could not supply me. JMA code seems to be CCL32 or Silca CB49R The shorter version will be fine also as I can file the shoulders back Ilco S1000T, Silca CB14R JMA CCL29 If you can help I'd be most grateful and can send Paypal payment or swap for other blanks Thankyou Regards Paul
  9. Hi guys, was looking at grundman and gege. Lock on van. Ideas? TIA Regards Paul
  10. Just done one with CVC on the top, the same blank as Graham said. Looked it up and it comes with 10 yes 10 keys for 7.99
  11. I told her £15 thinking I'd have to order some but have these in stock
  12. Container lock. Looks a bit cheap but customer needs 3. Not in my books Looks similar to corbin cor37 Thanks
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