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    Union MN Keys

    I have 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 let me know if you want some next time you want a key cutting and i can send you some they won't be expensive. Graham
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    I am a certified locksmith and can provide documentation.
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    Key id

    Davenports or Colleges or most suppliers hook 3674... WINKHAUS 6 PIN GEN gc113 Quantity Pricing: 1-9 @ £2.25 each 10-49 @ £1.50 each 50+ @ £1.13 each 50+ special price - regular discounts are not applied GC113 - GEN WINKHAUS 6 PIN FOR XR6-51
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    Is there such a thing ?. I am a practising bench locksmith of 35+ years i tried to join the MLA 30 years ago but was rejected on the grounds i did not know anyone, now all you need is cash and your in. I tried to join the ALA about 10 years ago and was told i could not join as i was a Garage in Birmingham (Duncan at Hickleys witnessed this). I have no certification as a locksmith at all and it makes no difference to be honest. I have worked for the Police,MOD and many other government institutions without any certification. There is currently no licensing for locksmiths in the UK, due to the government not wanting to increase the legislative burden on small businesses. In Ireland, there is a government based licensing scheme run by the PSA.
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    Best finisher...

    Over the years I've come to the conclusion there is no 'best' finisher, I've also realised there is no 'best' motorbike but spent a lot of money trying to find it - there are a lot of factors like how much space do you have, how much money do you have, what is important in a finisher, what machinery were you brought up on, do you need a wide band, fixed brushes or tumble brushes, do you want good extraction or can you compromise, how much work do you have, how many different people will use it, how well will you look after it, do you have to have brand new (new doesn't mean best or even better we have seen that from China). If you are in the market decide what you want, have a look at the machines and see if they will do what you want.
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    Moved to relevant sub-forum. Rick.