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  1. Hi Guys, I'm sure i've had this key in the past but cannot find it in Birch or Sks books. I'm looking for the extra long one in the middle. TIA Paul
  2. Does anyone have a SKS code for these please. Had one in today UN-7D fits but the blade is not deep enough to cut the zero lift pins
  3. It went from running smoothly to really stiff very quickly but no obvious grating or catching. We GT45 the usual bits and thought maybe a internal O ring had perished. Ended up being a bit of swarf had got between the brass and pivoting arm
  4. Most of us are quick to complain when suppliers get it wrong so I would like to even things up a bit and say a big thank you to Craig at Birch's for talking me through stripping down my Lancer key machine after it almost seized up for no reason (well there obviously was a reason) I was concerned it was going to be an expensive call out but thanks to Craig all is working well. Cheers guys
  5. Hi Guys, Can anyone ID and or supply one of these as have emailed this photo to 2 of my main suppliers and they cannot supply a blank It is unmarked, apart from FW845 on the blade no name at all It is from an after market replacement lock for a caravan if that helps Cheers Paul
  6. Can we legally advise the customer that if they decline to collect their goods then we will pass them on to a debt collecting agency?
  7. Where do you stand when a customer leaves a pair of boots to be soled and heeled for £20 then when you call to get them to collect they say they only paid £3 from a charity shop and do not want them anymore. It would be nice to know where I stand legally if not for these but for dearer repairs. I do have name and address There should be a customer standards agency seeing as there is Trading standards
  8. tommy

    2 French Keys

    Thank you Lock Stock. The Nemef key is Gauge 4 and the ones in the SKS book are Gauge 2 The other key is Gauge 5 and the bit is 20mm in width and 11mm deep and the groove (which I can cut) is on the right side looking down from the top of the shank Regards Paul
  9. tommy

    2 French Keys

    Thank you Damen, only just seen post as customer has not returned with keys, does anyone know if I can get these in the UK?
  10. tommy

    2 French Keys

    Many thanks Lock Stock, I will get him to bring it in and find out the gauge and width of the blade. Cheers paul
  11. Hi Guys, Hope you can help with identifying or supplying these 2 French keys, I'm afraid I only have the photos and no measurements as customer has contacted me online and sent the photos. I have seen these before though and hope you have too. One is a precut French style rim key and although the other is not a safe key i would cut it from a safe key except the bit is wider than most and thicker to accommodate the bullet groove Thanks in advance Paul
  12. Spoke to Silca, confirmed BS. Sent them the switch Awaiting feedback