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  1. Good idea...until the customer loses or forgets the receipt!!
  2. Might be a pain in the arse, but what about a simple letter stamp on each key with staff members initial or allocated number. Awkward on some blanks and time consuming on large orders but it's your reputation that's at stake!!
  3. I took an old bench grinder and removed the grinding wheels, bought some polishing mops with spindle mounts and some bars of different grade polishing compounds from Cousins. Works a treat on pewter, even done some gold and silver jewellery. Local jeweller charges £25 to remove engraving and they send it away, I charge £20 and can do it more or less straight away!
  4. Michael


    This was the one I used to use.
  5. Michael

    Clasp for bag

    Google tucktite bag clasps, lots of sizes and colours from different companies. I've bought from a couple of different companies, Cox the saddler shop, bag-clasps.co.uk are a couple
  6. Michael

    capacitor MT416

    Cousins?? Royal Mail won't take hazardous items so have to go by courier, although not normally that price!!
  7. Michael

    Three for a tenner? Really?

    It's happening everywhere!! My high street is dead, Argos will be moving to the out-of-town Sainsburys in June, another nail in the coffin. I'm hanging on by the skin of my teeth but I don't know for how much longer I want to just scrape by. Seems to be too hard to make money nowadays, especially in retail. If the big guys like Maplin, New Look etc. are all shutting down what hope do us little guys have!
  8. Michael

    Three for a tenner? Really?

    I bet he don't queue up at Morrisons with his trolley full of shopping, then when he gets to the till start haggling the price!! Haggling is one of my pet hates and instantly refuse or start haggling upwards.
  9. Guillotine for metal & plastic Best money you'll spend!!
  10. Customers!!! I remember those, the good old days of retail!!!
  11. SKS are Maxus suppliers, try them.
  12. I had a customer with one of these ceramic straps. The first two or three links do not separate, so after looking around t'internet I advised him to get a replacement strap, probably from ebay as I couldn't get one at reasonable enough price to make a profit on.
  13. Looks more like a "I've just been kicked in the bollocks" icon!!
  14. Michael

    Brick Engraving

    Have tried someone who does sandblasting? Perhaps a stonemason or headstone specialist?
  15. Michael

    Kebab Fat

    Try washing up liquid! Normally breaks down fats quite well.
  16. Michael

    Spring clips

    Swatkins have them.
  17. Michael

    Key ID

    HD ZD24RDP (XPT066) I think!! It comes under Zadi
  18. Some of T's work I've seen is not bonded well, but some are really strong and have to be scoured! Maybe why it's normally all left along the waist and not cleaned off!! :oops:
  19. Wouldn't do them "NOW" that's for certain!!! Would be an hour minimum, quick wipe with a damp cloth and quick buff on machine and I would be charging £8.20!!!
  20. I find Colle de Cologne goes really thick and un-spreadable in the pot if not used within a couple of days!
  21. Michael

    Mr Minit CY1 cross ref

    Possibly Century? HD 8D?
  22. Michael

    New movement for a Lorus

    Should be pretty straight forward. I would charge £20 which is minimum I would charge for a movement change.
  23. Is there an opportunity for a step by step guide here??????
  24. Michael

    Large plinth band

    The largest in all the materials is about 160mm, but they do a silver plate one up to 185mm. Might be needing to get one made bespoke?£££££££
  25. Michael


    Round here they charge about £200 per week for a chair!!! That's hoiw to make money!