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    Key ID Required

    Shut up you big girl. Do you think there is going to be a sudden rush of punters wanting Snap On keys? ......
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    x minit uk

    Let’s see your pictures

    New zip
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    Staple gun playing up

    WD40 will clean better and not leave quite as much residue, the plastic inside the gun doesn't take to kindly to too much oil, GT85 is great for lubricating metal. Agree WD40 is useless for stitchers etc but air guns it is better plus whatever you put in a gun will come out as well through the vent
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    Staple gun playing up

    Could be seals but first thing to do is unplug the gun from the fitting then spray a load of wd40 down the hose plug back in and keep firing to see if it clears. A common problem is the plastic sleeve the driver sits in so only real hope is wd40
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    Key ID Required

    Can someone from the admin team remove the trade prices ffs carry on!
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    Key ID Required

    Hook 2012...ilco/hd = 1527 Quantity Pricing: HD = 1527 XH772 make SNAP ON
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    cutting edge expo

    Competition I believe won't be this year the earliest would be 2020 for the National in Coventry, we do have a smaller exhibition planned for Edinburgh 29th September
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    Staple gun playing up

    Steel City doing that's ok although doesn't do a great deal other than lube the driver it won't get past the seals to get inside the gun. Worth spraying some wd40 into the hose and plugging back in once in a while
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    I'm going to draw this next weekend so if you think someone is worthy of the accolade, get recommending. Rick.
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    Key ID Required

    I've removed the trade price as someone called 'Guest' reported it, along with Gray's big girl comment which I'm not going to remove as it looks like it's meant as a joke and not as an insult, knowing Gray. Gray's probably the biggest girl after all his moaning over the Christmas quiz so I'm assuming he speaks from a position of authority. Rick.
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    Staple gun playing up

    Not WD40 try something better.... GT85
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    Not sure to be honest I just cut them and either post or sell them. Next one I cut I will take a photo to show how it cuts them
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    Key ID Required

    This is what you need. Sks order number 1527
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    If the original key is available it always seems to be better to cut the C manually. It’s quicker and more accurate
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    crossbar cup holder

    Goodwill do them , called spring clips
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    Ford key

    picture isnt great , but try 3323542132
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    Forklift key... Toyota?

    Silca BH4P
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    Interesting article!

    People don't tend to worry about losing their keys until they're lost. Unless the company creates a unique gimmick of some sort to sign people up initially, I cant see it affecting business.
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    I seem to remember you cannot buy the blanks, you buy new cut keys in sets of either 2,4,6 or 8 then by means of an allen key the lock can be adapted to the new key set. Very clever system.
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    Let’s see your pictures

    A few refurbished locks & bridgeward keys made for each lock.
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    Count Muppet

    "One-off key", unknown brand

    I’d try the gatemate blank. Seems to fit many of the others. Don’t worry about the extra groove
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    Count Muppet

    Auto locksmith

    Use the search bar to find a bargain from one of the many others who thought it would be easy money
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    I've started using a diamond rotated but cut the feed rate down to 0.2 or 0.3. Seems to dig a little deeper.
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    da miller


    when one country can out vote the other 3 on a straight yes no vote something is wrong