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    Glass Engraving

    I did use one for years and printed my own stencils on a black and white laser printer onto the photosensitive film. Then it’s placed into the light box for a minute or two then stuck onto the glass. I was lucky enough to have other machinery for glass which I thought more cost effective than the photosensitive film for smaller jobs, it also perishes over time. Having said that if you have lots of glass the same or with logo’s, etc then blasting can be miles quicker. Detail is getting better in the standard films but the more detail the finer grade of sand needed, the sand I had for engraving photos on to glass was a ridiculously fine grade. The stencils for the sandblaster’s were made from paper years ago but the films are much better now, more secure and can be blasted at a higher psi, just put them on straight!
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    mercury free batteries

    Anyone using the Renata mercury freewatch batteries, andhow do you find them. thinking of moving over to them to help save the planet. Thanks Bob
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    Brass memorial engraving

    When we fill a sign, we let it go dry for about five minutes and then use nail varnish remover as it's not as aggressive as cellulose thinners. Rick.
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    Ian platt

    Help ID this key please.

    Order these on eBay they are used on caravans I ordered one the other week came next day
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    You should also be asking which company gives best after sales very important I run u- marq universal and Gravograph m40 g have to say I had a problem when changing my laptop lost soft ware on Gravograph machine and they made me pay £170 for new software dongle it lasted just over a year then fell apart they wanted to make me pay again for dongle I’ve ended up with a basic package down loaded it’s crap The same happened with laptop for u-Marq machine replaced by Umarq no charge Universal machine great machine
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    New bisley key? Ab795

    Lots of new cabinet locks codes are not being released unless you pay direct to the company involved. So your only options are buy from someone online that has the codes or impression/strip lock.
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    Brass memorial engraving

    I mean as in a font that is just an outline, not an engraving font. Then fill it with an island fill routine. Use plenty of paint and drag round the letters, making sure all the corners of the letters are filled. They should look like they're filled to the top as the paint will shrink as it dries, then let them dry thoroughly. I have an old price matrix that I got from Charles Birch back in 2010. I just add about 20% to those prices. They're worked out by square inch of substrate.
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    Ian platt

    Brass memorial engraving

    Single line font what do you mean by open font? I painted with cellulose paint and wiped off left it an hour probably leave longer next time and didn’t put enough paint on at first Found it dried quickly so had a little trouble spreading will put more on next time photo below what price do you charge for brass engraved ??
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    Brass memorial engraving

    There's your problem. Pour it over and scrape with a plastic squeegee or credit card, leave to dry, I normally wait 24 hours (but can be done 3 or 4 hours later depending in amount of paint used), then clean with disk wrapped cloth. I use methylated spirits, they're less harsh than thinners. Polish with Peek metal polish using the wrapped disk technique with a Selvyt cloth.
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    Crook walking stick supplier needed

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    Fast Fix Elgin

    Key ID

    Got it Silca CB-23R Thanks
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    Engravable printed signs

    might be wrong but looks like sublimaton jobs..
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    Engravable printed signs

    This is exactly what they had...
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    Count Muppet

    Key id please

    The UL066 is what timpson use in place of the HD UL1 i don’t know if it’s extra thin though?
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    returning member

    hi all returning member , just found myself busy all the time to keep on this , but always found it useful and good to keep in touch whats going on in our industry cheers lest
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    Programmable shop sign

    i use one, bought Chinese one, off fleabay..does what its supposed to do so far no complaints led..2.7 ft x 1ft around £200 approx
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    Side shields

    I use Armstrong Products for most of mine www.armstrongproducts.co.uk
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    Just bought another new style standard groover a few weeks ago ,really easy to use doesn’t bite ,very happy with it , it’s 2 nd one I have 1 for Blake as well
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    Yale Window Key

    Shh, don't mention the war. Nor prices .
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    Hafele drawer key

    Both YH3 and SZ4 worked. Just in case anyone comes across this one in the future, I filed them slightly thinner before i gave them to the customer to try.
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    Hafele drawer key

    SZ 4p silca HD 24p errebi
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    Count Muppet

    Hafele drawer key

    JMA HAF2
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    Mick Friend

    Stretcher parts

    are these old medical tools?
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    Hanging shop signs

    to be fair, we did have a stray junkie trip over our A-board sign a few weeks back put a decent dent in it, the clumsy oaf
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    JCB Dumper Key

    Silca RO5 or RO10