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  1. Hi wondering if anyone would like this a small parts booklet on the rounding and channelling machine i know some people like collecting these things. free
  2. Looks like it is the other side the same as the one i had was different on the other side which i forgot to photo
  3. Just had this window key in same head as a kwl 68 but single sided the window lock was brought at B&Q
  4. Yes at was Ecosave they had it right who we are with but it was asking to do a contract 12 months ahead that got me
  5. I have just had a company phone me saying my electric contract needs sorting it runs out in a years time she said this is the new rules is this right or is it a company just trying it on ?
  6. Hi does anyone have any TSS20 window keys going spare try cutting from errebi ST1 no luck need 2 keys Dave
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