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  1. Hi any idea what tbis key is please its for a caravan name on key is TriMark the number on the key is 6712 Thanks for looking
  2. earlsdoncobbler

    Motorhome key id please

  3. A Ronis STS key for a motorhome it has a number 0468 on it cannot find it in a book any idears ?
  4. earlsdoncobbler

    Keypsafe R6 mortice key

    that's what I would do as well cut from rim key you may need a large bit as it looks quite wide
  5. earlsdoncobbler

    Key id please

    ordered these today looks good even the head is the same
  6. earlsdoncobbler

    Key id please

    it`s longer then the silca KS1
  7. earlsdoncobbler

    Key id please

    Hi can you help with this key looks like a longer version of silcsa KS1 also on the lock it states ddglobaltech Thanks
  8. earlsdoncobbler

    Key id please

    I do seem to open a can of worms here thanks guys for all the responses.still waiting for the customer to return with key
  9. earlsdoncobbler

    Key id please

    I give it a try it does not look the same ?
  10. earlsdoncobbler

    Key id please

    No neither of them 2 thank you
  11. earlsdoncobbler

    Key id please

    This key is for a fruit machine it looks like a JMA LF16 but longer any ideas?
  12. earlsdoncobbler

    Key for top box motorbike

    Yes that worked JMA EU2 thanks
  13. Does anyone know what this key is motor bike top box key the name of the box is Givi
  14. earlsdoncobbler

    Abus windiw key

    Thankyou it was being used as a window key just thought it was something i had not saw before
  15. earlsdoncobbler

    Abus windiw key

    Maybe that is why it broken then not a window key