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    Old books

    so's gray carry on!
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    Happy Dude

    Hanging shop signs

    We are a small shop on an Edinburgh high street, the council don't care about us, between this and the draconian parking rules I'm surprised anyone but the charity shops can make a living. I've always kept my signage low key as possible because I think when you put massive signs in everyone's faces it showed you were desperate so just had window signs and a swinging A sign on the kerbside. But without a sign in front of people they don't know you are there unless they look to the side. Alan my bench man had an epiphany this morning, most shops especially the food shops have their wheelie bins out in the street 24/7 which is legal, I keep mine in the shop but now I am going to get vinyl graphics made to put on the side of the bin and leave it out on the kerb every day just bringing it in at night.
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    Old books

    I came across these old manuals in my garage today in as new condition.
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    I can swap for my mother-in-law dimensions similar to bench press, but a bit older of course, with an additional payment from my side
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    No thanks one's enough for any man
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    Pedestal key

    Silca NR1R.
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    cowers lane 583

    New style era

    Really having to fight my inner smutty self, to avoid an immature innuendo.
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    I've been using SiServes PR88 for a couple of weeks, its brilliant! although it comes with a "Note to Self" when it says on the pot "take a marble-sized quantity" dont take a ping pong ball amount, unless you want to do your arms as well.
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    Numbered tags

    Use a fleabay muppet and look for something like this and let them do the work for you. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Set-of-50-Size-3cm-Custom-Engraved-Number-Discs-Table-Token-Tags-Locker/183233932483?hash=item2aa997ecc3:m:md-R_dkEx4NPM0ihO8brqdw £9.80 for 50 delivered just need a hole drilling in each and £1+ vat a go jobs a good un.
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    Standard 8500

    They're magnet based and the coils will have gone. A simple try is to drown them in wd40 (nothing else as some others don't like electricity) or you have to fit modern equivalents which may have slightly different wiring. It's single phase by the look of it? You could just simplify with an on off surface mounted switch - doesn't look so good but would work
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    cowers lane 583


    The main occupant is a paddle tailed Newt, fully aquatic, but still an air breather. He is also a master of escape. This is the optimum depth for him.
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    Samual Windsor 2017.
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    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    I am local and have one too mate. Need customers to start paying it off. Haven't even made one yet
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    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    I had built an RFID standalone Paxton Bullet fob and Card Copier, I was originally going to sell it directly to the end user but it was too unreliable as there were issues with the antenna and circuit boards which I had made. There is now a reliable but more expensive machine available through the sole distributors. Fortress Lock & Safe co. In Brixton www.fortresslock.co.uk  Really sorry about this.  Gary  doorfobs.com
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    Sks delivery

    DPD once told me that Davenports had not given them my order, Davenports said they had. But DPD had sent me an email saying it would be delivered, if they didnt pick it up how did they know to send email
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    RW4plus for sale

    I have a Silca RW4 plus for sale ,perfect working order (no snoops included ) £420 donation will be made to the charity if sold on here. Thanks pm if interested. Will post
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    Auto Key Wizard

    Yale Superior Keys

    1st key A or D: 2122 B or E: 211 C or F: 2131 2nd key D: 11212 E: 3133 F: 1424
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    Key id caravan key

    JAM EU15P
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    Key help

    No Garrison does not use the pin inside a pin method.
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    David Horrabin

    Furniture Lock

    Spot on pal many thanks
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    Three letter words

    Jemma. Cheers for this, and sorry it took a while to notice your response. Glad it wasn't just me being an idiot. Andy
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    Yale superior

    FFS i hate Yale even more than i already did.
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    when he washes his feet, the water level rises to full
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    Lock supplier/ manufacturer

    Aldridges Asec range is huge and getting bigger by the day.
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    key cabin

    Engraving items for sale

    Hi Chaps Due to ill health i am selling my engraving side of the business, i would like to sell it all as one then there wont be any little bits and bats hanging around. I have a Umarq Universal 300 in very very good condition. Umarq GEM RX5 again in very very good condition. Both will come with a computer with the programmes and templates installed. There are 2 guillotines one small and one large. Also along with the machines comes a large amount of trophies, cups, shields and sundries, like , pet discs pens engraving plates and other things too numerous to list. I am looking at £11,000 cash, and please no silly offers as whomever gets this is getting a very good deal. If interested please PM me and i will send some pictures.