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  1. Yes you can. I have sent you an email. I will donate to the forum charity once sale has been completed Cheers Paul
  2. I have the one for the track that is in the machine but not sure about the dimple one. I'm not in today but will have a look tomorrow for you
  3. It probably would if you were careful
  4. Maybe I priced this too high as no real idea of what these go for. Reduced to £180
  5. Laser Machine For Sale £200.00 Collection Only From Lincolnshire Will make a donation to the forjimmy.org charity upon sale Works fine, just upgraded to the Mustang
  6. Looking for £250.00 Of which I''ll donate 10% to the For Jimmy Fund Regards Paul
  7. Hi Guys, As the title says I'm new to dimple keys but am hoping to get a Mustang machine soon. Is there a list for which tracers/cutters to use on certain keys or can you advise me? I'll mainly be cutting Yale superior, Ultion and master dimple keys Also is the consensus 13.5 degree tilt on the Yale Superior and are there any other keys that require a tilt? TIA Regards Paul
  8. Just seen your reply, will post photos on Friday evening for you. Looking for £250.00 Regards Paul
  9. I should have an older style laser machine available soon. Just seeing what deals I can get on the Mustang. I think it is a Hurricane and is fine for car keys but not the new Yale superior. Collection in Lincolnshire Regards Paul
  10. I'm not sure I can remember which customer wanted these now.
  11. Hi Guys Anyone recognise this please TIA Paul
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