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  1. Michael

    Wallet sales

    I've sold a few mens wallets but seem to be getting asked for more ladies purses. Just topped up from CB so I'll see how they go. A bugbear of mine with wallets and purses is displaying them! In the packaging, out the packaging, individual stands on a shelf, dump basket.....Always look a bloody mess, especially after customers have rifled through, opened the packets and then just left them on top!!! I have two slatwall baskets at the moment (1 ladies, 1 mens), what are you guys doing display wise?
  2. Michael

    Golf trophy

    https://www.glenway.co.uk/Products/Details/JC082 https://www.glenway.co.uk/Products/Details/A1005
  3. I've just had this ladies vintage mechanical watch come in and I think the mainspring has gone as it just keeps winding without gaining tension. I was hoping to buy a mainspring and barrel all in one and just replace it but I don't know the make of the movement. The only marks are the one circled but I don't recognize it. Any Ideas? I don't have mainspring winders otherwise I would just measure and purchase a mainspring and fit it, and really not worth the investment.
  4. Michael

    Make of movement?

    Didn't think of ebay!!! Worth a punt for that price, thanks Lee
  5. Michael

    just seen this

    I would say it's ordinary photo engraving then milled out round the edge and solder a jump ring to the top, maybe??
  6. It's done on a laser machine i.e. Silca Matrix, RST Mustang etc.
  7. I offer a second key the same for half price, to everyone! Keeps the barterers at bay!!
  8. I bought an old one off ebay to create the lined pattern around the heel, I think it was called a fudge wheel!! I use the ones above from Tandy for the sole bottoms.
  9. Michael

    Sharpening Machine

    Had mine a few years now, cracking bit of kit. I've just replaced my grinding wheel, and as I do mainly hairdressing scissors and cooking knives I went for the SJ-200 Japanese waterstone. At 4000grit it gives a razor edge and a mirror finish without honing. Highly recommended for knives, scissors, chisels etc.
  10. Michael


    https://www.908ltd.co.uk/shop/cast-acrylic-sheets I don't use perspex, but these are a good company for choice of colours and materials.
  11. Michael

    Mortice key help pls

    Cut and file on a normal 5.5g lever blank.
  12. Michael

    Cleaning/Polishing Products

    I get Peek from Charles Birch. I've tried to get Brasso and Silvo but had no luck, had loads of customers ask but seems even the supermarkets are not stocking it anymore!! Not everyone wants to try Peek so I'd like to get a few tins in if the price was reasonable.
  13. If you don't want to go to the expense of replacement soles, get a tube of Stormsure Urethane and squeeze that into the gap and let it dry for 24-48 hours. As long as the rubber has not gone porous and crumbly that may hold them for a while. Worth a go for less than a tenner!!
  14. Michael

    Leather midsole

    Either a large bend of leather and cut it, or I've used Bontex fibreboard. You can get it from Algeos.
  15. ...or just the next Samuel Windsor???
  16. Michael

    Gatemate dimple keys

    Just been asked for a couple of these and still trying to find the cutters and tracers for the Silca Matrix SX. There doesn't seem to be any listed on the Silca website that match the Triax ones Dave has mentioned above. How accurate do the cutter/tracers need to be in angle and tip diameter? Would the Triax cutter/tracers be ok to use on a Matrix SX?
  17. Michael

    Lock ID

    May be a bullet lock?
  18. I always cut these by clamping with the bottom groove now, seems to have eliminated the odd one that wasn't working!!
  19. HD B602/2 SKS 559/1
  20. Maybe HD ALP4???
  21. Michael

    Side shields

    I was just looking at them, slightly different but the closest I've seen.
  22. Michael

    shoe stretcher parts

    Sorry, when I said spares I meant I had bought last feet, but if anyone would have replacement parts it would be Standard. Looks like a new stretcher then!!
  23. Michael

    shoe stretcher parts

    I got spares from Standard Engineering, try them.
  24. Michael

    Storing sheeting

    I use something like this Can't remember where I got it from or how much as I've had it a few years.
  25. I prefer cutting originals, I've got 5 left but will be using the JMA ones I have in stock after and won't be getting originals again!! BTW, what is the code for the Silca blanks, is it MGN1RP? I'd prefer a blank that looks similar to the original at least!!