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  1. Hi does anyone have any TSS20 window keys going spare try cutting from errebi ST1 no luck need 2 keys Dave
  2. I ordered the key but did not turn up in time for his trip on Saturday so be helpful i told him to try a local locksmith to see if they can help him
  3. I have ordered REN 3R let you know if it works
  4. Just looked at the Davenport site it says GL111 is incorrect should be GL112 Or you could cut them from a rim key and cut the bullitt ward in i use to do this before the blanks came out
  5. Can anyone help with this top box key for a Kappa K35 top box it's not a EU5R which some are
  6. Yes i have the brass one seeing if there is a steel/ alloy one
  7. Had this key in twice in the last 2 weeks wondering if any blanks out there been using 4 .5 gauge mortice
  8. Hi anyone know what tbis unit is please looked though the Vibram book they are off a pair of army boots i have used ART1014 on others but these are a little different .
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