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  1. Yes i have the brass one seeing if there is a steel/ alloy one
  2. Had this key in twice in the last 2 weeks wondering if any blanks out there been using 4 .5 gauge mortice
  3. Hi anyone know what tbis unit is please looked though the Vibram book they are off a pair of army boots i have used ART1014 on others but these are a little different .
  4. Hi does anyone have links for suitcase wheels
  5. We are in the city of Jaipur and came across the guy working away
  6. Hi had this problem today customer has a ERA key i cut it on keyline key ERA1 does not go in try a JMA ER1D does not go in try a SILCA ER1 success anyone alse had problems with ERA locks ?
  7. Hi a key for a lock on a electric bike its a Abus key with the number 3299 and T82
  8. Hi anyone saw this shuttter key has a T on it the key is the same both sides
  9. Any help with this post box key please DB on one side and DAMUZHIB on the other
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