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  1. earlsdoncobbler

    Post box key

    Any help with this post box key please DB on one side and DAMUZHIB on the other
  2. earlsdoncobbler

    Louis Vuitton yellow thread

    still have not got ayt thread as t colledge is out of stock anyone else stock this
  3. earlsdoncobbler

    Bike lock key

    When the customer brought this in i thought no chance but always worth a try thanks for the replys
  4. earlsdoncobbler

    Bike lock key

    Hi any idea of this key for a bike lock called BIKE MATE
  5. earlsdoncobbler

    Louis Vuitton yellow thread

    They are out of stock
  6. I have a few old Louis Vuitton bags to stitch any one know who stocks the correct colour
  7. earlsdoncobbler

    Shoe repairs in Walsall

    Thank you i will pass it on
  8. I have a customer who uses me but is moving to Walsall soon looking for someone in that area
  9. earlsdoncobbler

    Reattach unit ?

    What do you use ?
  10. earlsdoncobbler

    Reattach unit ?

    It comes as Aquaseal on Amazon?
  11. earlsdoncobbler

    Reattach unit ?

    Do any suppliers have this or do you buy online?
  12. I have trouble reattaching units that have come this one is a plastic the top piece is sticking like a goodun but the heel keeps coming away i have asked if he useing the heel to pull the boot off i use primer tek 10 and tek 950 glue i have tried 50/50 in the past don't seem to get on with it Any ideas?
  13. earlsdoncobbler

    Key id please mobility scooter

    Phoned customer last week still not come back to the shop
  14. Someone was keen just did my first Christmas engraving today in July
  15. Hi asking for a friend who is starting keycutting what is the best keyway gauge for cylinder keys