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    cowers lane 583

    Mate's rates

    Did three watches for my father in law. Batteries and straps. Total retail would have been over £40. Of course it was no charge, but a Thank you would have been nice. Miserable Old c***. Did some keys for a football mate. He wanted to pay, I said don't worry about it. He was very grateful. Did a key for my neighbour ( Alf security key), didn't charge him either, not only was he very grateful, but he completely insisted on paying £10 for it. Don't mind mate's rates, but I do like to at least get a thank you.
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    key id please

    thanks guys
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    poor service from cousins

    Years ago now I complained to them about a) how difficult they have intentionally made it to contact them on the website b) how they don't provide a phone number so you can't ring them if you don't already know the number and c) how they don't publish any order cut off times They were not interested in changing or adapting one little bit.
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    Mate's rates

    no free lunches.
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    Mate's rates

    I would say Regular price 40 but for you only 20 pounds At the end of the day, no one gives us materials for free Knowing how much they saved they respect us more We have to pay bills every month
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    Auto Key Wizard

    Mate's rates

    I am not in business to give stock away A token amount should be charged to cover at least the stock price + VAT
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    cowers lane 583

    Mate's rates

    My friends were genuinely grateful, but I need to get a better father in law.